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Episode III - Just The Facts

Just The Facts: Story & Characters

Maintained By -Commander_Thigh-

Last Updated: February 6th, 2005

Please note, the info in this section contains spoilers.

Aayla Secura
Anakin Skywalker
Bail Organa
Count Dooku
EU Character
General Grievous
Jar Jar Binks
Luke & Leia
Mace Windu
Mon Mothma
Nute Gunray & Neimodians
Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi
Owen & Beru Lars
Padmé Skywalker
Tion Meddon
Other Character Info

The Duel
Fights & Battles

Color & Theme
Plot Points
Ships & Vehicles
Sets & Locations


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Padmé Skywalker

Padmé Skywalker
  • "I'm going to be with child." - NP
  • "The children are born." - NP
  • At the end of the movie, the twins Luke and Leia are less than a month old. - RM
  • We will see Padm? pregnant in the film. - RM
  • We will see who was born first, Luke or Leia. - RM
  • Anakin knows Padm? is pregnant and expecting. - PH
  • Padm?'s back to wearing disguises. As well as now hiding this marriage to a Jedi, which is not allowed, she has to hide the fact that she's going to have babies. All of the costumes had to disguise these facts." - Iain McCaig
  • The challenges with Padm?'s costume designs were to create outfits that allowed her to be a senator and still hide the fact that she is pregnant. - TB
  • Padm? remains the Senator from Naboo. - OS
  • Padm? is a Senator throughout Ep3. - RM
  • Padm? and Threepio will be in a scene looking out a window of a palace at something spectacular. - OS
  • In one scene, Padm? and Obi-Wan will join C-3PO hurrying down a starship ramp to meet Bail Organa at its base. - OS
  • Padm? Amidala will be seen in the "Senate Office Building Main Hall". - OS
  • In one scene, Padm?, Obi-Wan and C-3PO will be "the scene that explains it all" on a vista with moderate winds. - OS
  • Narrow pieces of jewelry will become the basis of a larger costume prop for a Padm? headdress. - OS
  • One scene will be in "Padm?'s Apartment" and we will see Padm?, Anakin and C-3PO. - OS
  • In the Senate Rotunda scene the Naboo delegation includes Senator Amidala, Captain Typho, Jar-Jar Binks, and Kristy Wright as a handmaiden. The seat next to Amidala is empty, awaiting a guest. - OS
  • Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Padm? are in a scene described as "major" and "grim". - OS
  • One scene on a landing platform will include Captain Typho, Padm? Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi and C-3PO. ILM will add in a digital speeder. - OS
  • Another scene involved C-3PO and Padm? sitting at the controls of a Naboo starship with a cockpit that will resemble the one from the yacht seen in Ep2 when Anakin and Padm? flew to Geonosis. C-3PO will sit down in the scene. - OS
  • Though Padm?'s screen time is less than that of Obi-Wan and Anakin, she will still have an important role and a fair amount of screen time. - PH
  • Given the nature of the involvement of Padm?'s family in Ep3, Pablo would be very surprised if their scenes were cut. - PH
  • "Padm? will not sit around all day, but she doesn't exactly wrestle a Nexu either." (regarding any action scenes) - PH
  • "Senator Bana Breemu helps put Padm?'s mind at peace when she's in trouble." -Bai Ling
  • There are references to love (Anakin & Padm?) in Ep3. - PH
  • For the scenes of Anakin and Palpatine in the Chancellor's office, George brought down the warmer values that were on stage, making everything a bit cooler, a bit more blue. It occurs during midday and he wants to provide a greater contrast to the warmer scenes that occur when Padm? and a group of concerned Senators meet with the Chancellor at dusk. - OS
  • Palpatine will not know about Luke and Leia. - PH
  • Leia's recollections as described in Return of the Jedi have no inherent flaws and are valid given the greater context of the saga. But I suspect those looking for contradictions always find them. - PH
  • Padm?'s role is about the same size as that of Ep1. - PH
  • There are important scenes between Anakin & Padm? that play out between them that inform us about the nature of their marriage. Remember, it is secret, so the moments they have together will be snatched when they can be, against a background of a busy galaxy at war. - PH
  • Anakin & Padm?'s relationship and the maturity thereof does indeed play a role in the birth of the children as well as Anakin's downfall. - PH
  • Obi-Wan and Padm? are close friends in Ep3. - PH
  • Padm? will leave a safe haven and get into danger. - PH
  • Padm? has a new personal vessel, the Naboo star skiff. - OS
  • The interior of Padm?'s Naboo skiff are very similar to her Naboo yacht seen in Episode II. - OS
  • Padm?'s Naboo skiff is wedge-shaped, appearing like a scaled-down version of starship that starts off Attack of the Clones. The engines are outside the ship, in the form of thrusters suspended on the wings, therefore leaving more room inside the spaceframe. A long ramp lines the underbelly of the vehicle. The cockpit rests in a teardrop shape on the spine of the ship. The cockpit window has the same vertical strut design seen in the yacht that Padm? took to Geonosis. The pilot and co-pilot chairs are reused from Episode II. - OS
  • Anakin and Padm? share a quiet and tender moment in Padm?'s apartment. Padm? discusses plans for her, Anakin and a family on Naboo. - OS
  • Anakin joins Padm? on the balcony in her apartment as she brushes her hair with a silvery brush. - OS
  • One scene involving Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padm? necessitated George's call to be "faster and more intense." - OS
  • Bail Organa will meet with fellow dignitaries in his offices on Coruscant. Here, political notables like Senator Mon Mothma, Senator Fang Zar and Senator Padm? Amidala begin developing contingency plans in case the unthinkable happens. - OS
  • In the Senators' meeting in Padm?'s apartment, Mon Mothma sits beside Padm? on the sofa. - OS
  • The expansive corridor that leads from the Senate landing platforms to the inner chambers of the massive edifice are lined by huge marble columns. The long shadows thrown by the heavy pillars are the perfect place for concealment, the ideal hiding place for a Senator to spy on her secret husband as he arrives to yet another hero's welcome. - OS
  • Misunderstanding and mistrust cloud a conversation between Padm? Amidala and Anakin Skywalker. - Insider #78
  • Padm?'s wardrobe had to be carefully designed as to hide her impending motherhood to be. - OS
  • Padm? and Palpatine will not have a show-down in the Senate, but there is some concerned discussion between the two in more private chambers. - PH
  • In the beginning of the film, someone other than Anakin and Padm? know of their marriage. - PH
  • Padm? is not carrying more than two children. - PH
  • Natalie [Portman] did not film any scenes as a hologram. - PH
  • There were scenes filmed of Anakin and Padm? in her bedroom. More of the room will be seen than in Episode II. They occur before and after the "Sleepless Knight" BTH image. - PH
  • Padm? will give birth to the twins on a brand-new, never-before-seen world. - PH
  • There are no moments when one of Padm?'s handmaidens are mistaken for Padm?. - PH
  • Palpatine is not in love with Padm?. - PH
  • There are currently one or two shots where it would necessitate Padm? to be CGI, but that may change. - RC
  • For Luke and Leia, rubber babies will be used. - RC
  • Anthony Daniels filmed a scene as C-3PO with Natalie Portman on Padm?'s apartment balcony set. - OS
  • I [Bai Ling (Senator Bana Breemu)] have scenes opposite both Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman. - BL
  • [Nikki] Gooley decided to approach Padm?'s makeup with a more natural look due to the lavish ornate qualities in Padm?'s costuming for Revenge of the Sith. - OS
  • "Natalie as Padm? had so much going on with her costume and her hair, I tried to keep her makeup as natural as possible. I didn't want her makeup to compete with everything that was going on, just so that her natural beauty came through. Because of Padm?'s pregnancy I wanted to give her a radiant, natural glow -- that very healthy look that pregnant women have." - NG
  • "Natalie and I [Nikki Gooley] played homage to Carrie Fisher with some 70's lip gloss in the bedroom scene. She wakes up looking very glossy." - NG
  • Anakin finds his loyalties divided between the Jedi Council and his trusted mentor, Palpatine. Even as a distraught Padm? tries to help Anakin deal with his conflicting emotions, the young Jedi is in a quandary, pulled more and more into the beguiling embrace of the dark side. - THC
  • Now secretly married, Anakin's moody and volatile ways frighten the young Senator, Padm?. In her Coruscant apartment, she awakens one night to find that a troubled, sleepless Anakin has left their bed. - THC
  • Padm? first appears in Episode III on Coruscant, awaiting the return of her secret husband whom she has not seen in months. "The first time we see her, it's sort of a mysterious scene where she's hiding behind pillars, waiting for Anakin to finish talking to Bail Organa," describes Trisha Biggar, Costume Designer for Episode III. "I wanted to use a dark color that would allow her to be in the shadows, but as soon as she stepped into the light, the light could catch the fabric." - OS
  • In the scene mentioned above, further concealing Padm? is the shape of the costume. "I wanted to her to be swathed in this velvet cloak. If we saw her full length before that moment, we wouldn't know she was pregnant," says Biggar. "But it's very easy for her to move the drape of the cloak, and then we would see the shape of her pregnancy through the dress if she wanted to reveal it." - OS
  • Padm? has 12 different costumes in Episode III. - OS
  • "There's a new scene between Anakin and Padm?, which has to do with their relationship, their love." - RM
  • Stunt Coordinator Nick Gillard worked on a small sequence with Natalie (Portman). - NG
  • Anakin won't throw Padm? against a wall before (or after) he turns evil, but he may drive her up the wall. - NG
  • "...Padm?'s final incarnation was one of the most emotional creative challenges I've ever had to face." - Iain McCaig
  • In the main Senate hallway, obscured by a pillar, Padm? Amidala shares a tender moment with her secret husband, Anakin Skywalker. - Insider #80
  • Anakin Skywalker wakes up in a cold sweat after a terrible nightmare he has about his pregnant wife, Padm? Amidala. - Insider #80
  • An overwhelmed Padm? reclines aboard her starship, the Naboo skiff, looking up to Obi-Wan. She has a single line of dialogue, delivered to Obi-Wan. She's kind of hot and sweaty. The shot is seen from over Kenobi's shoulder, and Obi-Wan's face is not visible. - OS
  • While continuing to conceal his marriage to Padm? Amidala, Anakin worries that his nightmares of Padm? dying in childbirth may be prophetic, and the young Jedi is determined to find a way to save her. - MR

Acronym Key:

GL = George Lucas (Director)
OS = Official Site (starwars.com)
RM = Rick McCallum (Producer)
CF = Colin Fletcher (First Assistant Director)
NP = Natalie Portman (Actress)
HC = Hayden Christensen
RB = Roger Barton (Film Editor)
IM = Ian McDiarmid (Actor)
GT = Genndy Tartakovsky (Clone Wars Animated Series Creator)
C2 = Celebration II
BB = Ben Burtt (Sound Editor)
JEJ = James Earl Jones (Voice Actor)
JK = John Knoll (Visual Effects/ILM)
PE = Paul Ens (Official Site)
GB = Gavin Bocquet (Production Designer)
JE = Joel Edgerton (Actor)
PM = Peter Mayhew (Actor)
RC = Rob Coleman (Visual Effects/ILM Supervisor)
AA = Amy Allen (Actress)
BS = Bruce Spence (Actor)
BL = Bai Ling (Actress)
CSC = Caroline de Souza Correa (Actress)
NG = Nikki Gooley (Makeup Supervisor)
JB = Jon Berg (Modelmaker)
EL = Euisung Lee (Animatics Artist)
LP = Lorne Peterson (Modelmaker)
DW = David Weitzberg (Visual Effects Artist)
MR = Master Replicas (Prop Replica Company)
DE = Dave Elsey (Creature Shop Creative Supervisor)
AD = Anthony Daniels (Actor)
MW = Matthew Wood (Supervising Sound Editor/Voice Actor)
TB = Trisha Biggar (Costume Designer)
SLJ = Samuel L. Jackson (Actor)
PH = Pablo Hidalgo (Official Site, Webcam)
RC = Ryan Church (Concept Artist)
DG = Dan Gregoire (Pre-Visualization Effects Supervisor)
DB = Don Bies (Droid Unit Supervisor)
NG = Nick Gillard (Stunt Coordinator/Swordmaster)
THC = Topps Heritage Card
AFCB = Action Figure Card Back
MK = Michael Kingma (Actor)
CL = Christopher Lee (Actor)
JL = James Luceno (Writer)
BG = Brian Gernand (Model Supervisor)

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