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Episode III - Just The Facts

Just The Facts: Story & Characters

Maintained By -Commander_Thigh-

Last Updated: February 6th, 2005

Please note, the info in this section contains spoilers.

Aayla Secura
Anakin Skywalker
Bail Organa
Count Dooku
EU Character
General Grievous
Jar Jar Binks
Luke & Leia
Mace Windu
Mon Mothma
Nute Gunray & Neimodians
Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi
Owen & Beru Lars
Padmé Skywalker
Tion Meddon
Other Character Info

The Duel
Fights & Battles

Color & Theme
Plot Points
Ships & Vehicles
Sets & Locations


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  • "Well, one, his brains have, his memory system has been erased and so has R2's. So, they don't remember anything from the first trilogy. I'm telling you something from Episode III, but I shouldn't be telling you that, but I think most of the fans already know that." - GL
  • "Their memories will be erased at the end of EpIII." - GL
  • Anthony Daniels is polished and golden as C-3PO. - OS
  • In one scene, C-3PO will serve drinks to a gathering of Senators, which include Genevieve O'Reilly as Mon Mothma, Chris Kirby, Warren Owens, Bai Ling, as well as a new blue faced female Senator who has appeared in both Episodes I and II ("Pampy"). A Senator refuses a beverage offered to him by C-3PO as he is serving drinks. We will hear 3PO's lines to be formal and humorous, similar to his OT lines. - OS
  • R2 and 3PO will be in a scene going down a starship ramp. Padm? and Obi-Wan join C-3PO, hurrying down the ramp to meet Bail Organa at its base. - OS
  • Padm? and Threepio will be in a scene looking out a window of a palace at something spectacular. - OS
  • In one scene, Padm?, Obi-Wan and C-3PO will be "the scene that explains it all" on a vista with moderate winds. - OS
  • One scene will be in "Padm?'s Apartment" and we will see Padm?, Anakin and C-3PO. - OS
  • R2 and 3PO's relationship "deepens and blossoms". - DB
  • There are currently no plans to include another protocol droid in Ep3 other than C-3PO. - DB
  • For C-3PO's costume they are re-using one from ESB/ROJ and modifying the TC-14 costume due to the more jumbled wires which is more of an Ep4 tie-in. - DB
  • C-3PO's shin is not silver. - DB
  • Currently there are no plans for C-3PO to be injured other than from emotional damage. - DB
  • C-3PO will not have any action sequences. - AD
  • They have not filmed (or decided) whether or not C-3PO will have the last line in Ep3. - AD
  • C-3PO will have scenes in Padm? Amidala's home. (Apartment set?) - AD
  • C-3PO will have a scene(s) with Jar-Jar. - AD
  • C-3PO is "indeed perfect" in Ep3 and "3PO feels good about it". - AD
  • C-3PO will carry something very heavy. - OS
  • Anthony made a script change suggestion to George in order to change the word "hurt" to "damage" and it was approved. - AD
  • C-3PO has scene(s) with Palpatine in Ep3. - AD
  • As dark as Ep3 will be, we will still see classic humorous scenes between C-3PO and R2-D2. - AD
  • One scene on a landing platform will include Captain Typho, Padm? Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi and C-3PO. ILM will add in a digital speeder. - OS
  • Another scene involved C-3PO and Padm? sitting at the controls of a Naboo starship with a cockpit that will resemble the one from the yacht seen in Ep2 when Anakin and Padm? flew to Geonosis. C-3PO will sit down in the scene. - OS
  • Jar Jar has a scene with C-3PO. -AD
  • Both C-3PO and R2-D2's significance is about the same as it was in Empire, with a little less for Threepio and a little more for Artoo. - PH
  • We will not see any clumsiness by C-3PO. - PH
  • "George was only talking about C-3PO being the droid that had his memory erased, if my memory serves me correctly." - PH
  • There are scenes where both R2-D2 and C-3PO will be CG. - RC
  • One scene is a walk and talk between Anakin Skywalker and Bail Organa, with C-3PO and R2-D2 tagging along in the background. - OS
  • Anthony Daniels filmed a scene as C-3PO with Natalie Portman on Padm?'s apartment balcony set. - OS
  • A line of C-3PO's dialogue: "Something serious is going on. I heard the most disturbing rumor." - OS
  • "This is it. The end of the movie," says George Lucas to Anthony Daniels as they stand on the set of the Tantive IV, "Well, not the exact end, but the end for you." - OS
  • C-3PO will begin and end the film golden. - PH
  • Threepio's silver shin of A New Hope will not be explained in Episode III. - PH
  • When Anthony Daniels is asked if Episode III will explain how R2-D2 and Threepio came to be on the blockade runner at the beginning of Episode IV, he chuckled, and this is what he said: "Let's just say you may recognize an old piece of scenery, and that's all I'm going to say about that." - AICN Interview
  • "Threepio's great claim to fame is that he's pure gold in this one. In all the other prequels, he had something missing, some pieces, but in this one, he gets the solid gold, which fits into where he lives at the time." - AICN Interview
  • The shiny and golden C-3PO won't be harder to animate, but he may be harder to render. - RC
  • "I finished filming on the last film last week. For the final shot I walked along a blue corridor with a blue background behind me talking to someone who wasn't there." - AD
  • "If you remember, the first time we saw C-3PO, in Episode IV, was in the corridor of a starship (the Tantive IV wasn't it???). I can tell you that the last time we see C-3PO, in Episode III, is in the same corridor." - AD
  • "It'll be interesting especially during the verandah scenes to see the added reflections [to C-3PO's shiny armor] of all the ships flying by and that sort of thing." - DB
  • One of Threepio's lines of dialogue is, "I could do with a tune up as well." - OS
  • R2-D2 and C-3PO are witness to unsettling events on an inhospitable world. Wind machines, fog and red-tinted lights serve to further customize this environment. - OS

Acronym Key:

GL = George Lucas (Director)
OS = Official Site (starwars.com)
RM = Rick McCallum (Producer)
CF = Colin Fletcher (First Assistant Director)
NP = Natalie Portman (Actress)
HC = Hayden Christensen
RB = Roger Barton (Film Editor)
IM = Ian McDiarmid (Actor)
GT = Genndy Tartakovsky (Clone Wars Animated Series Creator)
C2 = Celebration II
BB = Ben Burtt (Sound Editor)
JEJ = James Earl Jones (Voice Actor)
JK = John Knoll (Visual Effects/ILM)
PE = Paul Ens (Official Site)
GB = Gavin Bocquet (Production Designer)
JE = Joel Edgerton (Actor)
PM = Peter Mayhew (Actor)
RC = Rob Coleman (Visual Effects/ILM Supervisor)
AA = Amy Allen (Actress)
BS = Bruce Spence (Actor)
BL = Bai Ling (Actress)
CSC = Caroline de Souza Correa (Actress)
NG = Nikki Gooley (Makeup Supervisor)
JB = Jon Berg (Modelmaker)
EL = Euisung Lee (Animatics Artist)
LP = Lorne Peterson (Modelmaker)
DW = David Weitzberg (Visual Effects Artist)
MR = Master Replicas (Prop Replica Company)
DE = Dave Elsey (Creature Shop Creative Supervisor)
AD = Anthony Daniels (Actor)
MW = Matthew Wood (Supervising Sound Editor/Voice Actor)
TB = Trisha Biggar (Costume Designer)
SLJ = Samuel L. Jackson (Actor)
PH = Pablo Hidalgo (Official Site, Webcam)
RC = Ryan Church (Concept Artist)
DG = Dan Gregoire (Pre-Visualization Effects Supervisor)
DB = Don Bies (Droid Unit Supervisor)
NG = Nick Gillard (Stunt Coordinator/Swordmaster)
THC = Topps Heritage Card
AFCB = Action Figure Card Back
MK = Michael Kingma (Actor)
CL = Christopher Lee (Actor)
JL = James Luceno (Writer)
BG = Brian Gernand (Model Supervisor)

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