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Episode III - Just The Facts

Just The Facts: Story & Characters

Maintained By -Commander_Thigh-

Last Updated: February 6th, 2005

Please note, the info in this section contains spoilers.

Aayla Secura
Anakin Skywalker
Bail Organa
Count Dooku
EU Character
General Grievous
Jar Jar Binks
Luke & Leia
Mace Windu
Mon Mothma
Nute Gunray & Neimodians
Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi
Owen & Beru Lars
Padmé Skywalker
Tion Meddon
Other Character Info

The Duel
Fights & Battles

Color & Theme
Plot Points
Ships & Vehicles
Sets & Locations


(Blue text indicates an update)


  • "The Clone Troopers will again be CG, yet different than seen before." - JK
  • The clonetrooper designs are not very different from Ep2 but the clones will be doing a lot more in this film and needed customizations to their suits. - RC
  • The animatics for a scene involving clonetroopers on speeder bikes have been developed. It is up to George whether or not it makes it into the final film. - DG
  • "We will see lots of great changes like the transformation of clones into stormtroopers, uniforms, etc." - RM
  • "The clonetroopers will be all CGI and there will be new variations of them that look really cool." - RC
  • The clonetroopers will have some new markings to match their new designs. - OS
  • General Ki-Adi-Mundi will lead clonetroopers into battle on a new world. Elements of the scene include Ki stepping off a Republic gunship, charging towards the enemy, and signaling for the clones to follow. - OS
  • Temeura Morrison is returning as one of the faces of the older Republic clone troopers. Bodie Taylor will also return but as the face of younger versions of Tem. The clone body armor will once again be CG. - OS
  • Temeura Morrison will do the majority of his filming during pick-up shots in March 2004. - NZ television
  • Much time was spent in designing new weaponry for both the clone and Separatist armies. We may even see some walkers (predecessors to AT-AT's). - RC
  • One set is of a hangar bay where we will see the clones. - OS
  • We will see many land battles and at least one is of the continuing Clone Wars. Ryan thinks it looks cool. - RC
  • Temeura Morrison will play different clones from different groups and will have most of the speaking parts, attributed to a variety of clone commanders in the script. One notable clone is Commander Cody. Bodi Taylor will also be playing multiple younger clones. All of this will be involved in about 4-5 shots for the scene. - OS
  • "Some teams of Republic Commandos fighting side by side with Wookiees on Kashyyyk before the major Separatist invasion of that planet in the film happens." -Star Wars: Republic Commando game preview
  • We will see Commander Cody's face. - PH
  • The new Insider picture of the colored and camouflaged clones are not all finals. Those are maquettes. Only four have been turned into digital models so far. - PH
  • There are no clones in Ep3 from any source other than Jango Fett. - PH
  • In the latest SW Insider there is a page showing a variety of CloneTrooper armor. In the copy, it states that George Lucas' plan is to show the full galactic scope of the Clone Wars in Episode III, with battles happening in many locations. The script and animatics reflect this as well. - PH
  • Commander Cody is not an ARC Trooper. - PH
  • No clonetroopers have jetpacks. - PH
  • There is a fair amount of variation among the clonetrooper ranks in Ep3. - PH
  • Cody does have lines, as do other Clone Commanders. As to what the size of their final roles in the finished edit will be, it's too soon to tell. - PH
  • The new clonetroopers have a comforting design (bridging to stormtroopers). - PH
  • The cover for the latest Insider was a CG trooper. - PH
  • The planet where Obi-Wan will ride a creature for transportation and talk to Commander Cody with the line, "Lets get going we still have a battle to win..." (as seen on the webdoc) is not on a mountainous planet. Quite the opposite. - PH
  • There are new Clone Pilot uniforms, but it is more in line to the Clone Pilots of Episode II than the pilots of IV. - PH
  • There will not be mention of the total numbers of clonetroopers around in Ep3. - PH
  • We will not see a direct explanation of the evolution of the clone/stormtrooper uniform. Over the years, the uniform simply evolves. - PH
  • Clones (without helmets) are among the main characters with stunt work demanding enough to require digital doubling and mock heads of the characters, created in exact detail. - OS
  • Episode III has several named clone commanders, all played by Temeura Morrison. Some clones have subtle scars while others had more pronounced differences, like a milky damaged eye or white streaked hair. It's not yet known which of these clone commanders will be filmed. - OS
  • Commander Cody refers to one of the Temeura's clone characters, not the younger clone(s) played by Bodie Taylor. There is also now a digital cross between the two characters so anything is possible. - PH
  • As of right now, four of the colored clone trooper designs have made it into the final film. - PH
  • One shot shows Anakin leading a phalanx of clone troopers. Anakin will most likely be CG in this shot. He is less than 10% of the screen's height. - OS
  • George says to Amy, "Look to your left. Now look to Mace. Look at the table. Now look to Commander Cody. Now fold your arms." - OS
  • Aayla will be on an alien world leading her battalion of clone troopers against the Separatists. There is no dialogue from Aayla in this scene. - OS
  • The Wookiees are bolstered by clone trooper ranks and the armored Republic vehicles. - OS
  • During the Wookiee shoot, appleboxes, c-stands and tennis balls stand for Jedi holograms, clone troopers and departing starships. - OS
  • It isn't all epic battles. In some cases, the Wookiee extras are guiding in helicopter traffic, loading supplies on landing platforms, or barking orders to clones and other Wookiees. In other cases, it's Wookiees leading clone troopers into the fray, jumping out from behind cover and charging forward, or recoiling from a near miss of heavy ordnance. - OS
  • There will be other organic helping on either side of the Republic-Separatist war besides clones. - PH
  • Other clone commanders in Episode III are Commander Thire and Commander Bly. - PH
  • In Episode III, they are usually called clone troopers. - PH
  • Commander Cody is with Obi-Wan. Commander Bly is with Aayla. Commander Thire is on Coruscant, not with any one specific Jedi. - PH
  • We will see clone troopers on Coruscant many times. - PH
  • Clone Commander Bacara, serving Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi on a distant world, is identified in the script as Commander 1138. - OS
  • The clone troopers have other fighter craft besides the ARC-170. - PH
  • An ARC-170 pilot catches sight of Trade Federation droid fighters on his six. - OS
  • Aiding the Wookiees in their battle against the Separatists are clone troopers with the latest military hardware. - OS
  • Relatively speaking, the digital model of the ARC pilot is of lower resolution, since it's not required to do much more than tumble through space during unscheduled extravehicular activity. - OS
  • In scene 113, Bail Organa lands on the landing platform extending from the Jedi Temple's spires to find a disturbing turn of events. Clone Commander Appo reports to him a surprising development within the ranks of the Jedi order. - OS
  • On the twilight plains of Saleucami, in the stretching shadows of monumental bulbous plantlife, Stass Allie rockets ahead of her clone trooper wingmen aboard a BARC speeder, a sleek speeder bike with a frame more robust than the slimmer versions seen in Return of the Jedi. She looks around as she patrols the landscape. She is flying around, still aware of potential trouble. - OS
  • The firefight for control of the Coruscant skyways wreaks havoc on both sides. Clone troopers stay at their laser cannons even as Separatist forces penetrate the armor of their Republic attack cruiser. - Insider #80

Acronym Key:

GL = George Lucas (Director)
OS = Official Site (starwars.com)
RM = Rick McCallum (Producer)
CF = Colin Fletcher (First Assistant Director)
NP = Natalie Portman (Actress)
HC = Hayden Christensen
RB = Roger Barton (Film Editor)
IM = Ian McDiarmid (Actor)
GT = Genndy Tartakovsky (Clone Wars Animated Series Creator)
C2 = Celebration II
BB = Ben Burtt (Sound Editor)
JEJ = James Earl Jones (Voice Actor)
JK = John Knoll (Visual Effects/ILM)
PE = Paul Ens (Official Site)
GB = Gavin Bocquet (Production Designer)
JE = Joel Edgerton (Actor)
PM = Peter Mayhew (Actor)
RC = Rob Coleman (Visual Effects/ILM Supervisor)
AA = Amy Allen (Actress)
BS = Bruce Spence (Actor)
BL = Bai Ling (Actress)
CSC = Caroline de Souza Correa (Actress)
NG = Nikki Gooley (Makeup Supervisor)
JB = Jon Berg (Modelmaker)
EL = Euisung Lee (Animatics Artist)
LP = Lorne Peterson (Modelmaker)
DW = David Weitzberg (Visual Effects Artist)
MR = Master Replicas (Prop Replica Company)
DE = Dave Elsey (Creature Shop Creative Supervisor)
AD = Anthony Daniels (Actor)
MW = Matthew Wood (Supervising Sound Editor/Voice Actor)
TB = Trisha Biggar (Costume Designer)
SLJ = Samuel L. Jackson (Actor)
PH = Pablo Hidalgo (Official Site, Webcam)
RC = Ryan Church (Concept Artist)
DG = Dan Gregoire (Pre-Visualization Effects Supervisor)
DB = Don Bies (Droid Unit Supervisor)
NG = Nick Gillard (Stunt Coordinator/Swordmaster)
THC = Topps Heritage Card
AFCB = Action Figure Card Back
MK = Michael Kingma (Actor)
CL = Christopher Lee (Actor)
JL = James Luceno (Writer)
BG = Brian Gernand (Model Supervisor)

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