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Draco from Dragonheart in TPM

Near the end of the movie, many readers including Obi-Won Ton have pointed out what could be Draco from Dragonheart. You'll remember that ILM did alot of work on that film, so this cameo does seem very possible. When Yoda is conferring with Obi-Wan, there is something flying outside of the window. When the scene is a closeup shot of Obi-Wan, over his shoulder outside is a thing flying across the sky that looks like Draco from Dragonheart. Of course we can't be sure and don't have any screenshots (yet), but it's something to look for next time you see the movie.

Horses on Naboo, Sitting Ducks

The statues of the horses on Naboo made us laugh. Not only did we not see any horses on Naboo, but couldn't find any animal that would even remotely resemble horses throughout the movie. If you look closely during the celebration scene at the end, you will see horses high atop the archway of Theed. And one other comment, Panaka says "we're sitting ducks." Funny stuff.

Son of Suns

Shorthy reminds us of the "Son of the Suns" sound clip that can both be heard at the victory celebration at the end of TPM and at the end of ROTJ. Defnintely hidden, and definftely in the movie. You can read the full report on this here.

Jake Lloyd's Sister in TPM

Jake Lloyd's sister Madison is also in the movie. She's not in it for very long, so keep your eyes open during the celebration scene at the end. She is standing right behind her brother. Check out the screenshot on the right to identify her, and you can also click on it to enlarge.

Dan Madsen cameo

Dan Madsen, the fearless leader of the Star Wars Insider fan club, is seen grabbing the reigns for Jar Jar's' Kaadu at the victory celebration as he dismounts. It's a quick but noticeable cameo again near the end of the film.

Cameos for Ben Burtt, Rick McCallum and Martin Smith

We just got the screenshot for this one yet, and along with this description should enable you to see the cameos of our favorite producers and friends. A difficult to catch little details like extras are noticeable in the end sequence in the courtyard on Naboo. There's the little mass with Palpatine and the gang, and standing behind them, you can notice Ben Burtt, the sound designer and editor for TPM. I looked again when somebody was bowing and saw the film's producer, Rick McCallum. They are dressed in brown decorative robes. Martin Smith is also in the ending of the film, standing next to Ben Burtt and Rick McCallum. Rick is in the middle, Ben is on screen left of Rick and Martin is on screen right of him.

Jabba Played by Himself

Chad reminded us that in the credits JABBA THE HUT is listed as being played by HIMSELF.

J-A-V-V-A the Hutt in the credits

On the ILM campus there is a small portable building (literally a hut) with a vendor set-up to sell coffee, espresso, beverages, pastries, donuts, bagels, etc. to the ILM crew. The employees of ILM wouldn't make it through the day without Javva the Hutt, as the little establishment is named. In gratitude for the proprietor's long history of great service Javva's was included in TPM ending credits. At the company screenings of TPM, we heard that the credit got one of the biggest rounds of applause from the Lucas employees when they saw it. Good stuff, and a nice cameo.

Darth Vader's Breathing at the end of TPM

No screen shots are necessary for this one, as you can only hear this item. At then end of the movie, after the credits have scrolled, you can hear the menacing breathing of Darth Vader! It's a great foreshadowing of what's ahead!

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