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Portman says Neeson's Lines

Darth Purv tells us something interesting. In the scene when Anakin brings Padme and Qui Gon into his house during the sandstorm, Qui Gon says "I'm Qui Gon Jinn" to Shmi Skywalker. If you look closely as he is saying it Padme is saying the exact same thing, although it's not her lines! This is common practice for actors when the camera angle being used was not on the person mimicking the lines. Apparently, Lucas liked this angle more, but why would Lucas leave that in, and not have ILM wipe it out? Oh well, one more thing to look for in case you never noticed it before.

Anakin Plays Trac-Ball

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...They had modern American toys. The careful eye can see 2 different variations of a catch game called 'Trac-Ball' in Anakin's room. Both items are rackets from this game. One is a newer version released about 1991 or so, the other from the 70's(?). Both are spray painted gray. The older, if memory serves, is hanging about where he had 3PO sitting. The other can be seen for a brief moment as Padme/Amidala walks through the door.

Ceiling of Anakin's House

We've had many reports of the following, and originally we weren't going to post anything. Now, after probably a dozen emails saying the same thing, here it is. Apparently, many readers seem to think there is some significance to the drawings on the ceiling on Anakin's hovel. Many remember similar drawings in Luke's homestead in ANH, and some even liken it to the drawings on Darth Maul's face. What is it? We honestly don't know, or have any idea if there is any significance at all. So look up next time you're watching TPM! Also, you can see a picture of the object in question at the official site. Just go to Anakins hovel and look up.

Stuck here on Tatooine

JoVo tells us of something cool, not a hidden image per say, but something funny you may have not connected with the classic trilogy. When Obi-wan is tending ship while Qui-Gon is off taking care of business in Mos Espa...he says, "...we could be stuck here a very long time." A quick little bit of foreshadowing, eh? since he ends up hiding out on Tatooine for at least 20 years between Episode III and IV.

Children of George Lucas

If you notice that there is a girl on Tatooine wearing braces, that's one of George Lucas' daughters. They're both in the film briefly, so make sure you look for them when the kids are discussing the pod race the next day!

Oliver Walpole's Cameo

It has been reported that Oliver Walpole (the son of set decorator Peter Walpole is the boy with Kitster, Wald and the girls that approach Annie while he works on his pod before the pod race.

Orion Constellation on Tatooine

So is Naboo really in a galaxy far, far away?

Nope. Megan noticed that when Darth Maul is releasing his probe droids on Tatooine in the middle of the night, in one of the shots of his ship, the northern hemisphere constellation: Orion is clearly visible to the left of his ship I think. You can see the three stars that make up the belt really easily and once you catch that you can see the whole constellation! Thanks to Lynda for the screenshot!

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