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Acording to Star Wars Insider #48 and other sources

Shadow of Vader from Anakin

Nope. Here's the report: If you look carefully during the shots inside the junk-dealer Watto's shop, in one sequence you will see a shadow of Darth Vader coming from 9 year-old Anakin Skywalker. This is intentional, not an accident or your imagination. Just one more little hint of things to come, courtesy of the special effects folks at ILM.

Also, the picture you have is a little difficult to decipher, although it is there. There is a later scene were the shadow is MUCH more apparent. When Qui-Gon returns to Watto's shop to discuss the details of the pod race, Vader's shadow is to the right of Qui-Gon through out the entire scene. Here's a new screenshot:

C-3PO's Skin?

Could this be a clue to Episode II? In Watto's junk shop there is a body (skin) of a C-3P0 style protocal droid. The droid has its legs removed below the knees. And if you remember, our C-3P0 had that silver replacement below his knee. Could that be Threepio's future skin? Nope.

The Moldy Crow in TPM

Lord Maul tells us this, about a familiar ship being in TPM: When we first see Coruscant from above (ie: The Darth Maul/Sidious balcony scene), a perticular starship can be seen leaving the planet. It may not be too recognizable, but to gaming fans its a definite. The Moldy Crow, Kyle Katarn's starship from the Dark Forces games, is clearly seen flying away from coruscant and toward the screen, in the intro to this scene. Nope.

Man's Face in the Rock

Few people have seen a man's face on the side of a rock during the pod race, but it's there. This face appears right after Ben Quadinaros blows up. It cuts away to the pod racers where they show a huge rock in the middle of the race way. On the left side of that rock is a face. This was confirmed to be intentional, and also appears in an early trailer. On a side note, this is not to be onfused with Lucas's face being hidden in the rock formations of the TPM Adventure video game. Nope.

Characters in the Pod Race Crowd

Many have said you can find a character from the Lucasarts game Grim Fandango in the crowd for a reaction shot during the pod race. Manny Calavera is the cartoon skeleton with a big round head. This website says it's not him, but that people are mistaking a Bith for the original looking character. He was right. Many other characters have been rumored to be in the pod race crowd like Indiana Jones, an ape from Planet of the Apes, and much more! Nope, not a real Easter Egg.

Is this Indy?

The Millennium Falcon

John Knoll has been crediting with saying that the Falcon is in TPM. He mentioned to Kahunna privately after his presentation at VES '99 that he added the Millennium Falcon into the movie... but not as you might think he did. After adding spires onto it, John made the Falcon a building on Coruscant. After 14 viewings, we have yet to find it. This is the other rumored apprearence of the fastest ship in the galaxy: as the droid control ship blows up, the Falcon appears to be breaking off from the main craft. It does look vaguely like our old friend. But it's not.


Watch TPM again and you can notice a small 'ILM' in red letters, hidden in the background of one of the shots inside the Theed Queen's Palace. But you're just seeing things, it's not hidden image, according to Insider #48.

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