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Son of Suns

Posted By Joshua on July 27, 1999

The following concept has circulated the Internet and various forums for a while, and we finally have our first unofficial confirmation from some of our sources inside the walls of Lucas. Here's the report:

"And in the time of greatest dispair, ther shall come a savior, The Son of Suns."

In 1997, we all were privileged to see the Star Wars trilogy in the theaters with the release of the special editions. In the Return of the Jedi SE, we get to see a new world that has not been in any of the previous films. Preproduction on TPM and the Special Editions were going on at roughly the same time, so one can assume that it was placed, to tie in Episodes 4-6 with the upcoming prequels 1-3. At the time speculation was that this new planet was an Earth type society and that it may have been Earth itself... We now know this planet as Coruscant, the center of the core worlds. At the time, we saw it, it was cool, and that was that. Take a closer look, and a closer listen foreshadowing the prequels.

Once all six films are complete, the following will make a nice audio and visual climax. We have determined that that was a statue of the Emperor falling and speculated that he was holding a "Peace Ball", but now that we have SEEN that, what do we hear? When panning over the crowd, you hear 2 people shouting something. One is undecipherable, the other is someone shouting "The son of suns, The son of suns!" Speculation at the time was that they were referring to Anakin and that he had saved the universe as some sort of prophet, and at the time, all we could do is wait and see if it would be explained...

Son of Suns from ROTJ (800K)

Well, in some ways, the wait is over.

SPOILER - At the end of The Phantom Menace in the parade scene, right after the ships fly over the parade, you hear it again. - Not someone else shouting "The son of suns, The son of suns!" but the same person, the same 5 second sound, tone, etc... it is the same sound byte, listen:

Son of Suns from TPM (800K)

This cannot be a coincedence, it's too specific. So, we have another piece of the puzzle, but not so much to make a conclusion. Decide for yourselves, is it there or not? I think the new information from The Phantom Menace holds much to add to this speculation, especially that Anakin is some sort of Chosen One.

SPOILER - So, Anakin is credited with saving the universe in Episode I, and is heralded as the Savior, then Darth Vader (Anakin) saves the universe by destroying the Emperor and the Empire in Return of the Jedi. Both times they are given the title the Son of Suns. Is that cool or what?

(Darth Oracular and In The Know contributed to this report)

Many astute readers have pointed out that the prophecy specifically refers to a person from Tatooine, hence the 's' in suns. Interesting, why didn't I think of that?

The SECOND DRAFT of the Adventures of Starkiller dated January 28, 1975 contains the original prophesy of the one who will bring balance to the force.

"...And in the time of greatest
despair there shall come a savior,
and he shall be known as: THE SON

Journal of the Whills, 3:127

The Journal of the Whills is referenced here, but remember there is no actual book. It was a fictional book made up by George Lucas in the 70s. Just thought you may want to know where that prophecy came from -- and thanks to many readers for pointing out the origin.

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