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Dolby Digital Logo in TPM

We just heard about this one twice today, so thought we could add it. We also were recently sent a quick screenshot from Brad of the hidden image, and it looks fantastic. Apparently, there is a Dolby Digital logo hidden on the back of a battledroid, very similar to the 1138 found later in the film. We've included a screenshot of the logo from dolby.com, and here's how to find it: In the scene where the neimodians tell the battle droids to take the queen away, it cuts to QUI-GON, OBI-WAN and JAR JAR on the walkway crouching, and then back to the droids walking down the steps outside. One of those droids clearly has the DD symbol as its designation. Check it out!


Many keep telling us this, so we'd better post it, huh? During the Jedi's first encounter with the droids in Theed, the Battle Droid that gets force pushed by Qui-Gon says. "d'oh!"

Support Group for Droids

When leaving the ship, heading for Tatoine, watch R2D2. Someone forgot to airbrush out the bar holding his back legs together. You can see the bar again when they reach the city. Here's a quick snapshot of the scene in question. amazing the little details people notice, huh?

R2-D2's Messy Situation

Travis reminds us of a cameo where R2-D2 gets into a messy situation. Did you notice that in the scene where Jar Jar steps in the er... "sticky goo" that R2D2 rolls through the real stuff just seconds before. Watch R2 behind the group as they enter Mos Espa for the first time. It appears that he tries to steer around it but his rear left leg catches a piece of doo and rolls it along. Gross!

That's NOT Peter Mayhew

We've had several reports of the man that played Chewie in the original trilogy making a cameo in TPM In one of the first establishing shots of Mos Espa a really tall guy plays an alien walking the streets and is wearing a kind of chain mail outfit, he has a hat and his face is painted half black and half white. There's plenty of pics of him available on the 'net and in the Vanity Fair issue forever ago, and we just wanted to clear up the rumor that that was Peter Mayhew. Nope.

The Alien tour group (with cameras) on Tatooine

One of the funniest shots in TPM is quick and can be passed by again, very quickly. Here's a screenshot to help you get the glimpse. Originally, when they showed the shot to George, he said it needed more aliens. One of the groups that John mentioned adding was the alien race behind Qui Gon and the group. He pointed out that this was a "tour group," as you can clearly see one of the little guys pointing out to the others what things were. One of them even has a little camera! These guys have got to be my favorite "Easter eggs" to find throughout the film.

Clumsy Astronaut

Nate emails TFN and says that in the scene where Jar Jar steps in the poop, the camera pulls back to reveal something funny. If you look to the right, you will see two astronauts walking, the one on the left's helmet falls off, and she catches it, then holds it up for the rest of the scene. It's pretty easy to see if you look in the right spot.

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