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Woman in T-Shirt

JAC couldn't believe we haven't posted this one yet: In a quick shot of the race crowd, there's a young woman dressed in jeans, a white t-shirt and a blue baseball cap talking to an alien on her left. He's sure this appears after Anakin's pod falls from the cliff and gets ahead of Sebulba. The shot is from a new angle, not used before when they showed the crowd or the transmission cabin; this shot shows the cabin and a portion of the crowd, right perpendicular to them, and the woman is in the bottom right corner.

New Pod Race Cameo?

This one came in, and since we've not seen it ourselves, we'll definitely ask you to take it with a grain of salt as you partake. Marcus tells is to look right after the pods "lock together" near the end of the race, the view goes to a shot of the crowd cheering and right in the middle is the most hilarious ant-like creature wiggling around. Sounds funny! Is it in there, or the product of an overactive imagination?

High Five Mishaps

Bob always leaves with an awkward feeling when he sees this sequence. When Anakin wins the race, Kitster and Wald obviously miss their "high-five" cue. They play it off well, but you can see the goof. Not a huge deal, but something to catch if you haven't.

Rats Tyrell in a Stretcher

Ben Martin tells us that if you look at the far left of the screen when Jar Jar lifts Anakin up after the podrace there is another hidden item. Remember that Rats Tyrell crashes in the cave section of the podrace, right? Well in that scene listed above, two pit droids are carrying someone small through the hangar on a stretcher! Watch this on the big screen and you'll realize its Rats Tyrell.

Just Hanging out

Noticed that the hangar after the podrace. While Anakin's mother Shmi is telling him that she's so proud of him, you can see the little Greedo boy tring to hold onto the reins of an animal, but is pulled up in the air by it. It was a pretty serious part in the movie, so you can imagine everyone's reaction when you bust out laughing. Just in case you didn't notice it.

Probe Droid Finds Qui-Gon

Many readers including Cho Gon Jinn have written in asking how Maul knew the Jedi were at the pod race, and must have missed a very subtle and totally cool part of TPM. Cho Gon Jinn reminds us that (as seen in the screenshot above), you can see that while talking with Watto after the pod race, behind Qui-Gon is one of Maul's probe droids. You can also hear the droid clearly, and this is right before the sequence where the probe reports to Maul. Cool!

Switching Braids

Aaron reminds us that Obi-Wan seems to have a bad habit of his braid switching sides during the movie. There are several instances, including when Qui-Gon returns to the Royal Starship on Tatooine with the parts, look at Obi-Wan closely -- it's on the wrong side!

Jedi Knight Rail Gun?

Tom either has way too much time on his hands, or found something VERY cool: I won't even mention the apparent Rail Gun from Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith in the alcove behind Shmi Skywalker when she is sitting at her workbench. Oops.... : ) Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but the outline is right. Besides, it sure makes for fun speculation... Ma Skywalker packin' serious heat...

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