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EPI DVD - What do you make of the exclusive content available to DVD-Rom owners at the official site?


I don't think it's fair to offer the trailer exclusively to the people with the DVD and a DVD-ROM. It ought also to be available to those with a video and the serial # of the video (from the back of the case). (by chrysanthemum)

95% of the people (including me) interested in seeing the Episode II DVD site own the Episode I DVD because we will buy anything that has Star Wars printed on it. However, a good percentage of those people (including me) dont have a DVD-ROM drive. Perhaps it would have been better to offer this content via DVD-ROM as a sneak preview for a few days, then release it to the general public. (by OmahaMark)

Oh BOOHOO. Quit yer whining people. I'm extremely happy Lucas made this trailer exclusive so that those of us who did buy the DVD get a little something extra. If you have an outdated computer, well I'm sorry but you'll just have to find another way. I'm extremely glad you can watch it on a Mac now. If it was downloadable, then what would the point be of making it exclusive to the DVD? (by Donny)

A good idea from george lucas it gives star wars fans a first look at the new movie (by Chris Youngblood)

The idea is good, but it should be made to work on a simple Cd-Rom drive. Many people do not have a dvd-rom drive. (by Jumbo)

I am a little upset because I have the DVD, but no access to a DVD-ROM drive. (by buckwildbill)

Like a lot of people, I have the DVD, but I dont have a DVD-Rom drive on my computer. They should had put the trailer on the DVD, because if you own a DVD player, it doesnt mean you own a DVD-ROM drive. They are both expensive! (by Cindy)

I think the DVD-Rom content is great. It sucks that there is not more content but oh well. As for people who don't have a DVD-Rom, sorry you're just out of luck. Don't get mad at Lucas because you didn't spend the extra $100 for the darn thing. The DVD is wonderful and now the online content is great. I had a little trouble getting everything working on the day they brought it all on-line but now it's fine. I look forward to more exclusive content in the future. (by Seth)

Way better than the teaser trailer. A real reward for anyone who bought the DVD. (by Sarah Torrez)

I think the exclusive content is killer. I wish you could download it, but I understand why you can't. I'm glad that Lucas has a little more control over his content than before; this way the true fans get the 1st taste. I can't wait to see more. Hopefully more is forthcoming. (by R2Ted2)


I don't like the idea of exclusive content since only a small portion of the audience that owns the dvd will be able to actually view it. Anyone who own a normal dvd player is out of luck and that's not fair. I happen to have a DVD-Rom but have had nothing but trouble with their Interactive player as it seems to not recognize my dvd-rom brand (creative). (by steinmiester)

I'm kind of annoyed that the content is exclusive - I don't have a dvd player, meaning i won't shell out money for the dvd, so I'm basically stuck. (by Brian)

Too bad those of us who own Hollywood Plus DVD decoder cards can't view the trailer from the DVD-ROM. It reports 'no suported player found'. It's a hardware decoder for God's sakes, and you need to have a software decoder installed to view the thing? Bad deal! (by Agent57)

You shouldn't need a DVD-ROM drive, only the DVD should be needed!!!!!!! (by Darth Dooku)

It's only cool if you own a DVD in your computer. I think that's too exclusive a demographic because many like to have their DVD players as a freestanding unit like their old VCR's were. If you own a freestanding player you're still screwed because you can't go on the internet with it. I wish we could all see and enjoy the trailers together instead of excluding some people who may not have the interest or the means to install a DVD player in their computer (by Jeremy)

It should be a public trailer, not everyone owns a DVD-ROM and much less a DVD player. It's just a trailer, not software. (by Ahriman)

Not a bad idea but it was badly implemented. The DVD player on the disc sucks bigtime. I thought it was a bit unfair not to let you dl the trailer. Trailer rocks bigtime by the way!! (by Siffy)

I'd sure like to be able to use all of the features on the movies I buy, but I don't have a DVD-ROM drive. Some people can't afford a new computer every year. Those like me should be able to have full access to what they pay for. (by Unkle Mike)

It would be cool had I a dvd player on my computer with which to access the special features with. :-( (by jeff)

Exclusive contents? I'd rather want more deleted scenes inserted into the movie, and some others cut off. (by Boba Fonts)


I am absolutely FASCINATED by the "Mystery" trailer - especially seeing Anakin being blasted by lightning bolts (foreshadowing Luke). However, I think it is ridiculous to exclude certain DVD owners just because they do not have access to a DVD ROM. And what's with not being able to download the trailer? I'm lucky that I have a DVD ROM & Cable Modem, I truly feel for those that dont have either, since it makes the whole experience that much less enjoyable. (by Emperor's_Prize)

It's silly. They do not sell more TPM DVD's, but they seem to want to sell DVD rom players, which most people don't have!! If they wanted to make money, put a secure connection and charge for the viewing. (by Sir Gerry)

I bought the TPM DVD but I only own a stand-alone DVD player so the online content isn't accessible to me. Whilst I agree that those who fork the cash to buy the DVD should be rewarded for their loyalty, those without a DVD-Rom should be able to see the exclusive web content as well. (by Flat_Webb)

It was really good the chase scene and the two world s look very similar in function. Also i think there will be a lot of sarcastic humor between Obi one and Anakin from what is seen in the trailer (by Dennis O)

I have a 1998 Gateway laptop with a DVD drive, and the Episode I DVD totally disabled my DVD software. I researched and found this is a known issue with no solution. So, even though I own the DVD and a computer with a DVD-ROM, I cannot access the trailer. (by JJ Burnam)

Hey give lucas a break. The trailers are free, you just can't save them to the computer. And remember, business is business. (by Ben Williams)

Not cool if you don't have a DVD-ROM... (by Joe)

The content is good but there's no reason that I shouldn't be made available to everyone. (by Michael Baker Jr.)

I own the dvd but do not own a dvd-rom. When I was home from the college the first thing I did was go and watch the trailer using my dad's dvd-rom. I never really got it to work but what I saw looked awesome. I don't see the point of making it for dvd-rom owners only, also making all the trailers stream only. I wish I could just download them and save so I could watch them whenever i wanted. (by Miles Kage)

I dont like the DVD-Rom owners offical site, i have the DVD but do not own a DVD-Rom on my computer. I have to go to my neighbor's house to see the "Mystery"Trailer (by Mike Bouchereau)


I'm sure that Lucas is well meaning, but why on earth would anyone go to such lengths to sabotage the availability of a "commercial"? I'm still trying to figure this one out! (by Jo-Jo-maditgo)

Dislike it. It's a marketing device to sell dvds; it 's not trully for fans or it would be available to everyone. Apparently fans who don't own dvd players for whatever reason (money, age, etc) are not worthy to see the site. also. I own the dvd yet my computer is an older version with no dvd-rom drive, so as far as the exclusive site is concerned, I don't own the dvd and consequently I can't see the site. Why not make it available to all or have it exclusive for like a week then open it to all? (by rabe)

I think it's a GREAT idea. Makes me happy I purchased the DVD. (by TheMocoMan)

I think it's stupid that I can't see some things just because I don't have a DVD-Rom. Why can't they just make this stuff available for everybody to see? (by Heidi)

It's good that the Mystery trailer was only made available to the DVD owners. It rewards the most valuable customers. Time to get a DVD rom drive guys. (by Guion)

I thoroughly enjoyed the trailer. I don't mind that it is exclusive, although that is probably because I have everything needed for access. I would probably be a little upset if I didn't, and knew that there was Star Wars info that I could not get to. I did find that you can access the site without using the InterActual browser. Just put in the DVD and open your regular browser. Go to the dvd.starwars.com website and it will verify the DVD and give you access to the site. (by Samwise)

I think its annoying that the best way to go is to own both a dvd player and dvd rom drive (by Angela)

This sucks! I have a $9000 home theater system, a complete home office system, and all of it in a new 400 sqft game room. My A/V system and computer system are completly interconnected. I have TPM widescreen collector's VHS and TPM DVD. With all this I had no need for a DVD-ROM drive on my PC. I'm a big SW fan. Why does Lucasfilm make it so hard for us to enjoy all theIr hard work($). You also have to buy quicktime pro to view the large verion of the other trailers. This Sucks! (by Bill Johnson)

Actually, I DID get to see the trailer, which was very rocking, But the fact that I own the DVD, a member of Starwars.com, I feel CHEATED because I DON'T own a DVD rom drive. (by Lukecash)

I think giving extra features to people who bought the dvd was an excellent idea. It also gives people a good reason to buy it even more now, even though it is already the best dvd ever made. The trailer available on the dvd-rom was much much better than the dissappointing "Breathing" trailer which was much too short. It got me more excited than I have ever been for any movie. I can't wait to see Episode 2. (by vinnie)


Loved the previews. I think it's great that we are rewarded for buying the DVD. But I can see how it would suck for someone with a Mac. That's what you get for buying a Mac!!! (by RedScab)

Why not available to everyone? We've bought the dvd and have a "regular" dvd-player, but I'm not planning on buying a dvd-player for my pc next to my reader and reader/writer just for this site. (by Inge)

The DVD site teaser was a very welcome sight for sore eyes. however, I think Lucas and Apple should have thought about those Star Wars faithful who couldn't afford a DVD player. A computer alone cost enough nowadays. (by Skytalker)

Would be good if the scripts didn't keep crashing, making the site unusable!! (by Paul)

Nice way of putting the DVD-Rom features to work. Great trailer, it gives more sense to the things you see on the teaser. I hope the "lock" on the download is removed so everyone can see it without having to rely on the site. (by Julio Bro!)

Flippin' Smashin' - Like (In cockney accent). Hope that when Episodes 4-6 are released on DVD we get similar extra's. (by Chris Morris)

Because I have not seen the "exclusive content," I am going off the pure principle of the thing. I think that it should be available for everyone to view, not just those who have the technology. I wish there was a way for me to see it without having to go buy the DVD and stuff. Oh, well. I'll just go watch the movie instead. :) (by Shiny Boy)

I think it sucks. I have the DVD and DVD player on my Imac and I've been trying for days to get it, still no luck. For a company so in love with Apple and Quicktime, they sure have a funny way of showing it with their lack of support. Just put the damn trailer up for everyone. I mean really, who is going to spend (other than a die-hard fan) up to 30 bucks to buy a DVD just to watch a trailer? (by DK)

I think it sucks, it's a ploy to make us spend more money. (by isaac villanueva)

Stop crying eveyone. I have a dvd on my pc and it didn't play. All I got was a blank white screen in my 5.0 qt player. It was a bad idea to release it the way they did. The trailer rocks though! (by not one of the blind few)

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