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EPI DVD - What do you make of the exclusive content available to DVD-Rom owners at the official site?


I think it's great! I just wish I had a DVD-Rom drive. (by James W)

Lame. The second trailer wouldn't work on my Mac and none of my two PCs. I have latest version of QT 5 Pro and all the software, and all I get is a white empty rectangle or errors. Just put the damned trailer on the web and stop screwing around. Many people paid for the DVD but don't have DVD drives in their computers. Lame. (by Adam)

Not everyone that owns the DVD owns a DVD-ROM. Why segment Star Wars fans? In the end, it's just advertising and they should let as many people see it as possible. Good trailer though. (by Ayii)

I think it's ridiculous that only DVD-Rom owners can view the material. I own the DVD and have a DVD player. But I don't have one on my computer. The way I see it, if I am watching movies on the computer, I have a real problem and need a life. (by James)

I own TPM on DVD, but because my DVD player is hooked to a TV instead of built into my computer, I'm not worthy of seeing the new trailor? Darth Sidious has to be behind this; only a pawn of evil woul make such a stupid, anger-inducing call. This doesn't bring fans together; it separates them into classes. I guess that I don't have a DVD on my computer makes me a prole. (by Dave Ward)

I think the "Mystery" trailer is just ok. Lots of action, but the cgi sucked. So I'm ok if they put that on the exclusive site. What I'm trying to say is that the exclusive content isn't as good as the "regular" content. (by Varg Vikernes)

I wouldn't know. I only saw it once, on October 16. Since then, I have gotten an "illegal operation" message everytime I try. (by PEZman4)

Great footage, poor presentation. Took forever to load at 56k and loaded incorrectly. But I can't wait for May! (by Shawn)

Way to go Lucasfilm! Looks like I'll have to read about the new trailer since I don't have a DVD-ROM. Oh well, figures right? (by Misha)

I have the DVD, but no DVD-ROM drive, so I'm unable to download the new trailer. It's unfair really. (by doug)


Lucas has become the greedy Trade Federation. Power to the peons! (by Darthur)

GREAT! It looks like there will be plenty more Obi-Wan action in this film! (by Laura)

I loved the Trailer. It was much better than "Breathing", although I think it should've been available for everyone. (by Obi Ben)

Let's face it, the DVD-Rom exclusive content on the official site is a great idea from a business standpoint. I mean, Lucasfilm was even advertising the DVD this past week based on the fact that it would give one access to exclusive Episode II content! However, I personally don't care for this feature. I own the DVD. I own a DVD Player. I don't, however, own a DVD-ROM on my computer. (by Sabowan)

I've a DVD player and not a DVD-Rom, so I feel partly cheated. (by Rett_Brone)

The content itself is absolutely amazing. Perhaps Lucasfilm would consider releasing it to the non-DVD-owning public later, well after the DVD owners have seen it. That way, it is still an advantage to own the DVD but the non-DVD owners are not completely left out in the cold. For instance, once another piece of content is released, another trailer or even another 'Choices'-esque piece of media, they would 'de-classify' 'Mystery' and release it on the Official Site so everyone could view it. (by Sampson)

I love it even though it's not that exclusive considering that anyone that has a DVD player/drive and visits this site will have access to exclusive content. But in any case, the Mystery Trailer gives me shivers every single time I see it, I'm actually surprised how much footage and dialogue they gave away this time! It's insane. (by boba_fett_86)

It is kind of unfair for the episode II dvd rom content to be exclusive to people with dvd players in their computers. I went out and bought the dvd the day it came out but i have a player on my tv, so why should other people get to view videos that i don't? (by Bobabeatle)

I get 3/4 of the way through the video and it dies. What gives??? I have reloaded to no avail! The Mystery trailer that is (by Steven)

As an owner of the Episode I DVD, I think that it's awesome, and yet it's unfair. Originally, before Episode I came out, everyone got access to everything just by joining starwars.com. Now, you have to buy a $30 DVD just to get exclusive content?! That's ridiculous. Just another advertising ploy. (by Chris Gering)


I think that this could have been pulled off a little more fairly but still have some "exclusive" aspect to it. They had obviously planned long in advance exclusive content on the DVD site so why not have included a CD with the Episode I DVD case that could access that site? That way it would still be exclusive in that you had to have bought the DVD but it wouldn't be limited to only those with DVD-ROMs. (by SirKnightLord)

I WOULD'NT KNOW! I dont have a stupid DVD-ROM on my computer, and I dont know a soul that does either. What a dumb idea! (by Preston Todd)

I like the trailer but I think we should be able to save it to our hard drives. (by Mark Eggert)

If it is a so called "promotion", why is it being held exclusive for those who are fortunate enough to have a DVD-Rom which costs about 2 or 300 dollars extra? (by Daniel Horton)

It does suck that you have to have a DVD rom and the dvd of course to access the new trailer. (by Sithlordarthmaul)

Lame idea. I need a DVD player to watch the movie, but that doesn't mean I have a DVD-ROM for my computer. (by Chris blaise)

I don't own the DVD yet, but I think it's a great idea. I don't think anybody would be complaining if it was part of the DVD Disc rather than a DVD internet link. Too many people think that everything on the internet should be free. However, in this case, Lucasfilm can continually update the DVD content. What's wrong with giving a bonus with the DVD? (by Dirt Jedi)

All the content so far for the new movie has made me very excited. The new film looks much better then the last one although it is hard to tell just from a trailer. I am really looking forward to the next trailer and I am counting the days until I am standing in-line for the next starwars film !! (by spoogedemon)

It really stinks for the people that don't own a DVD-ROM drive. I have 2 DVD players but nothing for my computer. It's not fair :( (by studvicious)

Good marketing, bad publicity (by Paul)


I don't know. My computer is about a month older then dvd rom. I bought the dvd to support the film and still cant see the special content. That sucks. Their should be another way to see it a code system or somthing (by Vern)

I have a MAC and havn't accessed any content (by Scott Layman)

I bought the DVD for my dvd player, then found out i need a dvd rom drive to check out the extra content, its quite annoying to pay $40AU and have no access to these features (by Doug Mitchell)

For the Mac issue, from what I heard, it is Apple's fault. As for the trailor, it is great, As for the people who don't own DVD-ROM drives, I'm pretty sure that you know SOMEBODY who has one. (by Skillet)

Great idea -- in fact, best DVD-ROM site ever, except 1.) Macs can't view it, 2.) Mystery crashes on every PC I've tested it on and 3.) why try to keep it from fans who haven't gotten a DVD player yet? Lucasfilm itself held out for 4 years on the DVD format, and now they're penalizing those who haven't jumped on board? I love everything Star Wars, but the Lucasfilm "empire" needs to rethink things before they alienate those who got them where they are in the first place. (by Rob Michaels)

Haven't heard any VCR owners complaining that they got robbed out of exclusive content just because they don't own a dvd player. Think about it, people. (by ronin1976)

Good idea except for the need for a dvd-rom on the computer. I am a huge SW fan but as of yet cannot afford a dvd-rom. Hopefully in the near future Lucas will make the trailer available to everyone on the SW site. (by Hubert Green)

No one has said anything about the fact that Lucas released the "Breathing" trailer to MTV, the Monday after it was released in theaters. You guys sound like a bunch of cry babies. Get a life. (by jabba du hutt)

The amount of exclusive material is sorely lacking. LFL dropped the ball on this one. (by Mike Beidler)

I think it's Great. However, what is up with Lucasfilm advertising exclusive content only to find that we have to shell out more money to quicktime to see it properly? I can see why some without dvd support would be upset, but the quicktime thing is just extortion. (by Sir Grant)


I think it stinks - I don't have a DVD ROM and don't plan on buying one as I'm very happy with my stable PC (which already has a CD ROM and CD RW). I've been a fan of SW since '77 when I saw Episode IV, and have bought almost every movie Lucas has released (Original, THX, Special Edition), but I'm beginning to feel the Lucas has no regards for the fans and is in it for the money. After all, just look at Jar Jar and tell me Lucas hasn't lost his edge. (by Craig Allen)

It's a good idea, but I feel that more could be done, seeing as the site has been updated barely at all since the release of the DVD. The Mystery Trailer is a definite plus, it rocks, and really gets the juices flowing for this movie, as it looks to be potentially the best SW film yet. (by Darth Koz)

I am disappointed that mac users can not access the exclusive content of the official site. (by Rob Lucas)

I think that the exclusive DVD content is a great marketing strategy by LFL. 'Mystery' had so much action that one couldn't help but have their jaw drop in awe. As for the DVD site itself, I think it's very cool. Sure there hasn't been a lot of stuff on the site, but it's only been up for a month now. A lot of stuff is more likely to reach the official site first than the DVD site, unless it directly relates to the DVD, as in behind-the-scenes looks at TPM, or even more AOTC pics. (by taggie)

All I can say is that I tried to watch "Mystery" for four hours and all I got was a bunch of "non-responsive" lock-ups. If you're going to have the content LFL, please make sure it works and that you have MORE than enough servers to accommodate demand. (by Jedi-Jurist)

I really like the trailer. I also support Lucasfilm's decision to make it exclusively available to owners of the DVD-Rom, although I was dismayed at the lack of Mac support (which has since been remedied). My feeling is people who complain about having to buy the DVD to see the content have it all backwards - internet content is not a civil right, it's content that is created at the copyright holder's expense and made available to DVD owners who paid to be part of the experience. (by elvisjones)

I love it an i dont have dvd-rom :) (by papayaman)

I think it's fine that you need to buy the movie to access the trailer, but not enough people have DVD-Roms. I own the movie and I'd absolutely love to see the mystery trailer. (by Gina)

Wonderful stuff but it should be accessible to everyone. I purchased the DVD but I do not have a DVD-Rom and so had to find a friend with one. It makes me sad to think so low of Lucas but I am just as big a fan as the DVD-rom owners out there but was unable to view the material on my own. Shame on Lucas. (by Leann)

The new trailer? Awesome. The idea of exclusive DVD content? Rotten. This gimmick only divides the Star Wars fans between "haves" and "have nots." We pay to see the movies and own the merchandise. Lucas needs to nurture the ENTIRE fan base, not just those who buy the DVD. (by texapocalypse)

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