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EPI DVD - What do you make of the exclusive content available to DVD-Rom owners at the official site?


I like the idea, but was really, REALLY annoyed about the EP2 teaser. Reason? Kioskmode. I wanted to save the trailer and watch it on another pc with no dvd-rom. And that was impossible. Kioskmode is bad, dvd exclusive is ok. (by Dmike)

Good idea, but not every owner of the DVD also has a DVD ROM. Like the fact that there IS exclusive stuff, but I think it should be savable and then made available to everyone maybe a week later or something. There should be more gallery stuff cos what they have is pretty lame. Maybe some cool "how we did that" like the waterfall sequence on the DVD itself. (by Ian Foster)

Most of us don't want to sit at a cramped little desk to watch a movie, so we bought traditional players. There needs to be another way to access the content, since we all shelled out the same money. It shouldn't be determined by what we play the discs on. Thanx for nothing LucasFilm. You act like you haven't already squeezed every dollar out of us. (by M@)

Content should be available to anyone who bought the DVD. Being so exclusive is just turning people into hackers and pirates. Not to mention making a lot of people realize just how much better DVD players are compared to DVD ROM drives. (by Darth23)

Great marketing to help sales & rentals of the disk, but I hope they open the entire area up to the public at some point before Episode 2 opens. Not everyone has a DVD-ROM player or access to one. (by Reecoh)

I think it is a good idea, but it should be accessable by everyone who owns a DVD, not just everyone who has a DVD-ROM drive. They should have used a keycard serial code instead of what they did. (by Molly)

I think it's great. I am also ECSTATIC that Mac owners were finally and EQUALLY included in this treat. I hope all Mac-owning SW fans make their voices heard that it's about time Lucasfilm got on the ball in this regard. It's ironic how Apple's Quicktime delivers Lucasfilm content, yet Apple owners have usually been last to enjoy Lucafilm games, software, and exclusive content. (by David Below)

My problem is that it is only for PC users. Since they made the Mystery trailer available for Mac users, why not go all the way and show us the rest of the exclusive content? (by Jean-Denis Haas)

I haven't seen any of the exclusive stuff yet because I don't have a DVD-ROM and I refuse to spend $30 to see advertising. Marketing is the real evil empire in our world. They rule what we can and can't see and how many different feminine hygiene products we really need. It would be nice if we all had broadband connections to see the loving streaming content that they're making for us to enjoy. But, the reality is that we don't. The reason they won't let us download it is because of greed. They want us to visit their site again and again so their advertising partners get more exposure. Bottom line, that's what's important here people. Not sharing your artistic vision or telling a good story. Enjoy it if you can. I can't and I'm not happy about it.(by boneguy)

I'm a little bitter about the whole thing just because I don't have a DVD player, and therefore don't have the DVD yet, so I can't see for a while. I think its a good idea, but I wish I had the luxury of being able to see it. (by Jaina02)


This is one of many trailers and I think all the footage from this "exclusive" will be seen by all long before the movie is released. People without the DVD will just have to wait a week or two longer. By the way, If you own a Mac I can only say, take your complaints to apple since they are the ones making things difficult (proprietery). (by number6)

This stinks! I own a DVD player and have a kick-butt computer but haven't seen the point in getting a DVD-ROM for my computer. Why should I want to watch DVDs in front of my computer when I can watch them on the big-screen TV? I feel really screwed. Make it available to EVERYONE! (by Rigil Kent)

I have the dvd and went to my friends computer that plays dvds but i couldn't access the page...i clicked on starwars.com and it said something about can't play in cd drive ... I was annoyed. If i can play the dvd in the computer i should be able to get the site. Am i do something wrong? (by jeff)

Fantastic. One problem - very buggy and rarely allows me access. (by Owain)

I think the idea is flawed - everyone who really wanted to was going to get to see this trailer somehow so why just cause tension within the community - it should be a good thing that we all want to see it and they should want every one to see it. All it does is turn us against Lucas and made people break the law. (by NicLeRoi)

When are you going to learn George? All you are doing is irritating your fans. (by Micah Phillips)

Grrrrr. I don't approve at all. I don't have a DVD player and I'm on a Mac--so I think it's a bad thing all around! (by Master Chbel)

I own a macintosh and am unable to view any of the online content, with the exception of the trailer. I am thankful for that. However, doesn't it seem a little odd that the online content only works for windows platforms when Lucasarts supposedly has such a tight-knit relationship with Apple. All the trailers come out in quicktime and I know a lot of the special effects are done with Apple computers. What is the deal? Whatever it is, I really think it stinks. They could have done better. (by Prescott)

I don't think its fair to fans who don't have a DVD-Rom (by Rob)

I think it's a great reward for the dedicated fan that went and bought the DVD. However, the exclusive content should be generally released maybe a month or so later, so that the non-DVD owners won't be left out. Otherwise, it'll look like Lucasfilm is trying to milk the fans for all they're worth. But Lucas wouldn't dream of doing something like THAT, right? ;-) (by Darth_Invidious)


Bad idea for US to pay for free advertising, but smart of them to get us to. (by Wesman)

I bought the DVD because I loved the movie, not because of "exclusive material". Having said that, I don't think Lucasfilm understands how few people actually own a DVD-ROM. I wish I did, but it simply isn't in the budget. Perhaps the "Mystery" trailer will be made available to all Star Wars fans at a later date. I know I would love to see it. (by El Diablo)

I have the dvd, and a pc dvd-rom drive and i still can't access the dvd features. The dvd instructions don't even say how to use the dvd-rom content. Oh well, at least i saw both trailers, and they look great. Can't wait for AOTC. I hope it's just as great as the others! (by wicket)

It was meant to be something to make people that already have the VHS buy the DVD, but they've already gotten hours of material - they don't need something else. I think the trailer will be one of the only really exclusive content, so it's not that bad, something to make people who are on the edge decide to buy it, but if there was any more, then it would just be stupid. People are buying the dvd for the movie and content. And besides its not fair to people, who dont have a dvd-rom (by R2-Z2)

I was happy to see Lucas put up a site for Mac. I loved the trailer, and I'm looking forward to the movie itself (GREAT last line! Is it obvious that Lucas got help with dialogue :) (by Doug C.)

I think the trailer is great but the short breater trailer was more suspenseful. i don't agree with all those who say the dvd only material is just an obvious marketing ploy. Lucas is trying to get a community feeling among the fans and the dvd owners just get an extra bonus, you don't have to get the dvd. The dvd also contains bonus documentary material, is that a marketing ploy or just making a great product better! Can't wait till May 2002 but until now I will enjoy all the teaser material. (by TJ Carrieri)

Hey, I think it's a good way for them to make money, and to not let the WHOLE world in on the deal. Besides, if they wanted to see the preview so bad, they could just go get the DVD. (by Caslin)

While I am grateful to LucasFilm for their generosity to fans, especially online, I think the exclusive content idea is a failure. I think it's wrongheaded and counterproductive to make your most faithful customers jump through hoops just to see an *advertisement*! (by Toryn Farr)

Clunky and poorly-implemented. It took me 2 hours to first view it, and after that it would sometimes work, sometimes crash, and sometimes refuse to work in any way, shape or form. The InterActual browser just doesn't seem a solid piece of software. It was also disappointing that the trailer could not be downloaded. (by Roliver)

I am not sure how I feel about the trailer only available to those who own the DVD. As I am one of the fortunate souls who own it and have a DVD Rom on my computer, I can't speak to being left out in the cold. As for the trailer, I like how it hasn't been plastered everywhere (yet). I think keeping access limited is a good idea, keeps the movie from getting overexposed to early. (by Gaviem)


The content is good, but the delivery is less than desirable. The initial fallout with Mac users not being able to access the DVD content has hurt LucasFilm's reputation, not to mention the Interactual web browser is buggy and often causes system crashes. (by Dexter Sy)

I think the Mystery trailer was wonderful. I was amazed at the pace and the effects.The slave1 in the astroid field was neat. I agree Lucas should allow the trailer to be viewed on the regular site after a few weeks. I rented the dvd today to see the trailer. (by Popeye the sailor man)

I think that its is a good idea, but it should be much more than what it has. they spend untold money to make a commerical to promote the dvd exclusive, and have a few pictures, some promise of more trailers, and a couple moving pictures in QT? I don't think so! (by luis)

I think its a fine idea to give the DVD owners something extra. Im sure LF will turn it completely public at some time. I disagree with the people complaining about needing a DVD-ROM drive. What if the trailer is just on the internet- then LF discriminates against anyone w/o a computer and a net connection. Sure, that's a much wider audience. IMHO, so long as they put this stuff out there for public consumption at some point, it's OK by me. You've gotta have incentives... (by I'm Not George Lucas)

I think that it is a great idea. The mystery trailer was rocking, but the picture almost looks too clear. Episode II looks a lot different than the other episodes. (by DarthBinks)

Don't have a DVD Rom so I think it's totally unfair. (by Catherine)

It's the most fun I've had with a DVD-Rom since...since... well, ever... (by BirBear)

Whoever likes starwars enough to know the new stuff on episode 2, should own the dvd, but it should be made so that anyone who's seen it (even rented it) on their computer, is able to get onto the website, regardless of if they permanently own the dvd. (by ali)

It was great, but after we watched it twice we got an error message and couldn't watch it again. Every time I try to reload the large format I get an error. I loaded the small format and it worked , but wasn't the same. I wish there was some way to download it and save it. I'm sure there must be, but why make it so difficult? My brother in law is a programmer and he was having problems. (by Jedidavid)

I think it is great to see a special trailer for those of us who dished out ?20 of well earned cash for the DVD. I have no qualms about it being for those who have the DVD only. (by Skyforger)


Although the Mystery trailer is excellent, I am disapointed in the physical size of the image (Especially since the Large size is not working properly. (by Keith Franklin)

The preview is great. Exactly what we, the hardcore fans and non-believers alike, needed to see. Its delivery, however, is shameful. "Breathing" would have been a more appropriate preview for the DVD while "Mystery" belongs on the silver screen. But, it's George's baby and he can do what he wants. Don't like it? Go make your own movie. (by Womprat)

I am of the opinion that the DVD content is a mixed blessing. On one hand it's great to be able to see the new trailer and video, on the other it's a shot in the arm to Star Wars fans around the world who have bought the DVD but do not own a DVD-ROM drive or the like. I do not understand the strategy behind it especially when there are hundreds of thousands of fans who are just as eager for a new trailer and images as the rest of us. It seems this decision robs many people. (by Jaime M. Prater)

Great idea. The trailer is wonderful and I'm more excited about Ep II than ever, but the execution was horrible. I've read far too many posts about people having issues with the Interactual Player, specifically it's integration with Quicktime and also the ITX plug-in failing to load, that it's clear that this may not have been the best way to do it. Along with the Mac owner's complaints (and while I understand, ENOUGH! Sheesh!), I hope Lucasfilm re-thinks the use of proprietary technology. (by Jeff Messer)

I think it's a great marketing tool but I really believe that the content should be avaliable to everyone not just DVD owners. (by Darth Slade)

I was a bit disappointed with the Episode II Preiviews. I suppose I was expecting too much. But now that I think about it, this way of introducing new snapshots is rather ingenious. I look forward to seeing what else The Official Site has in store for this ground-breaking movie event! (by Tim Piper)

I think it is a good idea. I own the Dvd so naturally I'm happy, but I do think it's unfair if you don't own the Dvd. It's like the message from Lucas is, spend more money and you'll be rewarded. As if being a fan isn't enough. I say make the content available to everyone!! (by Ben)

starwars.com and Lucas can do what they want, but I think they are disregarding a large number of fans that don't have DVD-ROM drives and are frustrated at not being able to see the special stuff. (by Robert Thomson)

It's just another scheme to make more money for GL. There isn't even that much, there's a preview, a trailor and a few pics. Nuttin to go out and buy a ?20 dvd for! (by jamnl)

Thought the trailer was excellent. Nice to see some much needed sarcasm. Lucas is after the big bucks, but I don't blame him. (by Bob the Slob)

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