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EPI DVD - What do you make of the exclusive content available to DVD-Rom owners at the official site?


The exclusive DVD content is short-sighted and not a positive step for fans. I have purchased the Phantom Menace DVD, but I do not have a DVD ROM drive. Should I not have access to the content? Should not everyone have access to an advertisment for their film? (by Joel)

Unfortunately I havnt seen it yet & it doesn't look like im going to. I can't get my interactual player to work meaning I can't play the dvd. It says I haven't got a suitable decoder or something like that & need to upgrade, but when I try to download an upgrade version of IAP again from the website, I can't read the instructions cos there's either nothing on the screen, or all small boxes & symbols! (by Jason Martin)

If they really wanted only the DVD owners to have access to the commercial, they should have held back the release of the DVD. I mean, what's the rush after waiting for so long? It's a money grab. (by Morm)

I have no money left to buy a dvd rom drive. Anybody wanna trade my $2000 collection of boxed set tapes, toys, games, books, and a subcscription to the insider for a dvd rom drive?? (by jediMasterVernal)

I like the idea...however the basis is wrong. Not all fans have a DVD player, and don't have the money to run out and buy one for their PC. If it was a subsription or the like I would not see any problems with it. Not to mention it really is just one big ad for the Ep. 1 DVD. Gimme a break! (by Indy)

I've got the DVD, but I have no intention of purchasing a DVD ROM drive for my PC. There is no exclusive software on DVD format that matters to me, and I would never consider watching DVD movies on my PC instead of my entertainment center. These types of extras don't reward those who purchased the DVD (the DVD extras are reward enough already), instead they reward those who purchased DVD ROM drives. I'd like to see "exclusive" DVD ROM content go away forever. (by Brian)

I think it's a bad idea, those who own the DVD but don't have a DVD drive can't see the files. Who cares if we own the DVD or not? We should still be able to view the footage!! (by Matthew Tarling)

All trailers so far are stunning. "Mystery" really sums up what a great movie AOTC is going to be. However many of my friends who have bought the dvd of Ep 1 don't have a DVD rom drive. It's terrible that they can't access the fabulous trailer. It should be available for everybody. (by JD)

I think it's great that Lucasfilm wanted to add a perk for those of us who got bent over 4 times with TPM (2 soundtracks, 2 times for home video), but the trailer should have been included on the DVD itself. I don't have a DVD ROM, and this is really only the first time I've felt left out for not having one...not that I didn't see the trailer through other means... (by Jedi Duck)

No, I believe it was a horrible idea to put the Mystery trailer as an exclusive to DVD-Rom users. I work at a Best Buy and I asked every and anyone if the had a DVD-Rom and all said no. That is because we all have DVD PLAYERS!!! Not DVD-Rom drives. And that is really sad that as I have been a fan of Star Wars for many years and even when it was thought to be dead. I spent the same amount of money on the DVD as anyone else and because I don't have the technology I can't watch it. And furthermore, remember when George Lucas was limited to his story telling 20 years ago because of technology? You would think he would have considered that for his fans who can't appreciate his story or content of because of the same reason.(by Darth Rage)


Some of us who don't want to watch DVD movies on our tiny computer monitors are incensed that we don't get to see this second trailer. Not incensed enough to boycott the movie though. Lucas knows this. Even the horrible title isn't enough to make me boycott the movie. I'll see this trailer eventually though. (by Ravi)

I own a Mac, so I have no clue. Grr... (by Mark)

I find this move horribly bad on Lucasfilms part. First of all, this trailer could have been easily included in the Ep 1 DVD. The release date between the DVD and the " Mystery " trailer was less than a month! That being said, I have no doubt that Lucas and friends could have pushed the dvd release back a few weeks and included this trailer in the extras content. While I love SW, it is truly disheartening when you realise what you never wanted to accept - Lucas cares more about money than the fan (by Timponobi)

I don't like the idea of having to install and use the InterActual player. I don't want unnessary software on my computer. (by nickpowers101)

It's a reasonably good idea, but a little too elitist for my tastes. Plus the Interactual software is awful it crashes every few minutes (by Brian)

There should be something more than just an AWESOME trailer for the hype. (by Mister Invisible)

The content is very insubstantial for a feature that was so hyped, only the trailers are really of interest and thanks to the utterly woeful Interactual software, it's quite difficult to get it working. Why not have it accessible through Internet Explorer with a personalised password, because George wants some more money to roll in! I feel that Lucas should at least have chosen a more reliable company (by Lawrance)

After viewing the Dvd-Rom trailer, EP2 looks like a 2 hour screen saver. I am so disappointed by the extensive and almost sole reliability on CG graphics. What would otherwise be redemptive effort for EPI has turned into nothing more than cut scenes from any Star Wars PC or consol games. As far as exclusive DVD-Rom content, I agree with other comments that the trailer was nothing so special to be exclusive to Dvd owners. (by Tyler Durden)

It's great - when the stupid InterActual Player Works!!! (by Maynord)

I think that it's a really cool idea, I've never seen anything like that before! It's wicked! (by Supreme Chancellor Tom)


I thought it was the absolute BOMB! I watched it over 25 times, and I still long for it. I wish it was available to every Star Wars Fan though, it doesn't seem at all right to me. I think they should have more never before seen pictures from Episode II with the DVD though. But anyways...awesome job George! You made us all raise our hopes!! (by JediJen)

The idea was good, however the execution was flawed. I'm a dedicated fan, I've purchased every version of every SW movie. Unfortunately, I do not have a DVD ROM so I get spanked a little by lucas. Lucas should worry less about martketing and more about movie making. (by Bucky)

Only problem I found was the browser was way too slow! And I have DSL too (by DarthDave1)

"It's not fair!" (In Luke's whiny voice) (by dianoga)

I think overall the content has been very good. The 'Choices' video was very cool, and those pictures set to Leia's Theme really sent chills down my spine. Then, of course, the 'Mystery' teaser, which was just awesome. Overall, cool. There could be more, but the DVD has only been out for a month, and they've already given us our first exclusive snippets of actual dialogue, etc. (by CE Brigden)

It would have been a good marketing strategy, had the DVD browser software not decided to crash on me every time I tried to load the DVD-exclusive preview. Then, when it finally loaded the video, I got no sound because I apparently needed the wango tango plugin to view it. (by Aaron McCray)

An obvious marketing ploy. I have a DVD player so I don't need a DVD-ROM. I hope the trailer is released to the rest of the world next weekend. (by Daniel)

I have a DVD player, the TPM DVD, a good computer, internet access and a starwars.com membership, yet can't see this extra content as my computer doesn't have a DVD-ROM drive!!! (by Bryan Orr)

I am quite disappointed actually. I have a DVD player, I bought the DVD of Ep 1 and LOVED it, but since my computer does not have a DVD ROM, I feel like I am missing out on something special, and from what I have READ it sure sounds like I am. All because I opted to get a DVD player rather than a DVD-Rom. (by Lazerman)

It's a horrible idea, made worse by corrupt files that crash caomputers and the inability to save the file (if you get a good one). (by Dave)


I think this is hilarious. Yet again, the so called fans are bashing Lucas. Btw, I've had no problem dling each from dvd.starwars.com. I'm sure if George had put it on the official site normal, people would have bitched about something. Get a life. Trailer wise, both Breathing and Mystery were superb, especially the ending of Mystery which had a real Han/Luke dynamic to it (by JangoSkywalker)

I think the exclusive DVD content was a great success and a good idea. The episode 2 trailer and the choices film are both great, and it is good that fans can see them without having to visit movie theatres to see films you dont really want to see. I think most fans would like more in the way of photo material from Episodes 2 and possibly 3 in the future, and maybe some behind the scenes stories. The only real criticism I have is that we can't actually download the trailer. Apart from that - great!! (by Joe)

Overall very good. Anakin's acting seemed a little stiff, but i think that has more to do with the character than the actor. The effects looked excellent and I can't wait to see more. (by Frank Sabatino)

It really annoys me. I don't have a DVD-ROM drive, I can't afford one and I would have to replace my computer to get one because it can't be upgraded to DVD. It's also extremely frustrating that the trailers and videos are in QuickTime format exclusively, Quicktime doesn't run well on my machine. The ploy of requiring QuickTime Pro to view the full size trailer is just sleazy, the FAQ on the official site is pathetic and transparent marketing, whoever wrote that should be a politician. 've been a Star Wars fan since I first saw Episode IV in 1977, the way the trailers are being handled is taking the excitement out of Episode II for me(by Dunes)

It's strange that a few weeks after the DVD release we get the trailers for episode 2 and are expected to pay for at least one of them! I say pay, you have to have a really good QT player which I cannot afford. Why was it a web page can be created and the material not put onto the second disc anyhow? Overall, at present it seems the DVD-Rom has a 2-tier mechanism at work, with the extremists the only ones able to see anything of the new movie! This ain't fair! (by Martin Balm)

I finally saw it last night and loved it but, but think it was *too* exclusive. I bought the DVD but I have a stand alone player and couldn't access the website until I went to a friend's house. (by Seth)

I think everyone should quit their whining. Don't you all realize that the Mystery trailer was created FOR the DVD/DVD-ROM people? it's not the main trailer, that comes out a measly 7 days later. Cool it all. You'll all get to see the main trailer which will be much better then Mystery. Why all the complaints?? Hundreds of DVDs have featured web sites with exclusive features, only available to those with DVD ROMS. I've seen no complaints until now. Just calm down. (by SpecialFXKid)

It sucks owning the DVD and not having a DVD-ROM on your PC to get to the site. (by DarkLordFtT)

I think it's not really fair for people who don't have a DVD player on their comp and the ones who can't offord a TPM DVD (by Patrick)

I think it's a cool idea, but what about the people like me who are still stuck with a crummy old VCR? I'm not gonna go buy a DVD player or a DVD-ROM just to see the "Mystery" Trailer. I feel robbed. I guess we have to suffer while the others live in their bliss. (by KevinM)


I love it, although I think there should be much more stuff. The trailer was a very nice touch, but I would be happier if it were updated more often, and with more stuff. (by Dazilla)

I don't think it's a good idea, cause I went all over town to get DVD-ROM drive... does Lucas have any companies in the DVD-ROM buizness, I don't think so, so why is the interest in all this??!!! PLUS he could make has much money by having those contents for everyone to see... If I liked it?? sure, I LOVED IT !! but it's not the good way to go !! (by Adrien.M)

I think it is an exellent idea, more value for the DVD I bought. However, I think major things like the "Mystery" trailer should have been widely availiable. Why should we have to pay to see a commercial? (by Adam Lenhardt)

I think that Lucasfilm has potentially upset a very loyal fan base. Not everyone has an up-to-date computer with DVD-Rom technology. Quite a few people have DVD's and I agree that those who purchased the DVD should have a "bonus." Unfortunately, it is the many fans who purchase the trilogy on VHS 3 times to have it, the fans that wait in lines to purchase toys, the fans who purchase the SW Insider that should count, and many of them don't have a DVD-Rom. Great idea, poor execution. (by gavidoc)

I had hoped for more, but at least we got the important thing. Episode 2 Mystery. (by Kevin Wells)

If lucas wants a dvd-owner-sub-site, he should do something like a password inside the TPM dvd, or a "prouf of purchase" thing !! (by Adrien.M)

I think that it is something that everyone should be able to experience, not just DVD-Rom owners. (by Jay)

The trailer rocks, but the site has been experiencing technical difficulties LFL was not prepared for the overload of viewers. (by jdpv)

I bought the DVD, I don't have a DVD-ROM drive, so I can't see the trailer. Hopefully Lucas will stick all these trailers onto the EP2 DVD. (by Ben)

I think the exclusive content is a fabulous idea! It's about time that we, the people who spend the money on the DVD, are rewarded with something. I understand that a lot of people don't have DVD-ROM's, but hey, this was one reason why I finally went out and purchased one. I don't regret it one bit. Technology cannot be held back because some people won't upgrade their systems. So keep on it Lucasfilm! And Thanks!! (by jaredb1)

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