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EPI DVD - What do you make of the exclusive content available to DVD-Rom owners at the official site?


Extras on a DVD are great. Online add-ons for DVD's like behind the scenes clips are good. Using a trailer, an advertisement for a future movie, as exclusive content is silly. Trailers are supposed to advertise a movie to the public. Lucasfilm is making it difficult for people to download, watch and save an advertisement. It has nothing to do with rewarding true fans. You can't expect all loyal fans to have the hardware needed to access this video. (by Poggle)

I think that what belongs to the fans, should be available to the fans. That means ALL trailers and official news should be free in its purest form and it should not require the use of a beforehand purchase and a dvd player to access. (by Christopher Harvey)

I gotta say, the 'Mystery' trailer got me salivating, much more so than 'Breathing' did. Not bad. Not bad at all. (by Drak Tanner)

I think the idea of the exclusive content is fine. However, since I own a Mac I cannot access the content which I think is shorsighted on the part of Lucas Liscencing or whoever made the decision on this. For as much as Lucasfilm and Apple have worked together on putting the trailers online, Apple seems to have gotten the short stick on this one. If you're going to do something like this, you should make sure that everyone with a DVD-ROM, not just IBM clone owners, can use. (by Michael Billotte)

I don't like the fact that even though I bought the DVD, because I don't have a DVD ROM, only a ps2 and a DVD player, I can't share in the exclusive content. (by Brandon Gheen)

Totally ridiculous! Basically fans who do not have the money or other wherewithall to own a DVD-ROM are being "penalized". Making the trailer accessible only to a select few is very unfair. The idea of being able to link through the DVD is very clever, and if you are a Star Wars fan, you'd have the DVD anyway, even not owning a DVD player as of yet. I will admit that VHS is slowly going the way of cassette tapes, but the DVD-ROM idea was clever, just not very well thought out. (by Wolfie)

The trailer is good, but you should be able to view it on a home DVD player. The trailer would look better through a home theater system. It also makes it easier for people w/o a DVD in their PC. (by Eric)

What do I make of it? I don't know, I don't own a DVD-ROM drive, however, I have spent umpteen thousands, on mister Lucas's little operation over the past 25 or so years, not to mention, 20 bucks for his new DVD. (by jjdubecky)

Who wants to be more millionaire??, G. Lucas: - I want.- Who wants to be more billionaire??, G.Lucas: - I want...- (Everybody singin?...) (by RoyBatty)

It's frustrating - Even though I have a laptop with DVD player, I can't access the exclusive content because I own a Mac. (by Brian)


I hate feeling I have to buy new things (DVD Rom drive, X-Box) to keep up with the newest/coolest SW things. I just wish it was available to everyone. The Mystery teaser ROCKS! (by Dex1138)

I think it is a GREAT idea even it is a kind of marketing scheme. But there should be a kind of advantages of having a Special edition Star Wars I -TPM DVD! GREAT trailer of "Mystery" (by David Skywalker Storoy)

Terrible. This along with paying $30 for QuickTime Pro to see the "large" trailers goes beyond greed. The trailers should be for all to see. (by George)

I'm annoyed that even though I own the DVD I am FORCED to own a dvd-rom to see this trailer. This sucks (by Steve)

I have the DVD but like tonnes of other people, I don't have a DVD-ROM, that SUCKS. (by Justin)

I think it sucks. Reason why? Well I have the dvd and it rocks, but I only have a dvd player for using with your tv. I don't have a dvd-rom. (by Horry)

If the whole movie lives up to this trailer, we are in for the best Star Wars thrill ride to date. The Coruscant chase scene looks absolutely amazing. I can not wait for May 2002! Anyone sense an air of tension between Anakin and Obi Wan in the last scene? "Good job!" (by Padawan Pavo)

I love the idea of exclusive content, it kinda makes me feel special. I actually didn't even know about the exclusive content before I bought the DVD. However, I do agree that the content needs to be updated on a regular basis, though I can imagine that it must be difficult to update all the web sites, ie starwars.com, lucasarts.com, and the dvd site. (by MerrillBC)

I'm totaly fine with it. I'm tired of all the whining about "exclusive content". Just like anything, be it a fan club or whatever, certian things get you certian privileges. That's life. Deal with it. (by Viceroy Craig)

It sucks to have the DVD but not a DVD-ROM player, there should have been an option (like get a individual password or something.) (by Dagger)


Once we've downloaded the trailers, we should be able to watch them offline. (by Mark Watkins)

It sucks ass because I only have cd drive in computer & a dvd player that is not connected to my computer, so even though I bought the disc on day 1 - I miss out! (by Mal)

I couldn't even get on the dvd's site. I still just keep getting dvd error and have checked everything over, and still dvd error with jar jar's smug gungan face grinning at me. (by justgo fett)

There needs to be more stuff!!! (by Chris)

I am a Macintosh user. I find the lack of faith Lucas has shown in Apple disturbing. Quicktime, Apple, and Lucasfilm have a symbiotic relationship. Well, at least they use to!l (by Darth Iniquity)

Kudos to StarWars.com for allowing Macintosh uses to view the "Mystery" trailer. Request: go the extra mile and allow us to view the Episode I material! (by Darth Glendor)

I don't have a dvd rom in my old iMac here and think that the Mystery trailer should be made available to everyone. A smarter move would have been to include this trailer on the dvd itself so everyone could have seen it. (by Sue)

It SUCKS. If you're going to be exclusive, then at least use software that won't break the computers of 75% of your clients! (by Matt Simmons)

The Trailer is awesome, its total nonsense that you cant download it though. Just enough to keep you hungry for more. (by Antonio)

We spend way too much of our money on SW toys and merchandising, to have to run out and buy a DVD just to see what we deserve to see for being dedicated fans. How much money is enough for LFL? (by TereN)


"Mystery" is absolutely fantastic. I have no problems with it being attached dvd only site. the only problem I have is reading about everyone complaining. "I don't have a dvd rom drive" "no support for macintosh" "i can't save the trailer" "actualplayer is crap". If it's so crap, how come on my player it automatically saved it, and now in 3 seconds I can load up the page and watch it without downloading it again? Stop complaining. It's a great idea. (by Hunter Michaels)

As an avid Star Wars fan who shelled out $30 (Cdn) for the Episode I DVD, but is not willing to buy a DVD ROM (cause I already have a DVD player for my TV), I don't think it's that fair; especially after I've seen the amazing quality of the "Mystery" traier compared to the "Breathing" trailer. This type of content should be available to everyone, and same goes for allowing the trailers to be saved by everyone. (by Razzberry)

Typical Lucas money grubbing nothing more. If you dont pay for it, you cant have it. It's cheap and greedy. Just another way for him to increase sales of the dvd, fans who didn't buy cause they don't like movie, are now conflicted because it holds the key to footage of ep2. I have not bought the dvd, and i will not buy it, ever. (by randy decker)

I think it is fantastic a little reward for the fans who own the DVD. Yes it is a pain if you don't have a DVD and Internet access. However, I don't. Yet I still found a way through a friend to view the Mystery Trailer and I think the whole idea is great! (by Darth Crow)

Gobsmacking!! The new trailer is totally awesome. Roll on May 2002!!! (by Dazy the Hutt)

I thought the exclusive content was great and worth what I paid for. It's not lucasfilm that's greedy, it's the ravenous fans who have the patience of toddlers. It's sad that the fan base of star wars has become full of whiners and nit-pickers. (by Oregon)

I'm pretty annoyed about it. I own the DVD, however I don't have a DVD-ROM drive in my computer so I can't see it (by Matt)

While I am absolutely thrilled with the DVD and the new teaser trailer, I am not so thrilled that I am being handicapped by not having a DVD-Rom drive on my PC in order to view the latest offerings. Perhaps I can sell some of my huge collection in order to buy a drive and once again be considered a "true" fan... (by Hilmeister)

It is simply amazing! If your computer can play DVDs then I can not urge you enough to go out and buy TPM DVD to see this awesome trailer! (by Dark Camel)

Unfortunately, the InterActual browser is buggy and the trailer is not save-able, so the servers are bogged down from repeat viewings that could easily be done offline. Would that compomise the security of the trailer? Sure. But didn't we already get our money's worth?!? This is another slap in the face to the fans. I bought the DVD, but I'm certainly not paying $30 for a media player to watch 2 minutes of video. (by Mike Henderson)


It sent shivers throughout my body!!!!! (by eCurser)

I think it is entirely unfair that you have to be connected to the Internet in order to view the entire "Mystery" trailer, because not *all* people have online access! As with many people here on this forum, I believe there should have been a key (or keys, for future surprises) to use in order to access the full potential of the "TPM" DVD. Other than those gripes, I thought it was a brilliant trailer (after taking me over an hour to get it loaded following 3 InterActual DVD player crashes). (by Red Five)

I believe that the dvd trailer should have been put out into theaters for the fans, and saved the Breathing trailer for the dvd site, because the Mystery trailer was so much better than breathing (by kevin button)

It's probably pretty cool stuff, unfortunately for me, i own a Macintosh - which is incompatible with that site. Funny how Lucas joined with Quicktime, which is owned by Apple? (by Toddw)

It surpassed my expectations! The coolest part was Obi-Wan jumping out the window! Go Obi! (by BJ)

The trailer was great! However, they should have just delayed the Ep 1 DVD release until December, and include the Trailers. People with set-top DVD players should have had the right to see Mystery if they bought the DVD. (by Chris Henry)

I must admit, I am more than a bit upset at Lucas for putting a DVD only site up. I have bought many star wars products including vhs and dvd versions of phantom menace which I love. I also saw the film many times at the theatre. I have a DVD player, but not a DVD rom. I am very much looking forward to this film. The idea of creating haves and have nots when launching what is a promotion for a product is unfair, and will backfire and create ill feelings toward Lucas's company. (by sigggy)

It's just another lame marketing ploy. I'd really like to see it, but it isn't worth going out and buying the Ep I DVD for. (by TBobJohnson)

Lucasfilm have become so profit-hungry that it spoils the fun of the movies. The Phantom Menace trailer was free, and received a huge (3.5 million) response - so of course there's money to be made, right? Very disappointing. When did the release of trailers go from being an advertisment for a movie, to a miniature movie off which profit can be made?? (by Maul's Other Half)

This stinks. DVD-ROM drives are still not common enough. The vast majority of fans who buy the Episode I DVD will not have access to thie DVD-ROM content, and are therefore feeling cheated and left "out of the loop". (by James Addams)

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