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The Cutting Room Floor Page 11

Maul Getting Anxious

Jon adds this cutscene: When Obi-Wan's by the final force field in the showdown, before he duels Maul, there was a cool part after Maul activates his saber. He spins and moves to the right, spinning his saber in the process, right before the force field deactivates. In the movie, you can see him still moving to the right, and his light saber now on his right, instead of infront and some what to the left. In the ep 1 game for the PC, I think it's the load game thing. Hover the mouse over it, and you can see the entire scene, uncut.

Love Triangle

I found this little fact in the Insider's Guide. While it was a little obvious in the book about this, I still found it cool for LucasArts to mention it. The screenshot says it all:

Characer Development Cut

Dan DeLeeuw talks about this cut series in more of an editorial form, and he's got some good points, so we've reprinted it here from his email:

What I found lacking in the movie, but found throughout the multiple drafts in the Insiders' Guide were the many references to the prejudices of the Gungans and humans. There is a cursory level still evident in the movie, but in the Insider's Guide however, Amidala tries to stop Jar Jar from boarding her ship. (Scene 22 - racial tension button) This is a great set up for the animosity between the two cultures, and why they won't fight together. This is also the perfect foundation for Palpatine's eventual human superiority of the Empire, alien extermination and enslavement. He's from a planet that treats aliens as inferiors, a feeling he promotes and builds into the Empire. While the celebrated point of Star Wars has always been lo-tech overcoming hi-tech, the other common ground is racism. The rebels won because they united with aliens. Amidala won because she overcame her prejudices, bowed to Boss Nass, and said the humans of Naboo are not greater than the Gungans.

You might say the the Queen should not be racist, but this does give her character a chance to grow. It adds room for the character development which TPM lacks. The characters are the same at the end of the movie as they are at the beginning. Ben has some elements of this racism, but you never really see him overcome his feelings, nor is he reprimanded for them. Follow this thread -> Anakin has near prophet abilities(makes him kind of spooky/magical, adds character depth) -> he befriends Jar Jar(Instructs him in life and fear, adds depth the story) -> Jar Jar talks to the Queen about the gods and pain( adds character depth) -> Queen asks Gungans for help(adds character depth) Their is a thread that is missing from the story. The original trilogy taught the audience to avoid hate. This made the trilogy more than just movies. TPM had that element it too, but it was cut. Just reading the Insider's guide makes me wonder what Lucas was thinking. The earlier versions of the script had a depth and passion that the final one does not. Whatever happened in the the revision process should be eliminated for Ep. 2 and 3. George should know to always go with your first instinct. It's usually the best.

Is this it?

Well, actually this is only the beginning. We want you to find more cut scenes and ! Not only will you get credit on TFN, you'll be making this website better for others!

Will we ever get to see this stuff?

In addition to 'The Cutting Room Floor' series we've been running, we've just received word from a credible source that many scenes cut from Episode I will return in a DVD limited edition release. Reportedly, they want to change it enough to give people more of an incentive to buy the DVD even if they have seen it in the theater and own it on video.

And as always, remember this is a rumor (hence the purple font), and expect more soon. . .

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