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The Cutting Room Floor Page 7

Jar Jar and the Remote

Insider Ianmalcm shared this TPM-related info as well from his evening with Ben Burtt in November 1999.

In pre-production, Burtt's son played Anakin in most of the animatic sequences. And in watching some of those animatics, we were told that a scene was cut early on where JarJar and another alien fight over the "TV" controls while watching the podrace on the monitor.

Where's the Blockade?

This one is unconfirmed, but came from several sources. As they approach Naboo for a second time, Obi-Wan says, "The war's over, no need for it now" after Panaka says "the blockade's gone". It was deleted because they war had just begun. No great loss, the scene worked fine without it. This line explains a lot! One of the biggest complaints with the ending battle is that the dozens of ships making up the blockade have disappeared for no apparent reason. Only one capital ship remains and it is too easily overcome when there should have still been many more. Some have suggested this is a 'must put back' in for the TPM Director's Cut, if such a thing were to exist. On an interesting note, the novelization explains that the ships are gone because they already have control of the planet. No need for additional ships. They couldn't put more back into a special edition because the war is won when Anakin blows up the one ship. If there were more, they'd be screwed.

Anakin Following the Qui-Gon

Here's a shot that isn't in TPM that appeared in the Vanity Fair promotional issue last winter. It's not known whether again the shot was primarily just for promotion or maybe intended for the big screen, either way it's totally cool. Perhaps it's when Qui-Gon has just struck down the Sith Probe Droid and he's deciding what to do? Interesting possibilities ...

Borrowing the Eopies

Remember when Qui-Gon leaves to return and pick up Anakin, He's riding on a horse like animal and holding the reigns of a second one (for Anakin to ride back on, I thought). Yet Qui-Gon and Anakin are shown walking back to the Queen's ship when they are attracted by Maul. So, what happened to the horse like animals? Where they given to Shimi? Stolen? Where they injured and left behind? Interesting note, but there is no mention of them in the novel. Good observation, and the again the novelization comes into play: It shows that Qui-Gon has borrowed the Eeopies and is returning them. That's why they walk back. They run back to the ship because after Anakin leaves his mother, a Sith probe droid spots them and Qui-Gon slashes it with his saber. They then rush back to the ship, which is why they are running.

Madison Lloyd as Princess Ellie

We all read long ago and even more recently like in the Premier TPM issue that Jake Lloyd's sister, Madison, was supposed to be playing Princess Ellie in TPM. No one had reported seeing her in it, so was she cut or was she just in the background and no one's seen her yet? Actually, the character is never mentioned in the 3rd draft of the script. It was funny when those rumors started to pop up we tried to find out how she fit in, but no one knew. Now we know she is a character related to the Queen in the background, and did NOT end up under the feet of the editors. She's in it! At the very end in the parade scene, she's standing right behind Jake Lloyd! She's there!

Jedi Speed

When the destroyers appear in the film version, I think we see a different force power than the ability to hide that was in the screenplay draft. In the filmed version, we see Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon move incredibly fast as the Destroyers open fire the second time. Then, as they sprint down the hall, they seem to flicker. I think this is the film version of the "force speed" power shown in Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith. So it isn't "force hide" but it is something -- and something we haven't seen in a movie before, to boot. I am not sure how many people notice this, though. The script says the Jedi are no where to be seen, then MATERIALIZE at the other end of the hallway. Neato. It's not cut, it's in there. Also others have pointed out their desire to have OBI-WAN use that same speed to get past the beam doors near the end of the movie to fight MAUL with QUI-GON. Oh well. . .

Switch to Bio

Also, at the beginning, during the Jedi's first skirmish with the destroyers, a bit of dialogue was cut from the third draft screenplay. In the script, the destroyers lose track of the Jedi and one of them says, "Switch to bio." Evidently, the Jedi were able to cloak themselves from the visual spectrum but not their heat signature. I think it would have been interesting to see this aspect of their power. The dialogue sounds somehow familiar. . . interesting.

Gasgano Podracing Ability

Right after Mawhonic's (the Ree-Yees) racer crashes, Anakin begins to catch up with the other contenders. One of the drivers, Gasgano, won't let Anakin by. Anakin tries to pass him on one side, but is cut off. He then tries to pass him on the other side and is again cut off. As they come up on a cliff drop-off, Anakin backs off, then guns it as Gasgano goes over the cliff. Anakin accelerates so fast that he sails right over the top of Gasgano and speeds away. This would've been a cool scene to include - Gasgano should've gotten more screen time, and at least this would explain why he gets an action figure before the other racers. :)

Yoda Speaks

In the scene where they agree to test the boy, Yoda has the last word in the screenplay, not Mace Windu. Something to the effect of "Tested he will be". Cut.

The Not so Clumsy Side of Jar Jar

Jar Jar, in the on Coruscant asks the Queen why the gods invented pain. The queen responds, "To motivate us I guess." This sequence hit the net months ago, and was cut from the movie. It may have helped add some depth to Jar Jar.

The Code forbits it

In the screenplay Mace says "We forbid it" when Qui-Gon attempts to take on Anakin as his apprentice. In the movie he says "THE CODE forbids it". That's a pretty big difference. One suggests that the council decides these procedures the other maintains a long standing tradition.

Is Obi-Wan ready to be a Jedi?

In the screenplay, Yoda says "ready so early, are you" after Obi-Wan suggests he is ready to take the trials. Yoda later says "More to learn, he has". This makes it sound like he has a great deal more to learn and couldn't possibly become a jedi knight by movie's end. The deletion of these lines were probably intended to make it more conceivable for Obi-Wan to arise to the level of knight in the end. Kinda makes you wonder about Episode II.

Novel Explanation of C-PO

In contradiction to the familiar sequence from the script and screenplay where the '3' is added in C-3PO's name because it was Padme's favorite number, in comes this novelization report: On Tatooine, Watto sends Anakin out to get some new droids from the Jawas because, "Anakin had traded on Watto's behalf, and the Toydarian knew that the boy was good at this, too." C-3PO goes with him - and the book mentions that he Anakin added the "3" to his name "because the droid made the third member of his little family after his mother and himself."

Jar Jar and Jabba

In the scene where Anakin helps Jar Jar from Sebulba, in the movie Anakin mentions that Jar Jar is "connected" and a "big time outlander." But, in the book, he adds, "Careful, this one's very well connected. Connected - as in Hutt."

I'm going to marry you

Next, in the scene where Padme and Anakin meet - right after the Jar Jar problem with the droid, in which Anakin tells him to "Hit the nose" to stop the mayhem - Anakin tells Padme, "I'm going to marry you." Padme doesn't say anything at first and then Anakin continues with, "I mean it." She says, "You are an odd one (laughing). Why do you say that?" He says, "I guess because it's what I believe." She says, "Well, I'm afraid I can't marry you ?" He says, "Anakin". She says, "Anakin, you're just a little boy." He says, "I won't always be."

History of the Sith

The book also gives a history of the Siths. And that the Siths wiped each other out and only one survived - Darth Bane. He developed the idea of only two Siths at a time to prevent internal problems. Lucas has said: "One of the themes throughout the films is that the Sith Lords, when they started out thousands of years ago, embraced the Dark Side. They were greedy and self-centered and they all wanted to take over, so they killed each other. Eventually there was only one left, and that one took on an apprentice. And for thousands of years, the master would teach the apprentice, the master would die, the apprentice would then teach another apprentice, become the master, and so on. But there could never be more than two of them, because if there were, they woud try to get rid of the leader, which is exactly what Vader was trying to do, and that's exactly what the Emperor was trying to do. The Emperor was trying to get rid of Vader, and Vader was trying to get rid of the Emperor. And that is the antithesis of a symbiotic relationship, in which, if you do that, you become cancer, and you eventually kill the host, and everything dies." So does this mean there CAN be more Sith than two? Cool.

Kister and Anakin

When Anakin leaves his mother he also runs into his friend Kister. Kister asks him to stay because he is a hero. Anakin tells him that he leave. Kister says, "Thanks for everything, Annie. You're my best friend." Anakin says, "I won't forget." Again, a possible Episode II direction we may get to explore later.

Kissing Anakin

Also, in the comic adaptation, after the Pod Race, right after Shmi says to Anakin: "it's so wonderful Annie. You have brought hope to those who have none. I'm so very proud of you." and she embraces him, he tells her: "no kisses." It's not in the movie.

Bantha's Scattering After Landing

On card # 41, showing the picture of Darth Maul looking through his binoculars, part of the rear description goes as follows: "The sinister-looking Sith Infiltrator lands on top of a desert mesa at dusk, scattering a herd of banthas." I don't remember seeing any banthas scattering in the movie. Anyone else?

Qui-Gon Helps Obi-Wan

After Qui-Gon is struck down, Obi-Wan and Maul fight out on the catwalks again, and then return to the melting pit. Qui-Gon uses the force to make Obi-Wan stronger and more focused. This helps ease Obi's anger, especially when he is hanging on for dear life in the pit. Qui-Gon prepares him to make the final blow on Maul. So when exactly do we get to see Qui as a Jedi spirit?

More on Jar Jar and the Title

In the screenplay, there is also a shot where the repair droids are heading out, and the one who's head Jar Jar opened bumps right into a wall, indicating that Jar Jar has unwittingly sabotaged the poor droid. Oh boy. . .

Afraid of the Jedi

What about the scene where two battledroids are told to go into a room and eliminate the Jedi? They're told to do it and then suddenly it dawns on them that they are supposed to go after JEDI, the guys who have already hacked and slashed hundreds of their brethren. Once they figure this out they don't go charging in after the Jedi but instead run off in the opposite direction. I'd be afraid myself. . .

Cheating in the Races

A sequence from the novel, which was probably never filmed or intended to be filmed would have been really cool. It also deals with Anakin, during the scene where Obi-Wan and friends are traveling underwater in the bongo, Anakin is sent out in the desert to meet and trade with Jawas, he takes C-3PO along to translate, who rides shotgun in a landspeeder. On the way back home, they are riding through a canyon, slowly with droids in tow, and Anakin spots a hurt Sandperson who appears to have been caught in a rock slide. He stops, and ends up staying all night sitting next to the Tusken Raider, making sure he is allright. The Raider makes no hostile moves, but does not engage in conversation either. In the morning, Anakin awakes to find himself surrounded by Sandpeople, who study him for a few minutes, and then escort their injured comrade away. Anakin then gathers the droids, and continues on home. This scene, again probably never filmed and intentionally only included in the novelization, could have had the injured T. Raider being the one that shoots Sebulba's pod racer allowing Anakin to regain the lead, and win the race. This would also give credit to little Greedo's accusation of Anakin cheating (another cut scene), assuming Anakin told all his friends about his overnight adventure with the Tusken Raider, Greedo would think Anakin convinced the sandpeople to help him win. Again, this was most likely not even filmed, but neat excerpt from the book. Go buy one and give it a read, OK?

Debris Wars

Again from the novelization, during OBI-WAN's battle with DARTH MAUL, both warriors unleash a hail of debris at each other ala Empire Strikes Back. Would have been cool to watch - but I don't think this was ever filmed as there didn't seem to be all that much debris in the melting pit room. One part that did make it is where Maul uses a piece of Debris to open a large door. Cool effects, and may have tied Vader's Force Throw more effectively, but no biggie.

Jedi Steal

As the pod nears it's finish, Qui Gon gives Anakin a power pack to test the pod, and when Anakin asks where he got it from, and Qui Gon mentions he got it from Watto's. "He has less need of it than we" he says, slightly embarrassed. I can easily see this cut. Like a little kid needs to see a venerable Jedi rationalizing theft. Ironic. Someone pointed out a sequence in the novelization of A New Hope, when Obi-Wan and Luke sell his speeder to pay for their transit to Alderaan. This secene is never actually in the movie, except as a reference - "It will be enough." Anyways, in the book Obi-Wan uses the Force to get a better deal in selling the speeder. He turns to Luke and says something to the effect of "Never ever do this.", probably a reference to using the Force for gain or short-term deception (even if in the greater good). Interesting parallel.

New Treaty

There is a scene in the novelization near the end of the film when the Viceroy is finally captured and the doors locked...soon after destroyer droids enter the corridor and start blasting at the doors to the throne room. Padme tells Gunray that by the time they enter they will have a NEW treaty. Then, suddenly the assault on the door stops with dead silence when Anakin blows the Battleship. Again, probably the license taken by Brooks when creating the novel, as it was not in the script so probably not filmed.

Spinning Around

Someone noticed this and thought it was so obvious that there would be no point of sending it in, but hadn't seen it hasn't been in any of the cutting room floor segments yet. It is the shot from trailer A where the N-1 fighter is on fire and "falling" towards the Trade Federation Battleship. Cool f/x shot, not in the movie

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