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The Cutting Room Floor Page 2

Clumsy R2-D2

R2-D2 was supposed to fall off the walkway on the Senate Coruscant landing platform, and use never before seen rocket boosters to get back up. Part of this footage could be seen in the Lynn's Diary featuring R2. The script suggests, "Artoo whistles a happy tune as he goes over the edge of the platform, and after a moment, he reappears, using his on-board jets to propel himself back onto the landing platform." Put it in the special edition. Another interesting point, Ugnaught says the new Star Wars Episode 1 toy of R2D2 does have pop-out booster rockets. If you could never figure out what they were or what they were for, now you know. Also, you can click on this link to see an original drawing by Doug Chaing of the prototype flying R2D2.

Qui-Gon vs. Maul Duel Edits

We've seen shot of Qui-Gon and Maul dueling on the catwalk in the reactor room while Obi-Wan is running to catch up on Maul's side, with Obi-Wan is nearly there when the cut ends. This was filmed, but cut from the duel sequence. No biggie, because that battle, while short, was great anyhow.

More Cuts on the Tatooine Duel

There are photographs of this next cut (The Official Site for example), including one in the "Making of Episode I" book, that show Ray Park in Darth Maul costume being catapulted by an air ram in the desert duel scene. Liam Neeson is clearly seen kneeling and swinging his saber at the spot where Maul was. Apparently this duel was 'cut down' since this scene isn't in the movie.

Jira speaks to Anakin

In the Illustrated Screenplay, the lady on Tatooine who runs fruit stand Jira says as Anakin leaves town, "There goes the sweetest boy in in the galaxy." In the third draft, the line is similar, "there isn't a kinder boy in the galaxy." This scene would have had a dramatic irony to the future Vader, especially as he would be remembered as the most evil man in the galaxy later on in the series. Would have been cool.

Original Corusant Shuttle

We all remember the infamous Coruscant shuttle scene still in TPM game, but cut out of the film. Anyone know why? Remember when TIME magazine posted the exclusive shot of the coruscant ship that was supposed to be the first shot of TPM? It was later covered on the official site itself, with a description of how the shot was composed. Interesting, but not a huge edit.

Bail Organa, Bail Antilles

Bail Organa's scenes in the senate sequence have changed dramatically. 'Bail Antilles of Alderaan' has always been in the script as a reference as to who else was nominated for the Chancellor's position, but Organa was cut completely out for unknown resons. His picture can even be found in the TPM Scrapbook. Is Lucas brewing up something cool for future episodes, or unhappy with the actors' performance? I liked the scene from the script, and it would have had added implications to 'Organa' when Leia's name is mentioned later. Me thinks George has something else up his sleeve for this character. . .

More Weapons for Sebulba

In the script and screenplay Sebulba has many Pod Racing weapons at his disposal. He using his flame projectors on his opponents ala 'Ben Hur.' His side exhaust ports are critical to victory in the story. Bottom line? The pod race rocked without it.

Gasgano COMMTECH Lines

There are plenty of lines from the new action figures that are never actually said in the movie. One such example is Gasgano, who gives this line found on his COMMTECH CHIP: "Gasgano wins!" Anyone hear it? Maybe because he didn't win.

Gungan Prodding

Observant readers will know that after Queen Amidala asks Boss Nass to help fight the Trade Federation, the rest of the Gungan begging Boss Nass to agree to the alliance. It didn't make it into the final cut either, and may have added depth to them being willing to give their lives so quickly for the people that lived on the surface of the planet. Add it later.

Jar Jar is a Little Too Friendly

Yes, they cut out the scene where Jar Jar kisses Obi-Wan. I wasn't too disapointed actually, but am VERY glad they left in the one where QUI-GON grabs the tongue of the squirrely Gungan. Cool.

Padme COMMTECH Lines

JediKoth reminds us of Portman's deleted lines in the movie as well, although they do still appear in her COMMTECH chip recordings:

I think I found a tiny cut line from Episode 1. One of Padme's Commtech lines is "I am trained in defense, I can take care of myself" and I don't recall it being in the movie.....I also remember reading the same line in the novelization at the part where Qui-Gon is hesitant to let Padme go with him an Jar Jar to Tatooine.

Qui-Gon and Shmi?

This pic appeared a while back, and while a similar scene does take place in the movie, this shot is never actually seen in the movie. Personally, I liked it because of the sensitivity of the relationship Qui had with Shmi, showing that Jedi have compassion as well fierceness.

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