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Written by Joshua Griffin

Many of you have asked for us to post a definitive list of cameos and hidden images in The Phantom Menace. Well, here it is, complete with screenshots (where available) and directions to help you find the subliminal images, cameos and hidden objects tucked away within the recesses of Episode I.

Luke Wallace has graciously arranged this section into general cameos and then chronological order. You'll notice the navigation at the bottom of the page has also changed significantly as well. Enjoy the enhanced format! Click on any of the sections of the movie to find cameos that take place there, or print out the entire feature and check them off as they happen!

So here's the revised list, and feel free to any more we may have overlooked:

General Cameos and Hidden Images

QUI-GON's Cloak in ANH?

This one is more difficult to confirm, but fun to be put up for everyone to evaluate for themselves. Understand that we have asked some of our folks in the know about this item, but either they refused to comment or just didn't know of this particular occurance. In fact, this could even be completely unintentional. Watch your Star Wars: A New Hope video again, and look in Old Ben's hovel, in the second scene with the holographic Leia. There's something that looks exactly like the wool poncho Qui-Gon wears on Tatooine is draped over a chair.

No, it is not Luke's; he doesn't put one on till later. Kudos to the costumers if the link is intentional, which I feel it may be. Many people have wondered why there is no trace of Qui-Gon Jinn in the original trilogy (apart from the fact that he was not yet a twinkle in George Lucas' eye) -- this may be one small sign that he is gone, but not forgotten. Here's a screenshot from TPM and ANH, showing OBI-WAN's house and a still of QUI-GON. Interesting fodder for the speculation and an amazing if true hidden image.

Sounds like we should definitely watch the classic trilogy with our eyes open, huh?

Luke's Landspeeder in TPM!

John Knoll revealed at the Denver Celebration that the landspeeder seen briefly in the Phantom Menace is actually Luke's speeder from A New Hope repainted green.

ILMers are the Naboo Guards

In many of the shots where you see the Naboo guards standing at attention in the background, you may notice that they start to look familiar. No, it's not because they are famous people. It's that they are the same people...again and again. First signs of the Clone Wars? Not exactly. The "actors" playing the background guards are in actuality ILM technical directors who composited themselves into the shots, in some cases several times over. ILM employees are often filmed as insert elements to fill up scenes in movies that ILM is working on. In addition to incidental Naboo guards, most of the shots of the people in the stands at the pod race in Episode I are ILM employees as well.

More LFL Cameos

Kelly tells us of this cameo. I don't remember seeing this in the film, but it's documented on the Topps trading cards for TPM. On card #79 in Series 2 on the back it shows the following guys in their costumes on the Theed set in a mug shot for the camera, not an actual scene from the film. Below is the exact text from the card. We're working on getting a scan of this pronto.

"Left to right: Bob Woods (Star Wars Galaxy Collector editor), Ira Friedman (Topps publisher), Robri Eiba (Official Star Wars Magazine, German Edition), and Steve Sansweet (Lucasfilm); all were cast as Theed citizen extras."

Lucas Daughter Does Voice of Tey How

If you watch the end credits of TPM, one of the Neimoidians' voices is credited to "Tyger." When Lucas did the Rosie O'Donnell appearance in May, the opening audience participation intro was done by a girl calling herself Tyger, who turned out to be none other than Lucas' oldest daughter!

Warwick Davis as Weasel

Warwick Davis makes an appearance in TPM for many characters, and interestingly enough, they all start with the letter "W". One of them looks very similar to his alter-ego Willow, a character from another project. However, this character is named "Weasel" one of several characters he plays in the movie.

Actual Items used as props in TPM - can you find them?

A deepfat fryer, toaster, Hewlett-Packard Inkjet cartridges, dustbuster, inflatable life boat, leafblower, ladies razor, foot massager, tackle box, underground septic tank and a 1-man street cleaning machine. Of course, you know we will be adding to this list as we confirm more ...

On to Page Two ...

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