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The Cutting Room Floor Page 3

More on the Tatooine Showdown

Many readers have written in to tell us they remember a sequence where Darth Maul was hanging from the Queen's ship ramp when they escape from Tatooine. This is indeed a sequence in the script, but whether or not it was filmed is unknown. The script describes the scene like this: The SITH LORD immediately jumps onto the ramp after QUI-GON, but barely makes it. His heels hang over the edge of the forty-foot drop. QUI-GON swings his lasersword with all his might and knocks Darth Maul off the ramp onto the desert floor" Many readers have commented that they wanted to see this sequence, and I tend to agree.

C-PO: Naming the Protocol Droid

Many will remember the first meeting of his protocol droid C-PO. Remember him introducing it, then Padme telling him that most protocol droids have a number? Anakin asks her what her favorite number is, Padme says, "Oh, I guess 3." He makes a few changes with his screwdriver and Boom! "I am C-3PO, Human Cyborg Relations. How may I help you." It may have been cute, but completely unnecessary and glad it didn't make the final edit.

Jabba Had More Lines

Some of Jabba's lines had been leaked to the internet months ago, so you know he had a much, much longer speech to kick off the Boonta Eve race. Here's his dialog from the 3rd draft: "Welcome! TO celebrate the conclusion of the Boonta Eve festivities, we have contestants from the far reaches of the galaxy." He goes on to introduce Sebulba and Anakin, amongst others. Not really a big deal, and suprising to notice that Lucas actually writes the Jabba script dialogue in Huttese.

Anakin Promises Jira and Air Conditioner

Anakin met Jira earlier in the movie (see pic last page), buying fruit from her and promising a new air conditioner to cope with the desert heat. Well, the scene where he does that and finally gives her money to buy one never saw the light of day. No big deal, and did little to advnace the plot. Maybe it would have been cool, thinking that Vader used to help out old ladies, but no big deal.

Cool Sidious Line

A neat line of Darth Sidious' near the beginning of the film threatening the Neimoudians was cut. In fact, it was his first line -- "You seem more worried about the Jedi than you are of me..." Threatening, and convincing. Neato.

Droids EG-9 and PK-4

The droids EG-9 and PK-4 that appeared in the screenplay as the Jedi first arrive onboard the federation battleship. They had a brief discussion about the invasion and the Jedi. Not a huge cut, and probably would have slowed the scene down more. Good choice.

Sio Bibble's Plea

Sio Bibble's plea "You must contact me" was longer in the screenplay, but not necessarily any better. It is unknown how much of it was filmed, or if the decision to cut the scene was decided back at ILM well after filming. Nothing lost here.

Qui-Gon Thinks Anakin was too old

When Qui-Gon first talks to Shmi about Anakin's special powers Qui-Gon says, in the screenplay that he cannot help Anakin because "He's too old". That sure wasn't in the film, as QUI-GON goes in both barrels blasting to get the boy trained. This is a change in the character of QUI-GON, which resulted in other scenes being modified and added later as well.

Yoda Smiles

After Yoda goes through his fear leads to speech he asks Anakin if you could continue. Annie says "yes," then Yoda smiles back at him. It was just a rumor, but it would have been cool to see Yoda smile. Yeah, we would have liked that too, making Yoda a little more 'human', if you know what we mean.

Jar Jar: Pounded to Death

In the screenplay, Boss Nass elaborates on Jar Jar's punishment after the Jedi get permission to leave and get the Bongo --- Jar Jar was to be pounded to death. The kiddies in the movie theatre would've hated that. Of course other fans. . . well, that's another story. It was removed, no known reason, except maybe Jar Jar already had done enough funny stuff by that point in the movie.

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