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The Cutting Room Floor Page 6

Jar Jar and the Clams

In the early drafts of what would become The Phantom Menace, Lucas had written a small sequence involving JAR JAR's introduction eating clams. Many will remember that prequel spy MTFBWYA told us about this sequence a few months before the movie came out.

But as we all know, the scene was cut from the movie, ending up on the cutting room floor. On the Omnibus special last night, a few clips of the sequence were shown, and here for you just hours later are pictures of that exact scene.

For setting, here's the description of this cut scene from the third draft script entitled, "The Beginning":

QUI-GON runs through the strange landscape, glancing back to see the monstrous troop transports emerging from the mist. Animals begin to run past him in a panic.

An odd, frog-like Gungan, JAR JAR BINKS, squats holding a clam he has retrieved from the murky swamp. The shell pops open. JAR JAR's great tongue snaps out and grabs the clam, swallowing it in one gulp.

JAR JAR looks up and sees QUI-GON and the other creatures running like the wind toward him. One of the huge MTT's bears down on the Jedi like a charging locomotive. JAR JAR stands transfixed, still holding the clam shell in one hand.

We were also sent a MPEG video clip of the animatic shown on the BBC Omnibus show earlier this week. Definitely worth downloading and checking out! It's 1.7 MB. You can get it here. Also, the rest of the BBC specials are listed here, and you can check out the original storyboards for the sequence here

Weaving the Braid

Wasn't there originally a scene where Obi-Wan cuts off his braid and weaves it into Anakin's hair? Actually, this was rumored, but never made it into the final draft of the script. It is implied certainly at the end of the movie, when Anakin has his Padawan braid and OBI-WAN's is cut off - showing all he is a full Jedi.

Bird Cage in the Gas Chamber

In the very beginning of the film, the screenplay also has birds in a cage in the scene where deadly gas threatens to kill OBI and QUI. The birds then die, because of the gas. OBI and QUI recognize the problem, and then the scene continues like what you've seen on the big screen. It is interesting to note, that the scenes WERE filmed and pictures of the bird cages have ended up in various prop magazines. Interesting scene omitted, kinda reminds me of the old coal miners that carried a bird with them to make sure there was enough oxygen in the tunnel. Neato.

Sebulba's Spinning Blades

Something cool on Sebulba's Pod toy was noticed, and also in the novel. Sebulba uses a spinning blade that cuts into pods, but it is never used in the movie. Of course, he had enough weapons at his disposal, so the deletion seems appropriate. Ben Hur, blades out of the wheels, anyone?

R2 Talks to a Battledroid

There supposedly is an unconfirmed scene from TPM that is a "conversation" between R2-D2 and a Battle Droid. After Anakin's ship stopped once inside of the Droid Control Ship, the Battle Droid asks who the pilot is, etc. and R2-D2 claims to be the pilot just before Anakin is discovered hiding. Interesting tidbit.

Lines Said Twice

Several scenes have been noticed where another actor mimics the lines right before theirs. This is common as usually they are doing a closeup of an actor, and not typically filming the actor whose lips are moving simultaneously. Anyhow, here's a cut room example: It's the scene where Qui-Gon and the party came to the Anakin's home. Padme supposed to said something like "I'm Padme and this is Artoo Detoo". The line was cut but you can see Padme lips moving (just like Vader talked to Tarkin in ANH). Again, this scene would normally have been cut, but it was preserved (probably because of the delivery) and inserted into the final print.

More Maul Lines Edited Out

Many astute readers have pointed out many of Darth Maul's lines missing. While watching the Stars Wars Video Duel of the Fates it was noticed that these lines did not appear in the film. For example, Darth Maul says "Fear is my ally. Fear attracts the fearful." While not appearing in the script itself, it is unclear if this could have appeared in the movie. Possibly it was created for the Tone Poem and DOTF Video as a stand-alone, or it may have simply been cut. Of course, many think 'less-is-more' with Maul. . .

Qui-Gon Slashes the Probe Droid

In the Illustrated Screenplay, there's a part right after Anakin and his mother say goodbye and Anakin and Qui Gon Jinn are confronted by a Sith Probe droid.

Qui Gon cuts it in two with his lightsaber.
Anakin asks, "What is it?"
Qui Gon replies, "Probe droid. Very unusual...not like anything I've seen before. Come on."
And they begin running.
That would've been helpful to see in the movie as it explains why Anakin can't keep up with Qui Gon as they approach the Queen's ship and Darth Maul attacks. Folks have been saying this would have helped demonstrate the motivation for them running to the ship. Suprising edit.

R2 and another Pilot

You may remember when the first shots of TPM were released, a picture in the Star Wars Insider Magazine that showed a pilot in a Naboo Starfighter with R2-D2. This scene was probably re-done, becuase in the final version, Anakin is the one who has R2-D2 in his ship. This is again probably a publicity shot of TPM, and never intended to make it to the big screen.

Maul's Not a Monster (Comics)

As you know, in TPM the movie Darth Maul only has one speaking scene. Well, in the comic edition of TPM there are TWO scenes in which Darth Maul speaks. The first being his conversation with Sidious. The second, a victim to the editing blade, being near the end where the Queen along with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan have already begun their suprise attack to capture the Viceroy. After they enter the hangar bay the scene cuts to the Viceroy complaining "I thought the battle was going to take far from here. This is too close! What's going on?" Darth Maul also replies later on, "...the Jedi. I told you there was more to this." Then he leaves for the hangar bay. This is a convincing shot, almost suggesting Maul had a stronger sensitivity and control than his master Darth Sidious. It would have convinced people he was more intelligent and implied rivalry, and not showing Maul as just a brutal killing machine as he now appears. Put it back in.

Maul Contacts Sidious

Some recall a rumoured scene after the Queen's Ship takes off where Darth Maul contacts Darth Sidious, warning him the Queen has escaped. Sidious tells Maul not to pursue, that he will deal with them personally because they were coming to him. This is in the script, but Lucas decided not to go with it probably because it would have implied too strongly the relationship of Palpatine and Sidious. Good cut, leave me in the dark to speculate for the next three years.

Jar Jar Pops Open an R2 Unit

Oh, and one thing that was in the screenplay that was cut was the scene with Jar Jar opening the head of an R2 unit in the Queen's ship. All sorts of gears and such pop out at him, and there's even a storyboard picture of it in the ISP. Funny stuff.

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