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a model of hold-out blaster produced by Merr-Sonn Munitions, the Q2 was considered the prototypical holdout weapon. It was lightweight, elegant, and functional, and it became incredibly popular among royals and nobles of the Empire. (RPG, GMS, FOP, AEG)

this holdout blaster was produced by SoroSuub during the height of the New Order. It was a direct knock-off of the Merr-Sonn Q2 holdout blasters, with SoroSuub licensing the weapon's plans and manufacturing from Merr-Sonn. (GFT, AEG)

this protocol droid was given to Doctor Deena Kinnet, after she accepted a position as an Imperial spy. Q-3PO was coated with a white enamel covering, to give it a "medical" look. The droid was actually one of Deena's information collection and transmission sources. (HR)

Quarren Industrial's borer droid, the Q-4 is equipped with a repulsor engine, a heavy-duty drilling laser, and various sensor systems. They are small droids, and are programmed with a limited but cheerful personality. (DU)

Q4 Quickfire
see Quickfire-4 (AEG)

this bacta production facility was located on the planet Qretu 5. It was the target of a Rogue Sqaudron attack in the days leading up to the Battle of Thyferra. (BW)

this distinctive ground vehicle was produced by Jadai during the height of the New Order. It measured 8.5 meters in length, and was a heavy craft designed to carry passengers in style. It was last produced some thirty years before the Battle of Yavin, but remained popular on backwater worlds. By the era of the Galactic Civil War, only a few of these vehicles remained in service. (AIR)

this Phylon tractor beam projector system was used aboard the Imperial-class Star Destroyer. It was designed to pull in a target ship with primary tractor beams, then use magnetic field projectors and a docking suspension field to hold the ship in place. Boarding tubes could then be extended from the Q7 system to allow access to the captured ship. The Q7 could accommodate a starship up to 150 meters in length. (SCRE, EGW)

this spherical, repulsor-equipped droid served the Alliance as a translator. Q-7N was assigned to the Massassi Base on Yavin 4, during the evacuation of the base following the destruction of the first Death Star. Q-7N was first discovered by Alliance technicians during the initial refitting of the Great Temple for use as the Alliance's base, although it seemed to be completely addled by its confinement. It claimed to have been the property of a pirate gang that lived in the temple some 2,000 year before the Galactic Civil War, when it had been in charge of the pirate's security measures. Further investigation by Alliance technicians revealed that Q-7N had actually been constructed millennia before his days as a pirate, by the inhabitants of the planet Malagarr. During the months following the Battle of Yavin, Q-7N was instrumental in capturing Captain Skeezer and uncovering the plans to discredit the Alliance at Delrakkin. (IS, GORW, MIS2)

Q7-series Droid
this spherical astromech droid was designed to fit into the small droid port on the Alpha-3 Nimbus V-Wing starfighter. The upper hemisphere of the Q7-series astromech looked almost exactly like the dome of an R2-series astromech, while the lower hemisphere contained the droids' repulsorlift engines. (X3)

Q-8 Starfighter
a defensive starship designed and manufactured by Tocsan during the Galactic Civil War, the Q-8 starfighter was developed for use in small defense forces. (SSR)

Q9-series Droid
based on the popular R7 series of astromech droids, the Q9 series was an experimental series that never got off the ground. Some felt that the Q9s were a failure because they were too complex, while others demanded more testing. In size and shape, the Q9s resembled the R2 series. (AC, AS, EGD)

Ebrihim's constant companion, Q9-X2 was a graphic display of the quirks of the Q9-series droids. In most ways, Q9-X2 was a standard astromech droid, equipped with manipulator arms and tools which helped it perform a variety of repairs. Beyond that, Q9-X2 was anything but normal. Q9-X2's intelligence was based on the advanced computing systems of the original Q9-series, and allowed him to continually improve himself, to that point that he installed all sorts of new technology on himself. He installed his own repulsorlifts for better mobility. He gave himself an upgraded brain and vocabulator unit, and learned how to talk. He equipped himself with various tools and sensors, replacing outdated equipment when newer models appeared. He has a tendency to talk too much, but has proven his value a number of times. (AC, AS)

Qaestar Port Control
this was the primary customs and law enforcement agency found in Qaestar Town, on the planet Talus. (CCW)

Qaestar Ridge
located on the planet Talus, this two-kilometer-tall plateau was located just outside of Qaestar Town. It was atop this plateau that the city's primary spaceport was located. Visitors walked into Qaestar Town by following the Qaestar Steps. (CCW)

Qaestar Steps
this sereis fo seven wide promenades connected the city of Qaestar Town with its spaceport, located atop Qaestar Ridge, on the planet Talus. (CCW)

Qaestar Town
located on the planet Talus, this city was the largest on either of the Double Worlds. Located near the Qaestar Ridge, which served as the location for the city's spaceport, Qaestar Town served as the primary debarkation point for visitors to Talus. (CCW)

this form of bio-engineered cell was created by the Yuuzhan Vong Shapers for implantation into another's brain. When properly placed, the Qah cell removed an old memory and replaced it with a new one. The Qah cell could carry almost any form of memory, so the Shaper could create a entirely new history for an individual and the implant it in their brain. (EVC)

this was the name of the creature created by the Yuuzhan Vong to served as a form of computer memory bank. Qahsa could come in a variety of sizes, from personal devices to the memory banks of a worldship. Most often, the data contained in the qahsa was accessed via a congition hood. This data was maintained in increasingly dense cortexes, and each successive cortex could only be accessed by a more experienced individual. Shapers maintained a qahsa which had seven specific cortexes surrounding the ultimate, eighth cortex. Only Master Shapers could access information beyond the fifth cortex. All information contained within the qahsa was believed to have been bestowed upon the Yuuzhan Vong by their gods. Any Yuuzhan Vong who searched for new information, beyond that which was contained in the qahsa, was considered heretical. (EVC, EVR)

Qalita Prime
this planet petitioned for membership in the New Republic after the world's Right Earl grew tired of piracy against their cargo ships. Their petition was delayed during the Yevethan Great Purge. (BTS)

Qalsneek the Bull
this ancient Jedi Master was a native of the planet Dellalt, and a member of the race of Swimming People that inhabited the planet's oceans. Master Qalsneek was later discovered to have imparted his knowledge into a holocron made of sea-crystals, when the holocron was discovered in the ruins of Derem City, on Kamino, during an archaeological expedition that took place many years before the Battle of Naboo. (GORW)

this planet served as the base of operations for the Fellowship of Kooroo. (SWJ13)

this was a legume that grew in a pliable shell. The individual beans had to be removed from the shell before cooking or eating. (RCHC)

Qang Qahsa
this Yuuzhan Vong qahsa was designed to hold all information and protocols known to the Shapers of their people. The Qang qahsa had five primary cortexes, which were accessible to all shapers, with two additional inner cortexes which could only be accessed by Master Shapers. At the very core of the Qang qahsa, an eighth cortex rsupposedly evealed the most sacred of protocols bestowed upon the Yuuzhan Vong by their gods. The information in the Qang qahsa was maintained through the use of a massive rikyam brain. Unknown to virtually every Yuuzhan Vong individual, the Qang qahsa had not come from the gods. Instead, it contained all the information on the creation of biotechnology that had been given to the Ur-Yuuzhan Vong millennia ago, during their struggle to defeat a stronger alien race. All knowledge of the origins of the Qang qahsa's knowledge had long since been removed from their history, to ensure that subsequent generations continued to revere their gods above all else. In the intervening generations, all information was eventually taken from the Qang qahsa and bestowed upon the Shapers, so that they could create the things needed for the Yuuzhan Vong to survive and prosper. The eighth cortex was then said to hold the information needed to defeat the Jedi Knights, although it was, in fact, completely empty. (EVR, NJOSB)

these insectile creatures, native to the homeworld of the Yuuzhan Vong, were bred for their ability to memorize and play back music, using their intricately-formed mandibles. The carapace of a qanna gleamed with all colors of the rainbow, making them pleasing to look at as well. (EVR)

this man was an Imperial Lord, still holding onto dreams of the rebirth of the Empire during the early years of the New Republic. He was working under Hethrir to try and establish the Empire Reborn, supporting Hethrir by purchasing slaves from the Firrerreo. Like many of his kind, Qaqquqqu had managed to stockpile a large amount of credits following the downfall of the Empire, and still maintained a decent income despite the New Republic's plans to cut him off. (CS)

Qar Jalunn
this being was a youthful entrepreneur who arrived on the planet Genarius and began throwing credits at any operation which seemed to be even marginally profitable. Roughly half of his investments failed in the short-run, but his exuberance was nonetheless undeterred. (LFC)

this Mon Calamari was a Captain in the Alliance Navy, and was the commander of the Mantan Wanderer. (ROE)

Qarohan Steppes
this flatland was located on the planet Drongar, some fifty kilometers to the south of the Jasserak Lowlands. (MJH)

this gas giant was the fourth planet of the Centares System, located in the Mid Rim. It was orbited by eleven moons. (WOA32)

Qat Chrystac
this Sumitra Sector planet was the site of Lando Calrissian's shieldship depot, serving the ships traveling to and from the Nomad City outpost on the planet Nkllon, during the early years of the New Republic. Much of the planet is covered with radioactive volcanoes that spew toxic lava across its surface at a prodigious rate. (TLC, REB, TTSB)

Qatak Qantaras
this Tarro was an Alliance operative who worked in the Masgen System during the Galactic Civil War. (GG12)

this given name was commonly given to female human children throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

Qau Lah
this Yuuzhan Vong warrior took the place of Shok Choka, after Anakin Solo defeated Shok Choka in combat aboard the space station orbiting Yag'Dhul, shortly after the Battle of Duro. Unfortunately for Qau Lah and his soldiers, they had all witnessed the fact that Nom Anor had refused to challenge of Anakin Solo, something which would have disgraced the Executor in the eyes of Warmaster Tsavong Lah. To prevent any word of his cowardice reaching the ears of his superiors, Nom Anor shot Qau Lah in the back of the head, and killed the other soldiers in a similarly cowardly fashion. (EVR)

this was a common name among the Yinchorri race. (UANT)

the small, red E-series droid C-3PO and R2-D2 meet on Kalarba. He, along with his droid companions U-E and 2-E, used to run the local nursery for as long as anyone in town can remember. About the time that C-3PO and R2-D2 were acquired by the town's baron, the three little droids were ordered by Mister Vuldo to build illegal blasters. After U-E was destroyed by Vuldo, Q-E and 2-E got C-3PO, R2-D2, and Nak to help them expose Vuldo's scheme. (DRO)

Qeimat System
a planetary system. (ISB)

Qeimet Fleet
this was the designation of a fleet of Imperial starships stationed near the Hook Nebula. The fleet was led by the flagship Victorious, and was home to the White Death Scimitar Assault wing carried aboard the Star Destroyer Retribution. The fleet's primary objective was to quell the rebellious worlds found near the Nebula and bring them under Imperial control. (ISB)

this is the seventeenth symbol in the Aurebesh script, and represents the Basic letter "q". (SWM)

Qektoth Attack Cruiser
this dagger-shaped warship was developed by the Qektoth Confederacy for their fleets. It measured 105 meters in length, and had a pointed bow which curved downward slightly, giving it the appearance of a sharp beak. It required a crew of 38, along with 10 gunners, and could transport up to fifty troops. The Attack Cruiser was armed with four turret-mounted plasma cannons and a forward-facing bio-energy array. They were capabale of hyperspace travel, but Qektoth technology limited it to a Class-3 rating. (KR)

Qektoth Confederation
this band of criminals roamed the border of the Kathol Outback near the Kathol Rift from a base on Qu'mock Station. They preyed primarily on the Uukaalbian society, but hoped to locate Yvara and develop a human hive-mind based on the Yvarema physiology. The confederation was formed about 25 years before the Battle of Endor, by a group of scientists who wanted to find new uses for unusual bio-technology. They believed that modern technology was responsible for sapping the strength and spirit of any being it touched,and hoped to replace most items with biological equivalents. Over the next two decades, the Qektoth Confederation turned into a militant group that hoped to gain control by preying on those beings weakened by technology. Led by Trann Shoame, the confederation unleashed a biochemical agent mated with a strange, biotechnology found near the Kathol Rift, on the crew of the FarStar to test its effectiveness. The confederation also traded some of its technology to Moff Sarne, in return for starships and crews. Drigor Tarrens also discovered that the leadership of the Qektoth Confederation had taken skin samples from all its employees, and was using the cells to create enhanced clones without their knowledge or consent. He threatened to expose them, but was apprehended and sentenced to death. Tarrens fled to Uukaablis, but later exposed the Confederation's plans with the help of the FarStar's crew. The Qektoth later discovered the Lifeline Project, and monitored the progress of the FarStar through Kathol Sector. When they learned of the Battle of Kathol, the Qektoth decided to try and take the DarkStryder technology from Sarne by helping the New Republic forces. However, the three warships the Confederacy sent to Kathol were poorly armed, and they were quickly knocked out of the battle. (KO, KR, E)

Qelah Kwaad
this young Yuuzhan Vong Shaper served under Nen Yim during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong conquest of the planet Coruscant. She was a member of Domain Kwaad, and was forced to continually make up for the shortcomings of Mezhan Kwaad. She suddenly found herself elevated to Master Shaper, however, when Nen Yim was captured and taken away from the planet Coruscant. She was elevated by Supreme Overlord Shimrra himself, who was unaware that Nen Yim had fled Coruscant of her own volition, hoping to locate the living planet Zonama Sekot. Her work on the magubat kan had brought her to the Overlord's attention, and her plans to develop biological weapons for use against the Jedi Knights gave her more power. She questioned Shimrra's decision to assign Ahsi Yim to serve as her assistant, in light of Nen Yim's disappearance, hoping to learn more about the Sekotan starship hidden in the Yim damutek. Her time for questioning these decisions was cut short when the Galactic Alliance launched its final assault on Coruscant, hoping to retake the planet and ultimately defeat the Yuuzhan Vong. When the ground forces of the Alliance reached the Citadel and began moving on the Well of the World Brain, Shimrra dispatched Qelah Kwaad - along with High Prefect Drathul and High Priest Jakan - to the Citadel. From there, they traveled to the Well to anoint the Jedi who had been captured there. Among those captured were Harrar, Han Solo and his wife, Leia Organa Solo. Drathul's plans to sacrifice them were cut short when Nom Anor, leading Mara Jade Skywalker and a band of Shamed Ones, flooded the chamber and confronted the warriors arrayed before them. Drathul demanded that the captives be executed, but his commander instead turned his forces against Drathul's guards. In a flash, Qelah Kwaad ran from the chamber, but was caught by Han Solo and forced to lead them to the dhuryam. After the deaths of Shimrra and Onimi - who proved to be the true Supreme Overlord - Qelah Kwaad and the rest of the Yuuzhan Vong agreed to surrender to the Galactic Alliance. In accordance with the advice of Jedi master Luke Skywalker, the Galactic Alliance allowed the Yuuzhan Vong to travel to Zonama Sekot to re-establish their civilization. The planetary consciousness Sekot welcomed them with open arms, then fled into the Unknown Regions to allow its new inhabitants to evolve in peace. (FP, UF)

Qel-Bertuk, Lanius
this Jedi Master succeeded Nerra Ziveri as the watchman of the Cularin System, some twenty-four years before the Battle of Naboo. Qel-Bertuk warned the Jedi Council of the system's dense concentration of the Force, especially the Dark Side energies discovered on the planet Almas. However, he received little in the way of assistance from the Council, which was already being stretched thin due to the increasing unrest in the Old Republic. Thus, Master Qel-Bertuk developed a form of autonomy from the main Council, but worked to ensure that the Almas Academy continued to teach its students with the highest of ideals. After the Battle of Naboo and the rise to power of the Thaereian Military in the Cularin System, Master Qel-Bertuk found himself more and more troubled by the advance of the Dark Side of the Force. This period also saw the emergence of the Believers, a group that deeply troubled the Jedi Knights. Thus, when he was approached by Broof Yurdel and Osten Dal'Nay about a possible military action against the Thaereians, Master Qel-Bertuk found himself reluctantly agreeing to support their plans. He solidified his position when Thaereian agents cut off all transmissions from Almas to Coruscant, forcing him to act with complete independence from the Jedi Council in supporting Operation False Horizon. Once the Cularin Militia managed to gain control of Thaereian-held bases, he pledged that the Jedi Knights on Almas would provide peace-keeping assistance throughout Cularin. However, like the Jedi Council on Coruscant, Master Lanius failed to see the dark cloud that erupted into the Clone Wars. He fought inner turmoil and political reservations to keep the Almas Academy free, until he was ordered by the Jedi Council to transfer all available Jedi to Coruscant to augment the Republic Armed Forces in the fight against the Separatists. He chose to send a handful of individuals, but remained committed to keeping the Almas Academy an active training center. He reasoned that there were many ways to follow the Jedi Code, despite the unilateral call-to-arms that occurred as the Clone Wars broke out. His methods, he believed, would result in more Padawans completing their training, rather than leaving the Jedi Order to become disgruntled opponents or outright adherents of the Dark Side of the Force. His stance began to change as the Clone Wars ground on, and Master Qel-Bertuk became haggard with the effort of keeping the Almas Academy intact while the galaxy fell apart around him. He made regular appearance on the Cularin HoloNet nodes, commending the people of Cularin and begging them to continue their dogged pursuit of freedom and justice. His manner, however, suggested that he knew something more about the state of the galaxy, and not even Yara Grugara could pry any information from him. When the Jedi Council finally ordered the Almas Academy to supply its Knights and Masters to the Grand Army of the Republic, Master Lanius was the firm of many to invoke the Right of Denial. (LFC, LFCW)

Qel-Droma, Cay
Ulic Qel-Droma's brother, and a Jedi Knight who learned about The Force from Master Arca on Arkania. Cay and Ulic were born to noble parents on Alderaan, and their mother was a Jedi Knight. He was good friends with Tott Doneeta, another of Master Arca's apprentices. When he, Ulic, and Tott were dispatched to Onderon to mediate the planet's growing unrest, Cay lost his arm in the battle between the Beastmasters and the Onderonians. He replaced it with a prosthetic arm from a droid which was destroyed in the battle. Like his brother, Cay was born on Alderaan. Unlike his brother, Cay was level-headed when it came to his abilities with the Force. Cay was greatly dismayed when Ulic attempted to infiltrate the Krath by turning to the Dark Side, and was caught up in the Sith War because of it. Cay tried many times to reach his brother and return him to the Light Side, but always to no avail. When Ulic was brought to trial on Coruscant, Cay tried to speak on his behalf. This plea was interrupted by the appearance of Exar Kun, who defeated the Jedi and reclaimed Ulic. Cay continued to fight against the Sith, and again met his brother in battle. This time, it was on Ossus, where the Jedi were trying to rescue their libraries from the destruction of the Cron System. There, Cay and Ulic were engaged in a starship battle that ended when Ulic shot Cay down. Only Cay's piloting skills kept him alive. When they met on the planet's surface, Cay pleaded with Ulic to return to the Light. Ulic refused, and initiated a lightsaber duel. Cay fought well, but could not bring himself to kill his brother. This left an opening for Ulic, who struck Cay down with a vicious swing of his lightsaber. Cay died in Ulic's arms as the remnants of the Light Side in Ulic were able to regain some control over his mind. However, Nomi Sunrider cut Ulic completely off from the Force, leaving him adrift. Some years later, Ulic remembered his slain brother by naming his starship Cay's Dream. (TOJ, DLS, TSW, TOJC)

Qel-Droma, Duron
this ancient Jedi Knight was the cousin of Cay and Ulic Qel-Droma. Duron participated briefly in the Great Sith War, but disappeared shortly after the Great Hunt and was never seen again. It was believed that he was dispatched to Korriban with Shaela Nuur and Guun Han Saresh, although they were never located. A datapad found later by another group of Jedi Knights - on Korriban to search for clues to the whereabouts of Dath Malak - revealed that Duron's team had been hunting down the various terentateks that had been set loose during the Great Sith War. Their success was due, in part, to Duron's ability to connect with the mind of a terentatek through the Force, allowing his comrades to kill the beast while it was disoriented. Because of their abilities, Duron and his team were sent to Korriban to eliminate what were believed to be the last surviving terentateks. Guun Han, however, was both jealous of, and angered by, the romance that was blossoming between Duron and Shaela, claiming that their emotions for each other went against the Jedi Code and threatened their ability to defeat the Sith. Guun Han decided to go his separate way, leaving Duron and Shaela to travel to Korriban on their own. They found several of the beasts, but the Dark Side energy of the planet cut Duron off from his ability to connect with the Terentateks. Although he managed to strike a blow against one of the beasts, Duron was unable to control it, and the terentatek injured him badly before escaping. As he lay dying, Duron had a vision of the coming struggle between Revan and Darth Malak, and asked Shaela to leave him on Korriban so that Revan would find his cloak. As he died, Duron confessed his love for Shaela, an emotion she quickly returned. (KOTOR, T23)

Qel-Droma, Ulic
an ancient Jedi Knight, Ulic was very powerful in the use of The Force. He was born on Alderaan, and raised in a family of great warriors. His mother was a Jedi Knight. Along with his brother, Cay, they were apprenticed to the Jedi Master Arca on Arkadia. When they had completed their training, Arca sent them - along with fellow student Tott Doneeta - to Onderon to help put an end to the fighting between the city dwellers and the beastmasters. When they tried to defend the city dwellers in Iziz, they discovered the Dark Side energies flowing there. They also discovered that the dwellers of Iziz were the real enemy, and strove to defeat Queen Amanoa. They eventually overcame the Dark Side threat, and later found the tomb of Freedon Nadd. They tried to rid the planet of Nadd's influence, but Arca was captured by the hidden King Ommin. Ulic sent for more Jedi and help from the Old Republic, and their combined forces were able to defeat Ommin and recover Arca. The Jedi then helped Iziz rebuild itself, during which time Ulic fell in love with Nomi Sunrider. When they were cleaning up the Dark Side artifacts, the spirit of Freedon Nadd reappeared and told Ulic he would become one of the greatest Sith Lords. Ulic and Nomi were assigned to assist in the retaking of the Empress Teta System from the Krath, who had declared war on the Jedi. Ulic proposed that he should join the Krath and attempt to defeat it from the inside. He made himself heard at the Great Council on Deneba. However, the Jedi Masters feared that Ulic would be drawn into the Dark Side, but during their discussions the Krath attacked. He fought bravely, only to see Master Arca killed while he was distracted. This hardened his resolve to eradicate the Krath, and he set out to discover the Dark Side of the Force first-hand. He hoped that by becoming a Dark Side follower, he could find its weaknesses and use it against the Krath. He was seduced by Aleema, and his despair at Arca's death only made him an easier target for the Dark Side and the Sith magic. His brother, Cay, and Nomi Sunrider went to Cinnagar to return Ulic to the Light Side, but their combined love for Ulic could not sway him from the Dark Side. At this time, Exar Kun intervened and severely injured Aleema while trying to overcome Ulic and recover a Sith amulet. Their combined fury released an ancient Sith spirit, who claimed both of them for the Dark Side. Exar Kun was named Dark Lord of the Sith while Ulic was named his apprentice. He became caught up in Exar Kun's plans and became a Dark Jedi himself. He joined forces with the ancient Mandalorian warriors after defeating their leader, and conquered star system after star system with the power of the Dark Side. He was captured by the Jedi and brought to trial on Coruscant, but was freed by the intervention on Exar Kun and the Mandalorians. They then travelled to Ossus, in an attempt to take possession of the Jedi and Sith knowledge stored there. Ulic was again captured by the Jedi, this time by his brother, Cay, who challenged him to a duel. In his Dark Side fury, Ulic cut down his brother in a bloody battle. Some part of the Light Side still remained, and Ulic was brought ot his knees by the import of what he had done. Nomi Sunrider, enraged by Ulic's actions, used the Force in anger and cut Ulic off from the Force. Thus weakened, Ulic felt no more need to support Exar Kun and the Sith. In the end, Ulic led the Jedi to Yavin 4, where they were able to defeat Kun and quell the Sith uprising. Ten years later, Ulic fled to Rhen Var in an effort to isolate himself from the galaxy and to find peace. He thought to let himself die in a storm, but the spirit of Master Arca urged him to survive. He was unprepared for the arrival of Vima Sunrider, who wanted him to teach her the ways of the Jedi. Despite his misgivings, Ulic realized that this was why Master Arca had urged him to live. He took Vima under his tutelage, and trained her to the best of his abilities. He even tried to be civil when Nomi arrived on Rhen Var to recover her daughter. However, shortly after Nomi's arrival, Sylvar came to the planet and challenged him to a duel. Sylvar had the advantage of contact with the Force, but Ulic fought bravely in an effort to return Sylvar to the Light Side of the Force. Sylvar came to her senses, but was too focused on herself to notice that Hoggon had followed her. Hoggon shot Ulic in the back with his blaster, believing that he had killed the greatest traitor of the Jedi order. Despite the fact that Ulic no longer had contact with the Force, his lifeless body nonetheless disappeared and became part of the Force. (TOJ, FNU, DA, DE1, DLS, TSW, EGC, TOJC, TOJR)

this alien race has a rare, eighteen-pair genetic structure built from six unique building blocks and contained in 62 chromosomes, and communicated via a series of pitch-based transmissions. Their civilization had descended from the earlier Ahra Naffi, but had no children of their own when it was discovered that the two moons which orbited their homeworld of Brath Qella were on a collision course with the planet. The vast majority of the Qella agreed with the evaluation that the moons' impact would cause ecological ruin on their homeworld, while a few were adamant that the threat was being overblown. Those who understood and believed the threat created the starship which would later become known as the Teljkon vagabond, and created a device which could house vast amounts of data on what the Qella held as important and necessary information. It also carried the blueprints of how to genetically rebuild the Qella race, should that become necessary. These Qella dug deep tombs in which to hibernate during the foretold ice age. The ship departed Brath Qella about 120 years before the Galactic Civil War, just after the Old Republic had first discovered their world. The smaller of the two moons of Brath Qella impacted the larger, and the resulting storm of huge pieces of rock virtually destroyed the planet. The Qella who remained on the surface of the planet were killed in the ensuing - and almost instantaneous - ice age. By the time a survey ship could return to the planet, it was deserted. The Teljkon vagabond eventually returned to Brath Qella, shortly after the Battle of N'zoth, and began the laborious process of re-warming Brath Qella and making it habitable again for the Qella. (BTS, TT)

Qes Dollis
this Quarren worked for Jabba the Hutt as the manager of the Sandstorm Shipping Concern, during the height of the New Order. Dollis was one of the many underlings who worked for Jabba, yet took a chance on seizing control of the Hutt's empire when Jabba was killed just prior to the Battle of Endor. Dollis' main competition came from Kisa Shaki, and the two spent most of their resources pummeling each other's forces, and neither was able to take advantage of Jabba's death. (RESB)

Qesya Vth'naar
this Sludir was a member of the FarStar's crew. Before joining the Alliance, Qesya, her brother Quyik, and her mate Rokarn were forced to fight in gladiator battles for Imperial Moff Kentor Sarne on Kal'Shebbol. In a series of battles, Sarne forced Quyik to kill Rokarn before facing Qesya herself. Rokarn had sacrificed himself in order to give Quyik a chance to live, since he knew that Qesya was pregnant with their child. In the end, though, Sarne forced Qesya to kill her brother in order to survive. Qesya joined the crew of the FarStar after being liberated from Sarne's prison on Kal'Shebbol, and served as a combat instructor. During the search for Moff Sarne, she befriended Gunthar, and became increasingly worried about his demeanor as the FarStar probed deeper into the Kathol Rift. Shortly after the FarStar landed on Yvara, Qesya discovered that it was time to give birth to her offspring. She was brought to the ship's medical facility, where the ship's doctors and Yvarema physicians helpe dher give birth. Following the birth of her baby, Qesya elected to resign her commission with the FarStar and remain on Yvara to raise the child. Qesya later returned to assist the FarStar during the Battle of Kathol, as the Yvarema joined the fight against the Imperials. (DARK, KO, KR, E)

this creature was bred by the Yuuzhan Vong as a kind of living sac. It was useful for transporting other living entities, such as a villip, which needed to be preserved for later use. (FP)

Qetix IV
this barren moon was located in the Dresscol System of Trax Sector. During the Galactic Civil War, the Alliance established a starfighter repair base on the moon, to support the shipyards in the nearby Ventil System. (GMK)

this Yuuzhan Vong was one of the Shamed Ones who was sent to Yavin 4 to serve the Shapers who were trying to determine the source of The Force. When Vua Rapuung was believed dead, Qe'u was given his duties. However, Vua Rapuung had faked his death, and later killed Qe'u to gain access to the Yuuzhan Vong complex for himself and Anakin Solo. (EVC)

Qeuo City
this city, located on the planet Stend VI, was beseiged by the Khuiumin Survivors until shortly after the Battle of Yavin, when they simply stopped attacking the city. (SWJ10)

this planet, located in the Outer Rim Territories, was almost completely given over to research and experimentation. Qexis was noted for the high level of security that protected the various research facilities established on its surface. (SOJ)

this cantina was located in the frontier settlement of Great Rock, on the planet Ord Mantell, during the height of the New Order. (GMR1, WOA15)

see Quality of Family Certificate (FC)

this predator was once native to the Yuuzhan Vong homeworld of Yuuzhan'tar. (FP)

this planet was the site of Dequc's base on operation. Note that it is often misspelled Quiaax or Quiaac. (MJEH)

this name was commonly given to Quarren males, and meant "quick-witted". (GCG)

Qid Proko
this Quarren was working as a speeder repairbeing on the planet Poderis, during the years surrounding the Battle of Hoth. Unknown to most other beings, Proko was once a Jedi Knight. He fled the Core Worlds when the first word of the Jedi Purge reached his ears, and he chose Poderis for its remote location. (RESB)

this small, insectoid race is native to the planet Lan Barell. Each Qieg had three body segments, including the head and two abdomens, supported by four legs. The rear set of legs was made for jumping, which the front set were for walking. A pair of arms on the upper torso allowed the Qieg to manipulate objects. A hive society, the Qieg cared little for the individual. Even child were simply individuals, and all offspring were raised regardless of their familial relationships. They live inside the hollowed-out carcasses of cactus-like succulents, and live in groups of 20 or more. They have been mining the planet's three moons for profit, but have reduced one of the moons to rubble. In fact, many of the off-world mining interests modeled their operations after the Qieg system, forming cooperatives rather than trying to be successful as individual corporations. (SWJ1, AE)

a radical sect of Qiegs from the planet Lan Barell that dislike all humanity and live within the cactus forests. (SWJ1)

Qiemo Adrangar
this was one of the smaller Ansionian overclans, made up from the Alwari who lived west of the city of Cuipernam, on the planet Ansion. (APS)

this ostensibly neutral planet saw a great deal of combat during the early stages of the Clone Wars. It was a remote world that was best-known for its production of barq and kushayan. The export of these and other luxury foodstuffs accounted for some fifty percent of the entire galactic market, although very little of the profit ever made it back to the farmers. Shortly after the Battle of Naboo, the Trade Federation took control of the exports, and used their profits to help fund the Confederacy of Independent Systems. When the Old Republic discovered that Ovolot Qail Uthan, a Separatist-funded scientist, was developing a deadly nanovirus at a facility on the planet, they were forced to launch a mission to Qiilura. The nanovirus was targetted specifically at the clone troopers, and would have given the Separatists a huge advantage. A team of clone commandos, ostensibly led by Jedi Padawan Etain Tur-Mukan, was able to infiltrate the facility and capture Uthan before destroying the nanovirus. The mission was greatly assisted by the help of the native Gurlanin, who refused to fully join the Republic. Qiilura was located in the Tingel Arm of the galaxy, some forty light-years from Ord Mantell, and was orbited by a single moon. (RCHC)

this was the spoken language of the natives of the planet Qiilura. (RCHC)

an Alliance CR-90 Corvette in use during the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

see Mina (GMR9)

Qipat Firewasp
this fisst-sized insect was native to the ancient planet Yuuzhan'tar, the homeworld of the Yuuzhan Vong. (GMR8)

a race of near-humans with large cranial cavities. (CCG)

this rare and exotic gemstone was a crystal that was formed during a supernova that occurred many millennia before the Great Sith War. The heat and energy of the exploding star caused metals and minerals in one of its orbiting planets to become fused into the Qixonui crystal, which was then blasted into space when the planet was destroyed. Those few Qixoni crystals that were obtained by the Jedi Order were discovered to make powerful lightsaber focusing crystals, although most of these crystals were lost in the wake of the Great Sith War. (KOTOR2)

this speeder truck was developed and manufactured by Ubrikkian Industries, during the height of the New Order. It could carry a pilot and two passengers, and could accommodate up to 50 metric tons of cargo. It measured twelve meters in length. (GMR5)

this was one of the many Vratix hives which lived on the planet Thyferra. (UANT)

Qlaeren Rhirr
this was the name of a distinguished member of the Vratix hive Qlaeren. (UANT)

Qlaern Hirf
this Vratix member of the Ashern Circle tipped off the New Republic that the Warlord Zsinj was in possession of bacta, during the Krytos crisis. He approached Wedge Antilles and made the Rogue Squadron commander an offer: a gift of highly-potent bacta in exchange for sponsorship for admittance to the New Republic for the Vratix. He also presented his services as a verachen, in hopes that he could examine the Krytos virus and develop bacta that would defeat it. Wedge agreed, and Qlaern Hirf's team was able to discover the ability of kor ryll to enhance bacta. They provided the New Republic with the ability to produce its own rylca, but Wedge was unable to immediately petition for the Vratix's application. Ysanne Isard had taken control of Thyferra, and the question of planet-wide acceptance needed to be answered first. (KT)

this cloudy, defenseless world was inadvertently attacked by a squadron of TIE Bombers dispatched from the Interrogator by a subordinate of Captain Vharing. Vharing himself had been asleep, but the misplaced raid resulted in the death of sixty people, including a high-ranking Kuat Drive Yards engineer and his family, who had been on vacation at the time. Vharing was executed for the error. (TFNR)

this planet was located just inside the Kathol Rift, a short distance from Danoor. Of course, actually reaching Q'Maere took a skilled crew more than a week's time. The planet was the site of a scientific outpost established by the University of Sanbra. The crew of the FarStar made a run for Q'Maere, shortly after entering the Rift, when they discovered that the food stores they had obtained at Danoor were contaminated. The planet itself was an inhospitable world covered with ammonia seas, which were sparsely dotted with volcanic islands. The atmosphere was poisonous, and there was no known life on the planet. The average day on Q'Maere lasted 36 hours, and its year encompassed 344 local days. (KR)

Q'Maere Research Facility
this University of Sanbra planetology research outpost was established on the planet Q'Maere, where it could investigate the workings of a planet covered with ammonia seas. The station was covertly turned into a penal facility by Moff Sarne, shortly after a group of its scientists left ot join the Qektoth Confederacy. When it was discovered by the crew of the FarStar during a stopover to obtain supplies, the facility was operating as a cross between a prison and a mental institution. (KR)

this was the Kamarian word for "offering." It was used in reference to any form of payment given to exchange for mak-tk-klp. During the early years of the New Order, Han Solo thought it meant "admission," since the Kamarians used it to describe the trinkets and gems they gave him in return for showing the holofeature Varn, World of Water. He discovered the word's true meaning when he tried to show Love Is Waiting instead, and the Kamarian Badlanders tore down his holoprojector and forced him to flee the planet. (HSR)

this planet and its surrounding star system was known as a haven for pirates during the New Order. (GUN)

Q'nithian Aeropteryx
this is a species of sentient avians from the Q'nithian System. They are quite ugly in appearance, being covered with dingy gray feathers and equally gray skin. Their wings are useless, rendering the aeropteryx flightless, and its small legs are incapable of supporting their bodies. Thus, the aeropteryx must drag itself forward with the tips of its wings. The tips end with a small hand that it tipped with a pair of talons. Their two beady, black eyes provide minimal ability to actually see what's around them. Thus, many aeropteryx who travel the galaxy have specialized lenses to augment their natural sight. (MA)

this region of the planet Sriluur was noted for its unusual idols, which seemed to be part of the ruins of an earlier civilization. (GORW)

Qol, Viran
this man was a Major in the Alliance's Special Forces unit, and was an expert on Imperial fortification engineering. A native of Niran, he graduated from college just day before the Empire subjugated the planet. Viran joined the Niran Resistance, which was eventually absorbed into the Alliance. Viran regularly lectured on the construction and defense of Imperial garrisons to new recruits. (SWJ12)

this was the name used by the members of the Colony to describe Centerpoint Station. (DN1)

Qom Jha
this is one of two major factions of the winged creatures native to the caves of Nirauan. Like their brethren the Qom Qae, they resemble meter-tall avians with smooth skin and small heads. They have dark eyes that allow them to see in the dark, and hard talons that allow them to grip the stone of their lairs. The Qom Jha had lighter skin than the Qom Qae, and were slightly larger in size. They have a minor control of the Force, and can use it to telepathically communicate among themselves and with other Force-sensitives. The Qom Jha, however, live in the caves, while the Qom Qae live in the open air. They referred to Luke Skywalker as "Walker of Sky." (VOF, EGA)

Qom Qae
this is one of two major factions of the winged creatures native to the caves of Nirauan. Like their brethren the Qom Jha, they resemble meter-tall avians with smooth skin and small heads. They have dark eyes that allow them to see in the dark, and hard talons that allow them to grip the stone of their lairs. The Qom Qae were smaller in size, and had darker skin that the Qom Jha. They have a minor control of the Force, and can use it to telepathically communicate among themselves and with other Force-sensitives. However, the Qom Qae live in the open air of the planet, while the Qom Jha inhabit the caves. The adults were quite territorial, but they allowed the young to freely mix with other nestings. This was probably a way for them to gather information about other nestings without violating territorial boundaries. They referred to Luke Skywalker as "Jedi Sky Walker." (VOF, EGA)

an alien race. (RM)

this ancient Sith Lord existed only as a spirit avatar when the Brotherhood of Darkness was destroyed on Ruusan. Lord Qordis had been part of the command structure put in plance by Lord Kaan, and had died in the explosion of the thought bomb that killed everyone on Ruusan - except his student, Darth Bane. Qordis appeared to Darth Bane shortly afterward, aboard the Valcyn, belittling Bane and calling him a coward for having survived the detonation of Lord Kaan's thought bomb. Darth Bane refused to be baited by Qordis' spirit, however, so Qordis extended one last time beyond the grave and severely damaged the Valcyn, shortly before it arrived on Dxun. Qordis hoped to make Darth Bane's life a living hell, for having survived Ruusan. (GMR3)

this ringed gas giant was located in the Gyuel System of the Unknown Regions, near the borders of Chiss space. Qoribu was orbited by more than fifty moons, and at least six of them were inhabitable. It was in the months following the Crash that the Colony expanded to Qoribu and its moons, and this expansion caused the neighboring Chiss to begin military actions to stop it. Although the Chiss refused to attack first, they took subtle measures to destroy the hives at Qoribu, such as blanketing a moon with defoliating chemicals in order to starve the hive into leaving. (DN1)

Qoribu Crisis
this was the term used by the Galactic Alliance to describe the events that surrounded the initial expansion of the Colony onto various moons in orbit around the planet Qoribu. Driven by the unconscious influence of the Gorog hive, the Colony began to expand closer to Chiss space, creating friction between their two civilizations and nearly starting a massive war. With the intervention of the new Jedi Order and the acceptance of the Galactic Alliance, the Colony agreed to abandon their hives on the Qoribu moons and relocate to Woteba and other planets that were hidden within the Utetegu Nebula. The Qoribu Crisis was believed to have been resolved when Welk was killed by Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, an event that supposedly marked the end of the Dark Nest. However, about a year later, the Gorog had reasserted their control over the Colony, causing a new set of challenges for the Alliance. (DN2)

Qoribu Truce
this was the name given to the cessation of hostilities between the Colony and the Chiss, after UnuThul and his Killiks tried to expand beyond their previous borders. The truce called for all nests of the Colony to be relocated to planets within the Utegetu Nebula, where they could exist without encroaching on the territories of other races. The Killiks were also forbidden from any further contact with the Chiss, especially after it was discovered that the larvae of the Gorog nest were feeding on Chiss captives. The Chiss declared that the Qoribu Truce had been broken by the Colony about a year later, when fifteen nest ships commanded by UnuThul tried to escape from the Utegetu Nebula. The Gorog nest ship and ten others were captured, but UnuThul's frigate and four nest ships managed to escape. (DN2)

this lowly creature was once native to the Yuuzhan Vong homeworld of Yuuzhan'tar. It was considered a low form of life, lacking any sort of predatory instincts or usefulness. (FP)

this Nebulon-B2 frigate was part of the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

an Imperial TIE Fighter pilot who fought in the Battle of Yavin, Qorl was caught in X-Wing defensive fire and forced to crash-land on Yavin 4. Badly injured, he managed to survive there for over twenty years, until he was discovered by Jacen Solo. Qorl held the Solo twins hostage until they repaired his ship, which he took. Employing the hyperdrive installed by Jaina Solo, Qorl left the Yavin System. Qorl then joined the Second Imperium and served as a pilot and trainer aboard the Shadow Academy. His damaged body was repaired with cybernetic implants, including his entire left arm. He successfully captured the Adamant and obtained valuable hyperdrive cores, turbolasers, and shield codes for the Imperium's fleet. In the climactic battle between the Shadow Academy and the Jedi on Yavin 4, Qorl was again shot down by the New Republic fleet. He was presumed dead, but decided that he'd had enough of galactic conflicts and remained a hermit in the jungles of Yavin 4. Qorl reappeared two years later, when the Peace Brigade tried to capture the students at the Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4. Aging but still fiesty, Qorl had finally given up the fight to preserve the Empire, and helped Anakin Solo and Tahiri Veila escape the moon by keeping an eye on Remis Vehn and remaining near the moon until the last possible moment. (HTF, SA, L, JUS, EVC)

alternately known as the most docile and the most fearsome forest animal on the planet Yeshocq, the qormot was merely reacting to seasonal changes in its environment. During the warm months of spring and summer, they are peaceful herbivores which fought only to defend themselves from other predators. However, as the weather turned colder and mating season approached, they became territorial about their prospective mates. Competition for the best mates almost always resulted in fierce battles, and beings were warned to stay away from qormot territory during this time. Qormots resembled large, ovine beasts, with stout bodies and a series of spiked frills surrounding their heads. Each qormot had a single eye, located atop a long, bony snout. (COG)

this was a common name used by the Geonosian race. (UANT)

this Jedi Master was known to have trained Kibh Jeen. Together, they were part of the team dispatched to investigate dark-side energy which permeated the planet Almas. Qornah was unprepared for the Dark Side's assault on Kibh Jeen's mind. Thus, upon landing on Almas, Qornah was cut down from behind by his own apprentice and killed before any investigation could take place. (LFC)

this planet was ravaged by war during the Stark Hyperspace Conflict. When a military deserter fled to Qotile and established himself as King, during the height of the Galactic Civil War, the bounty hunter Bossk was employed to eliminate him. For his efforts, Bossk was given the honorary title "Monarch of the Qotile System." (NEGC, MC67)

Qretu 5
this planet, ringed by a dense asteroid belt, was the site of bacta production facility Q5A7. (BW)

a sweet, bread-like substance produced by the Ssi-ruuk. (TBSB)

Qrrl Toq
Qrrl Toq was a Nazzar prince and Jedi Knight who fought in the Battle of Koros Minor and who was present at the Jedi Assembly on Deneba. He was trained in the ways of the Ulizra by Vrrk Jikat, but needed to take time off to perform his boqeri. During this time, he traveled to Ulda Frav and encountered a Jedi Knight for the first time. He had never heard of the Jedi - the Nazzar were very isolationist in their relationship with the galaxy - but the Jedi knew that Qrrl was strong with the force. Qrrl agreed to accompany the Jedi to Ossus, and there he discovered the Jedi way. Toq was an apprentice of the Jedi Master Vodo Siosk-Baas, and created many of the armor types worn by the Jedi of the time. He was nearly killed on Onderon by Dark Side treachery when the Naddists there drained the Light Side energy that was protecting the Jedi Knights. (FNU, DLS, TOJC)

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