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this was a common name among the Togorian race. (UANT)

an automated welding arm. This automaton was named for the robotic device that Dark Forces lead programmer Ray Gresko programmed in a previous assignment. (DF)

this heavily-modified administrative droid was owned by a pair of Twi'leks who tried to scout the moon of Uffel. When the Twi'leks were killed, QS-2D and his R4-series astromech companions R4-S2 and R4-J9 persevered, surveying the planet and starting up a small mining operation with the automata the Twi'leks had brought. Over time, QS-2D established a relationship with Riboga the Hutt, and the mining operatiosn expanded quickly. All during this time, QS-2D continued to work under its former master's name, so as not to draw attention to itself. When QS-2D had built a small fortune, it bought out Riboga and took ownership of Uffel outright. QS-2D grew the Uffel mining operation into a droid manufacturing center, and produced some of the Old Republic's highest-quality specialty droids. (LFC)

Q-series Destroyer Droid
this was the official designation of the droideka, or destroyer droid, produced by the Colicoid Creation Nest for the Trade Federation. (TCG10)

this was the brand name of Incom's automated messenger droid, developed for use by the fledgeling New Republic. Measuring 6.2 meters in length, these drones were equipped with hyperdrives in order to get messages from one location to another as quickly as possible. The Q-Signal could carry up to 800 kilograms of cargo, which could include datacards and computer cores. (DARK)

a protocol droid who was captured by Jawas when his master's ship put down at Mos Eisley spaceport for repairs. He was stuck inside a Jawa sandcrawler for an extended period of time before being rescued. (SWSB)

this droid appears to be nothing more than a large, high-tech suitcase. A cheerful droid which loved to play sabacc, QT-7 was instrumental in helping the Alliance recover the Black Ice. QT-7 was able to tap into the Imperial computer system on Lotide and recover coded files that detailed the actions of replenishment fleet DV-209. This information allowed the Alliance to intercept the Black Ice and steal its cargo of fuel cells. (BI)

Qu, Anistia
this woman, a native of the planet Cularin, was one of several hundred natives who disappeared from public view during the years following the onset of the Clone Wars. Many people secretly attributed these disappearances to the Thaereian Military, which spent the nighttime hours removing an vocal opponents to its control of the Cularin System. (LFCW)

this Chancellor of the Zenox Star Cluster was also an Imperial supporter. He attended the 13th Imperial Diplomatic Conclave on Phelarion. (CSWEA)

this given name was common human males across the galaxy. (GCG)

this was the last of seven seasons experienced on the planet Guiteica. (AE)

Quaal Stavi Giniras
this legendary Bitthaevrian warrior was a Major in the Guiteica Militia, and was best-known for his decades-long feud with Major Zoul Lavor Xariv Lar. The pair fought each other more than 400 times, each time inflicting heavy damage to the other. However, both warriors were back challenging each other as soon as they healed. Over fifty years' time, Lar had defeated Giniras 212 times to Giniras' 211 victories. Only the fact that Giniras died of old age stopped the rivalry. In the end, Lar took one of his own elbow quill and imbedded it in Giniras' dematoil, which he buried with Giniras in the hills of s'Korth'an. (AIR)

Quaal Tavier Catharius
this Bitthaevrian was the thiryt-first leader of the m'Yalfor'ac Order, at the height of the New Order. He was one of the most famous heroes of the Bitthaevrian people, mainly for his prowess in battle but also for his anti-Republic rhetoric. With the advent of the New Order, Tavier recognized that the Empire was corrupt and wicked, but it was also the lesser of two evils, and was better than the Old Republic. (AIR)

Quad 32PCX
this is a four-chambered fuel injector used on pod racers and other high-speed ground craft. (RAC)

Quad 44
this is a four-chambered fuel injector used on pod racers and other high-speed ground craft. (RAC)

Quadanium Steel
a dense, strong alloy of steel used in starship hulls. (SCRE)

this corporation manufactured high-output power cores for Imperial starships. Note that the name is sometimes misspelled as Quadrex. (SCRE, SL, CPL)

Quad-helix Prismatic Crystal
specially-modified crystals that are used in laser cannons to generate the weapon's laser beam. (SWSB)

Quad-laser Cannons
a ship-mounted battery of four laser cannons which fire two at a time. They are usually fired by gunmen controlling the weapons from a free-moving command chair. They can also be fired remotely. Han Solo installed two such batteries - AG-2G lasers, one on top and one below - on the Millenium Falcon. (SW, RASB)

this diminutive alien worked aboard the Bazarre space station, buying and selling anything he could get his hands on, including slaves. (LTA5, MC59)

this incredbily strong and durable element was used in the manufacture of starship fuel tanks, and could be honed to create a makeshift blade if necessary. (FOP, KOTOR2)

this game of strategy and skill was popular during the early days of the Imperial Academy, but lost some of its appeal during the height of the New Order. After the Battle of Endor, it once again became popular with Imperial officers. (IF)

Quadrant Seven
this planet was located beyond the borders of the Old Republic, during the decades leading up to the Battle of Naboo. It was a temperate world that supported a race of humanoid beings, also known as Quadrant Sevens. Much of the planet was pristine, natural land, and the Quadrant Sevens worked hard to maintain the ecosystem. (SOJ)

Quadrant Seven
this race of humanoid beings was native to the planet Quadrant Seven. They were shorter than the average human, with pointed ears and a collection of fine antennae on their heads that looked like hair. The antennae were used to "read" the wind and other disturbances in the air. As a people, the Quadrant Seven race refrained from adopting high-technology, and even went so far as to use a BlocNet to eliminate comlink communications during the final decades of the Old Republic. Their rationale was simply that comlinks made distances smaller and problems bigger. They prided themselves on the fact that the last war on Quadrant Seven occurred more than 570 years before the onset of the Clone Wars, and that the environment of Quadrant Seven wasn't polluted with toxic wastes and industrial refuse. (SOJ)

this was a type of podracer, distinguishable by its four turbine engines. This configuration places a high level of emphasis on the energy binders that keep the engines in place, as most stock binders are designed to support just two engines. Under the heavy strain of a podrace, the energy binders of the Quadra-Pod configuration sometimes give way, releasing the engines to fly off in different directions. (TPM)

this precious ore was mined on the planet Averill during the New Order, and was refined for use in the construction of starships. (SWJ13)

see Quadex (SCRE)

this was one of the sectors of the northern half of the city of Zehava, and was inhabited by the Daan some twenty years before the Battle of Naboo. (UP)

Quadrijet 4Barrel 904E
see Quadrijet 4Barrel 940E (NEGC)

Quadrijet 4Barrel 940E
this was a model of podracer manufactured by Bin Gassi Racing Engines. It was famous for its massi, spherical engines and its elongated cockpit. The cockpit itself measured 6.86 meters in length, and the engines measured 7.39 meters across. It was capable of achieving speeds in excess of 790 kilometers per hour. (IG1)

Quadrijet Air Brake
this was the most powerful air brake available to pod racers, employing four reverse-thrust jets to increasing stopping power. (RAC)

this mineral is found in abundance in many asteroids, including the Tava Yagen field. (CTD)

this boxy musical instrument produced a wide range of deep, thrumming notes. (MBS)

Quadronomic Fluxer
this starship drive component was rumored to have the ability to provide an incredible boost of power to virtually any standard drive system. While the quadronomic fluxer had no effect on a starship's hyperdrive, it was believed to have the capability to improve a sublight drive's speed by twenty percent or more. Shortly after the onset of the Galactic Civil War, the plans for the Fluxer were put up for auction by the Nessemites, who hoped to sell them at a great profit. Before the auction could take place, however, the plans for the fluxer were stolen by the Transdoshan mercenary Ssorku. His theft was surmised by a team of Alliance operatives, who cornered him in the Starbirth Lounge and recovered the plans. However, the device was never built by the Alliance. (WOA12)

this was the name of Solomahal's modified YV-888 freighter. (WOA34)

Quaensan Prime
this planet was wiped out by the Lortans during the Reslian Purge. (GG12)

this Old Republic Star Battlecruiser was one of the many ships that participated in the early stages of the Clone Wars. However, during a mission to the Quarren-held planet of Pammant, the Captain of the Quaestor brought the ship out of hyperspace too late. Instead of arriving in open space, the ship reverted to realspace within the crust of the planet. The resuling explosion of the Quaestor's reactor core set off an intense, nuclear detonation, fracturing the planet to its core and bathing it in radioactivity. (X3)

this long-limbed Hutt once lost a fortune to Lando Calrissian, including the rights to the Ceramo-Werx facility, during a sabacc match at the Rafa Chabalrussa, during the early years of the New Order. Quaffug maintained a grudge against Calrissian for many years, retiring to the Blimph System in order to restore his criminal empire from scratch. When the Alliance chose Lando to negotiate a treaty with Quaffug, the Hutt had Lando imprisoned and subjected to the Duff-Jikab. Quaffug hired Bossk, Denger, 4-LOM, and Guchluk to hunt down Lando, but they were unprepared when the gambler befriended the native Jokhalli warriors. The four bounty hunters were quickly captured and returned to Quaffug, who was forced to return control of Blimph 3 to the Jokhalli, in return for Lando's not turning him over to the natives. Lando also demanded membership in the Hutt Guardsman's Guild, and Quaffug was again forced to accede. Lando later used this membership to infiltrate Jabba the Hutt's fortress on Tatooine, under the guise of Tamtel Skreej. (BHSW)

this Wookiee was 210 years old at the time of the Battle of Endor. He was known for his skills in restoring vintage starships and vehicles, and tried to establish his own business on the outskirts of Mos Eisley. However, his remote location, his exhorbitant prices, and pesky Jawas kept him from making a decent living. In order to pay his bills and try to get ahead, Quagga was forced to enter Jabba the Hutt's series of demolition derbies, flying his beautifully-restored Trade Federation AAT repulsortank into battle against a variety of contestants. (SWD)

Quagga's Garage
this starship restoration and repair operation was owned by the Wookiee Quagga, and was located on the planet Tatooine during the early years of the New Republic. (NEGW)

this creature is native to the planet Tzarib. They travel in slow-moving swarms, and are easy to capture. (CSWEA)

Quagmire, The
this was the nickname of the Alliance's DVL-181 outpost. (HAS)

Quald Runium
this valuable ore was often found in meteors. (HFAS)

Quality Electronics of Torina
this small corporation, based on the planet Torina, was known for its cheap imitations of modern galactic technology. (PG3)

Quality of Family Certificate
this Imperial document provided information about a potential officer's family history, including any Imperial military service. For most officers, the QFC was a validation of their abilities. For those potential officers who failed to score highly on the Standard Officer's Intelligence Test, it allowed them to receive a seceond chance at becoming an officer. (FC)

Quallung Tula
this male Aqualish was a pirate of some renown during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. He worked briefly with Meeko Ghintee before the Muttani was arrested, and later worked with Sabo Leeda, Grillo Zaman, Bado Karpa, and Tuba Acho to steal fuel cells from the Outland Transit Station during Ghintee's escape from Oovo IV. However, a bounty was placed on all their heads by Rozatta, and Quallung Tula was captured by Jango Fett shortly afterward. (BH)

this native of Arda-2 was one of the governmental leaders of the city Tun Wala. (CSWEA)

Qual'om Soach
this Twi'lek was a native of Ralme IV, where he parents worked as miners for the Lant Mining Corporation after escaping from slavery. Soach himself worked as a miner before getting involved in several less-than-legal activities. Soach found that he had a knack for crime, and he eventually took control of most of Ralme's black market operations. He desired more power than what he had on Ralme IV, hoping one day to take control of all of Brak Sector. He made a deal with Jabba the Hutt, gaining the Hutt's support in return for a percentage of Soach's profits. With the partnership, Soach was able to take control of almost a third of the criminal activity in Brak Sector, and began bumping heads with Ral Nalmar. Soach quickly lost patience with the normal squabbles between the two organizations, and launched an all-out attack on the Nalmar estate in the city of Mennia, on Genesia. Soach believed that his troubles were over when Ral Nalmar was killed, but he was dismayed to learn that Eelien Kirat had assumed control of the Nalmar organization. (FBS)

this planet was locked in an intense civil war when it was first discovered by the Jedi Knights traveling aboard the Chu'unthor, many centuries before the Battle of Yavin. The Jedi were able to negotiate a truce, allowing the natives of Qualtrough to join the Old Republic. This was one of many events which served to promote the mission of the Chu'unthor. (PJSB)

Quamar Messenger
this luxury liner was moved out of drydock and put into service several years before the onset of the Clone Wars. It was crewed by 45 people serving up to 600 passengers, and was equipped with a hyperdrive. On its maiden run, however, the Quamar Messenger was single-handedly hijacked by Gallandro. (HSL, CSA)

this physical game was played by the children of the planet Vernet. (SWJ15)

this Orfite word is used to describe two or more quamin. (POT, SWG8, TOD)

native to the jungles of Kidron, these flying predators are silent and aggressive. In the Orfite language, the plural form is quamilla. Swarms of quamin attack in packs, making a series of small attacks on larger creatures which open small wounds on their prey's skin. These creatures then latch onto their prey and suck out the blood and other vital fluids, eventually killing the larger prey. The favored prey of the quamilla is the sodbeast. The average quamin is nearly two meters in length, and has hollow bones supporting its body. Its leathery wings are edged with razor-sharp hooks, and their spiked tail is often used as a weapon. Their faces are actually a collection of sponge-like organs which are used to suck the bodily fluids from their prey. (POT, TOD, COG)

this Sludir worked as Guttu the Hutt's majordomo during the height of the New Order. (SWJ15)

this tramp freighter transported Tinian I'att and her companions from Ksiczzic III, after they had fled from Imperial forces on Druckenwell. (SWJ6)

this Imperial Governor was in charge of the planet Siluria III until he was attacked and killed by the resistance led by Kaiya Adrimetrum. (GG9)

Quannot's Disease
an inexplicable, degenerative disease which attacks the nervous system and causes body-wide deterioration. (COJ)

this was a common name among the Toydarian race. (WOTC, UANT)

Quanta Sector
this area of the galaxy was controlled by Imperial Moff Jerjerrod, before his posting at Endor during the construction of the second Death Star. (SWDB)

this bounty hunter started out life as a street rat from Lopor Station. He had a strong sense of family, and was known to be cool under pressure. (GG10)

this ancient, but not understood, technology was developed by the Gree race at the height of their civilization. (SWJ8)

Quantill City
this was the largest city of the planet Ando, and was one of the few situated on solid land. The environs of the city were clearly divided into Aquala areas and Quara areas. (SWJ11)

a large alien with a squarish body and thin legs, he appears to have a hard, ivory-colored exoskeleton. He worked with Gudb and Rek for the Stenness system's local Hutt crimelord, but was killed by Nomi Sunrider following their attack on her husband, Andur. (TOJ)

Airen Cracken was subjected to Imperial interrogation under the influence of Bavo Six, after being captured on this planet during the Galactic Civil War. (CFG)

Quantrax Creek
a fertile farm area located on the planet Makthierse. (COG)

Quantum Crystal
a frozen form of crystal which emits strong energy in the form of X-radiation. Often these are small crystals with specific applications. The smaller of the two stars that formed the Crseih system was condensed into a huge quantum crystal. Its energy emissions were so strong that they eventually warped the very fabric of the Force. This, when combined with the suffering induced by Hethrir in the prisons on Crseih Station, caused the being Waru to be pulled into the galaxy. (CS)

Quantum Fiber
developed some twenty years after the Battle of Endor, this material was used to create blast-proof vests and armor. It was later combined with molytex to create laminanium armor. (SBS)

Quantum RAM
developed by the Empire, this form of random-access memory was used in the most sophisticated droids. It employed near-molecular storage systems, allowing for nearly immediate access to information and cycles. (AFA)

Quantum Storm
this Gallofree Yards medium transport ship was the first Alliance cargo ship to successfully escape the Battle of Hoth. Its flight proved the worth of the v-150 ion cannon, as a single blast from the cannon incapacitated an Imperial-class Star Destroyer and allowed other transports to leave with minimal escort. (EBSR, SWTJ)

Quantum-crystalline armor
the type of armor used to shield the Sun Crusher, it is made from layering just a few densely-stacked atoms on top of another layer that is phase-shifted. It is nearly indestructible. (JS)

Quantum-resolution Generation Device
an extremely expensive food generation system, it can create any food matter from a basic bulk matter. (SS)

this was a potent liquor which was popular among smugglers during the early years of the New Order. (T16)

Quar Rat
this vicious creature was considered a pest in the sewers of Barancar Port. (SWJ8)

one of two factions of Aqualish living on the planet Ando, the Quara have adpated to living on the planet's small islands. The Quara are also known as the fingered Aqualish, since they have fingers instead of the paddle-like fins of the Aquala. While they make up just ten percent of the Aqualish population, the Quara considered themselves higher socially and genetically, and eventually moved out of the water and lived on the smaller islands and in the swamps of Ando. The Aquala claimed that the Quara were responsible for the gradual decline in the fish population of Ando's oceans, and started a civil war that lasted several generations. The war was ended when an exploration vessel of unknown origins landed on Ando, and the two sides stopped fighting each other and destroyed their visitors. The two groups then reverse-engineered the ship and discovered how to fly it and then build their own ships, although the process was painstakingly slow for the non-technical Aqualish. The uneasy truce was soon broken, and the two groups took their battle to Ando's sister planet, utterly destroying it. (GG4)

this was the name used by the Outbound Flight Colony to describe the makeshift prison they established in the remains of Outbound Flight's D-Six Dreadnaught. Chak Fel and the Aurek-Seven unit of the Imperial 501st Legion discovered that the Quarantine wasn't set aside for criminals, but actually for those children and descendents of the Survivors who manifested any sort of connection to the Force. These individuals were first held in Quarantine until the Outbound Flight Colony was convinced of the strength of their connection. If true powers were demonstrated by an individual, they were incarcerated in the D-Three Dreadnaught, which was all but impossible to reach. (SQ)

this fat governor of the planet Drexel One commanded a huge ship that operated in the oceans of the planet, making war against the sea-dragons and their Dragon Lord masters. Quarg was eventually unseated by Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. His father was the former Governor of the Korteen Asteroid Belt, who hated the Old Republic for snooping into his business. Quarg's father fled to the Drexel System when the Old Republic interrupted his "mining activities", which were actually piratical ambushes of cargo ships. His father had been using sonic jammers to wreck ships near the belt and salvage their cargo. Quarg continued in his father's footsteps, using the jammers to cause pain to the sea-dragons, which felt intense pain in the ultrasonic ranges they were used to communicating with. Quarg's machinesmiths managed to drag Luke Skywalker's ship out of orbit, during his mission to scout the system, and Quarg forced Luke to help him repair many of his hydra-craft in preparation for destroying the Dragon Lords. When Crimson Jack arrived in the system hoping to locate lost treasure, Quarg ordered his forces to drag the massive pirate ship out of orbit. Crimson Jack's arrival coincided with a massive attack by the Dragon Lords, and Quarg tried to fight both battles at once. Unfortunately, the power needed to drag the pirate ship from orbit drew power from his own propulsion systems, leaving him adrift in the ocean. When Luke attempted to rescue Leia Organa, he managed to knock Quarg off the central mast of his ship. Quarg fell to his death, drowning in the churning seas. (MC12, MC13, MC14)

this was a type of sensor that was part of a starship's standard equipment. (SWJ3)

Quarle, Daven
a native of the planet Verkuyl, this man was an aide to Imperial Governor Parco Ein, and was placed in charge of the selection of a corporation to build a bacta refinery on Verkuyl. Unknown to agent Selby Jarrad, Quarle was also a member of the resistance on Verkuyl, and was working with the New Republic to removed the yoke of Imperial control. Unknown to the Republic, Quarle was actually a double-agent, working primarily for Governor Ein. He used his connection with Selby to determine that the Republic was planning to send in a fleet and liberate Verkuyl. He then alerted Ein to the fleet's arrival, and doublecrossed Selby. Ein later revealed that Daven hated his grandfather, Corlin Quarle Deld, and helped the Empire take control of Verkuyl. Selby learned of his duplicity, and shot him at point-blank range. (TFNR)

Quarlitech Aergronics, Incorporated
this corporation produced a wide range of exercise equipment during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

this independent spacer witnessed the subjugation of Hyrol Preen Beta by the Empire. (FTD)

this former Jedi Knight was lost to the Old Republic during the Clone Wars. He was known to have accompanied Tassida Judrelle to Cona, during the break-up of Lojrak Shrag's slat smuggling ring, just before the Battle of Geonosis. He was captured and twisted into an agent of the Dark Side of the Force by Emperor Palpatine. Palpatine trained Quarmall to hide out until something happened to the Empire, which turned out to be the Battle of Endor. After Palpatine's death, Quarmall emerged and began using his skills with the Dark Side to spread a message of intergalactic peace and harmony. The goal was to weaken the New Republic's military by having its leaders "convert" to Quarmall's prophetic message. Quarmall's deception was exposed by a group of fledgling Jedi during one of his rallies. They challenged Quarmall by talking about his true motives, and Quarmall became angry. His true nature was released, and the young Jedi were forced to defeat him. Rumors spread out from Quarmall's supporters that the young Jedi had killed legitimate Jedi Knight working for peace, even after a large crowd witnessed Quarmall's actions. (GMS, HNN5)

these domesticated hunting animals were bred by the Devaronian race. The Devaronians used quarra to dispense the death penalty to murderers and assassins, letting loose a pack of the beasts to rip the criminal apart. It was rumored that this practice was the reason the New Republic wouldn't accept Devaron's application for membership. Quarra have inbred instincts that make them attack the soft underbelly of their victims, ripping out the guts while the prey dies. Then, the quarra can consume their prey at leisure. (TBH)

the projectile fired from a bowcaster. They can be set to explode on contact, or a short distance in front of their target. (SW, HSR)

a plant native to Coruscant, it has a distinctive odor. (BTS)

a humanoid race native to Calamari's deep oceans, the Quarren were distinguished by their helmet-shaped heads and the mass of tentacles located below their close-set eyes. The Quarren were more accustomed to deep-sea living, and chose to live below the water. Although it has never been scientifically proven that the Quarren evolved from squid-like creatures, their appearance and the fact that they could squirt ink into the water when startled pointed to a similarity between them. Their conservative and solitary nature led them to be unwilling to trust new ideas or lofty concepts. When they first came in contact with the shore-dwelling Mon Calamari who shared their homeworld, the Quarren were hesitant. They eventually began to cooperate with the Mon Cal, and together they developed a symbiotic relationship in which the Quarren provide the raw materials, and the Mon Cal provide the knowledge and expertise; this led to the construction of the huge floating cities that dominate Calamari's oceans. Because of their pragmatic nature, the Quarren did not want to travel and explore the stars, as the Mon Cal did, and this began to create friction between the two races. When the Mon Cal's dream of contact with other stars became the deadly war with the Empire, the Quarren chose to ignore it, leaving the battle to the Mon Calamari who brought it upon themselves. However, the Quarren could not escape the Empire, and it is rumored that a Quarren helped the Empire evade the Calamarian defenses and overtake the planet. Unfortunately, the Quarren were enslaved along with the Mon Cal. When the Mon Cal resisted Imperial rule, the Empire began destroying the floating cities. This served to unite the two races temporarily, and together they were able to solidify their defenses and drive off the Empire with nothing more than crude weapons. After that, there were a number of Quarren who left the planet, seeking a life among the stars as their neighbors the Mon Cal did. (ROTJ, DE1, DA, SWSB, YDR)

this was the native language of the Quarren people. (GMR10)

Quarren Crystal
this beautiful glassware rarely makes it off Calamari. (BW)

Quarren Industrial
this Calamarian corporation manufactures the various mining implements used by the Quarren to obtain the valuable ores from the bottom of the Calamari seas. They built the Q-4 borer droid. (DU)

Quarren Isolation League
this band of Quarren was formed just prior to the Clone Wars, in opposition to the reformation of the Mon Calamari Knights. As the galaxy was swept up in the Clone Wars, the Quarren Isolation League sided with Count Dooku and the Separatists, accepting weaponry and technology in an effort to defeat the Mon Calamari and turn the planet over to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Quarren had historically felt that they were considered second-class citizens to the Mon Calamari, but their inherently solitary nature seemed to keep them in this position. Senator Tikkes, the Quarren whose corruption was exposed by the Galactic Senate, returned to Calamari and brought the Quarren Isolation League to the forefront. The League demanded that Calamari sever all ties to the Old Republic, and sought to eliminate any opposition - from the Mon Calamari or fellow Quarren. The League was supported by many of the most influential mining operations on the planet, which were led by Quarren and funded by the Commerce Guild, and it accepted advanced underwater warships from the Techno Union. However, as the Clone Wars dragged on, the Quarren Isolation League was eventually defeated by the Mon Calamari Knights, who were supported by Jedi Master Kit Fisto and a squadron of clone troopers. (SWDB, CWC1)

Quarren Sector
this was one section of Crevasse City, located on the planet Kalkovak. It was named for the fact that it was originally settled by a group of Quarren. (UYV)

Quarren Tower
this was one of the largest buildings located on Coral City, on the planet Mon Calamari, during the height of the New Republic. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Quarren Tower served as a residence for many of the dishomed Senators and leaders of the fledgling Galactic Alliance. (UF)

Quarren War
this was a term used by the Mon Calamari to describe the brief civil war that erupted between their race and the Quarren on their homeworld of Calamari, some twenty years before the Clone Wars. The war was ultimately won by the Mon Calamari, although it did little to change the political stance of the population. Ultimately, the two races remained separated by many different ideals. (GORW)

this was the name given to the native language of the Quarren. (ANT)

this Wookiee name was given to Bria Tharen, during her work with the Kashyyyk underground resistance. The name means "sun-haired warrior." (RD)

Quarry, The
located in an underwater cavern near the core of the planet Naboo, this was where the Gungans sent their criminals to be punished. During their time there, Gungans were forced to break large stones into small grains of sand, then form them back into stones again. Until Jar Jar Binks was ordered to spent time in the Quarry for letting the specimens of the Otoh Gunga Zoological Research Facility loose, no Gungan had been sent to the Quarry for three generations. Many Gungans had considered the Quarry to horrendous a punishment, but Boss Nass decided that it would be perfect to try and straighten out Jar Jar. Most of the passages into or out of the Quarry were blocked by grates or bars. (E1A9)

Quarter Moon Street
this avenue was located in the third quadrant of Coruscant's Senate District, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (DH)

Quartermain III
this was one of three Imperial maintenance carriers assigned to the replenishment fleet which contained the Black Ice. (BI)

Quas Killam
this planet, located on the farthest edge of the Mid Rim, was the homeworld of the Killam race. The planet was site of a civil war several years before the Battle of Naboo. The two government factions fought over who would control the planet's trinium resources, and the Jedi Knights were called in to negotiate a settlement. Siri Tachi and her Padawan, Ferus Olin, managed to get one cartel to agree to a large number of concessions, ending the conflict but never truly solving the problem. Ultimately, the cartel allied itself with the Trade Federation, and used the clout of the Federation to crush the other faction and take total control of the planet. (SOJ)

this man was the Captain of a luxury liner during the years following the Clone Wars. During a trip which took his ship across the Merson Asteroid Belt, Captain Quasar was forced to enlist the aid of Obi-Wan Kenobi in calming the passengers and defending the ship. Obi-Wan was able to discover the location of a homing signal generator and disabling it, allowing the passenger ship to continue unharmed. (MC24)

Quasar Fire-class Bulk Cruiser
this SoroSuub cruiser-carrier was 340 meters in length, and had a flat, triangular shape. The point of the triangle held the bridge and command section. A long hull brace fanned out behind the bridge, widening into the rear section of the ship. This section, which formed the base of the triangle, was designed to house four squadrons of starfighters (forty-eight in all). The rear section was deep enough to allow incoming ships to land, and was open to space. Only a magnetic field separated the flight deck from space when the ship wasn't at battle stations. The Quasar Fire normally had a crew of 250, more than half of which were starfighter mechanics. It was armed with only a pair of heavy turbolasers, as its mission profile was to deliver its payload of starfighters into the battle then retreat from any engagements. (EGV)

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