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Qel-Droma, Ulic

an ancient Jedi Knight, Ulic was very powerful in the use of The Force. He was born on Alderaan, and raised in a family of great warriors. His mother was a Jedi Knight. Along with his brother, Cay, they were apprenticed to the Jedi Master Arca on Arkadia. When they had completed their training, Arca sent them - along with fellow student Tott Doneeta - to Onderon to help put an end to the fighting between the city dwellers and the beastmasters. When they tried to defend the city dwellers in Iziz, they discovered the Dark Side energies flowing there. They also discovered that the dwellers of Iziz were the real enemy, and strove to defeat Queen Amanoa. They eventually overcame the Dark Side threat, and later found the tomb of Freedon Nadd. They tried to rid the planet of Nadd's influence, but Arca was captured by the hidden King Ommin. Ulic sent for more Jedi and help from the Old Republic, and their combined forces were able to defeat Ommin and recover Arca. The Jedi then helped Iziz rebuild itself, during which time Ulic fell in love with Nomi Sunrider. When they were cleaning up the Dark Side artifacts, the spirit of Freedon Nadd reappeared and told Ulic he would become one of the greatest Sith Lords. Ulic and Nomi were assigned to assist in the retaking of the Empress Teta System from the Krath, who had declared war on the Jedi. Ulic proposed that he should join the Krath and attempt to defeat it from the inside. He made himself heard at the Great Council on Deneba. However, the Jedi Masters feared that Ulic would be drawn into the Dark Side, but during their discussions the Krath attacked. He fought bravely, only to see Master Arca killed while he was distracted. This hardened his resolve to eradicate the Krath, and he set out to discover the Dark Side of the Force first-hand. He hoped that by becoming a Dark Side follower, he could find its weaknesses and use it against the Krath. He was seduced by Aleema, and his despair at Arca's death only made him an easier target for the Dark Side and the Sith magic. His brother, Cay, and Nomi Sunrider went to Cinnagar to return Ulic to the Light Side, but their combined love for Ulic could not sway him from the Dark Side. At this time, Exar Kun intervened and severely injured Aleema while trying to overcome Ulic and recover a Sith amulet. Their combined fury released an ancient Sith spirit, who claimed both of them for the Dark Side. Exar Kun was named Dark Lord of the Sith while Ulic was named his apprentice. He became caught up in Exar Kun's plans and became a Dark Jedi himself. He joined forces with the ancient Mandalorian warriors after defeating their leader, and conquered star system after star system with the power of the Dark Side. He was captured by the Jedi and brought to trial on Coruscant, but was freed by the intervention on Exar Kun and the Mandalorians. They then travelled to Ossus, in an attempt to take possession of the Jedi and Sith knowledge stored there. Ulic was again captured by the Jedi, this time by his brother, Cay, who challenged him to a duel. In his Dark Side fury, Ulic cut down his brother in a bloody battle. Some part of the Light Side still remained, and Ulic was brought ot his knees by the import of what he had done. Nomi Sunrider, enraged by Ulic's actions, used the Force in anger and cut Ulic off from the Force. Thus weakened, Ulic felt no more need to support Exar Kun and the Sith. In the end, Ulic led the Jedi to Yavin 4, where they were able to defeat Kun and quell the Sith uprising. Ten years later, Ulic fled to Rhen Var in an effort to isolate himself from the galaxy and to find peace. He thought to let himself die in a storm, but the spirit of Master Arca urged him to survive. He was unprepared for the arrival of Vima Sunrider, who wanted him to teach her the ways of the Jedi. Despite his misgivings, Ulic realized that this was why Master Arca had urged him to live. He took Vima under his tutelage, and trained her to the best of his abilities. He even tried to be civil when Nomi arrived on Rhen Var to recover her daughter. However, shortly after Nomi's arrival, Sylvar came to the planet and challenged him to a duel. Sylvar had the advantage of contact with the Force, but Ulic fought bravely in an effort to return Sylvar to the Light Side of the Force. Sylvar came to her senses, but was too focused on herself to notice that Hoggon had followed her. Hoggon shot Ulic in the back with his blaster, believing that he had killed the greatest traitor of the Jedi order. Despite the fact that Ulic no longer had contact with the Force, his lifeless body nonetheless disappeared and became part of the Force.
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