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Qel-Droma, Cay

Ulic Qel-Droma's brother, and a Jedi Knight who learned about The Force from Master Arca on Arkania. Cay and Ulic were born to noble parents on Alderaan, and their mother was a Jedi Knight. He was good friends with Tott Doneeta, another of Master Arca's apprentices. When he, Ulic, and Tott were dispatched to Onderon to mediate the planet's growing unrest, Cay lost his arm in the battle between the Beastmasters and the Onderonians. He replaced it with a prosthetic arm from a droid which was destroyed in the battle. Like his brother, Cay was born on Alderaan. Unlike his brother, Cay was level-headed when it came to his abilities with the Force. Cay was greatly dismayed when Ulic attempted to infiltrate the Krath by turning to the Dark Side, and was caught up in the Sith War because of it. Cay tried many times to reach his brother and return him to the Light Side, but always to no avail. When Ulic was brought to trial on Coruscant, Cay tried to speak on his behalf. This plea was interrupted by the appearance of Exar Kun, who defeated the Jedi and reclaimed Ulic. Cay continued to fight against the Sith, and again met his brother in battle. This time, it was on Ossus, where the Jedi were trying to rescue their libraries from the destruction of the Cron System. There, Cay and Ulic were engaged in a starship battle that ended when Ulic shot Cay down. Only Cay's piloting skills kept him alive. When they met on the planet's surface, Cay pleaded with Ulic to return to the Light. Ulic refused, and initiated a lightsaber duel. Cay fought well, but could not bring himself to kill his brother. This left an opening for Ulic, who struck Cay down with a vicious swing of his lightsaber. Cay died in Ulic's arms as the remnants of the Light Side in Ulic were able to regain some control over his mind. However, Nomi Sunrider cut Ulic completely off from the Force, leaving him adrift. Some years later, Ulic remembered his slain brother by naming his starship Cay's Dream.
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