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Taim & Bak ground-based turbolaser turrets which have their own power generators. (CSA)

this was the HoloNet codename used by Groz Niclari, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (HNN5)

this swamp surrounds the communal pool on the planet Ergeshui. (PG2)

this strong material was made from wood and other additives, and was used to build inexpensive furniture. (LCM)

this was one of the many mining towns located on the planet Af'El. Qua'Tahc was known for its rich meleenium deposits. (SWJ10)

this woman was one of the many Jedi Masters who worked from the base on Dantooine during the years leading up to the Great Sith War, some 4.000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Among her most noted Padawans was the Cathar known as Juhani, who struggled to contain her instincts and the Jedi Code. During a training exercise, Juhani became angry with Quatra's continuous banter, and lashed out at her Master. Quatra was accidentally killed by Juhani's attack, and her death drove the Cathar into the wilderness. (SWDB)

Quatrain Pudundruh
this unsavory Twi'leki entrepreneur worked on the planet Ord Mantell durnig the height of the New Order. One of his most lucrative businesses was entertainment, and for a while he managed the sister act of Amaiza and Jodelle Foztrain. However, after a particularly rough season, Quatrain was forced to sell off many of his assets, including the Foxtrain sisters. (GMR4)

Quatreen River
this river wound through Foulahn City, on the planet Cartao, separating the city from the Triv Spaceport. (SWI69)

this small corporation produced a variety of diagnostic kits during the early years of the New Republic. (TG)

this was the Weequay god of the moon. In their native tongue, "weequay" meant "follower of Quay." Many Weequay continually sought Quay's advice through a device, also called a quay, which seemingly answered their questions. (TJP, GG12)

this round, hard-plastic sphere measured about twenty centimeters in diameter, and used by the Weequay as a sort of communications device. The Weequay believed that they could use the sphere to talk to the moon-god Quay. In reality, the plastic sphere was a simple random response generator. When prompted for a response, the ball would generate a random phrase, such as "It is decidedly so" or "Ask again later." To the Weequay, the quay resembled one of their homeworld's moons, thus giving it even greater significance and a way to communicate with Quay, the god of the moon. (TJP)

this barren moon was the largest of the five satellites that orbited the planet Sriluur. (GORW)

Quay Lyn
this asteroid field was located in the Sriluur System, between the orbits of the planets Alcrue and Lyntra. (GORW)

this woman never knew what planet she was born on, but she knew that Shesharile 5 was her home. She joined the swoop gang known as the Rabid Mynocks, and was chosen their leader after the previous leader was killed in a raid. Under Quayce, the Mynocks enjoyed a brief prosperity until the Spiders and the Raging Banthas joined forces against them. Quayce and her core team barely escaped, and vowed to eliminate the rival gangs. To show her defiance of their attempt to kill her, Quayce shaved one side of her head as a reminder. (SWJ6)

this village, located well beyond the borders of Meirm City in Sriluur, was a religious retreat for the native Weequay population. (SSR)

Quebe-Luxfause Systems
headquartered on Tatooine during the height of the New Order, this small corporations produced the Queblux line of power generators. (IWST)

this was the common name used to describe Quebe-Luxfause Systems. (IWST)

this was a version of low-grade power sources, used to support small buildings, that was produced by Quebe-Luxfause Systems during the early years of the New Order. (GG7, TME, IWST)

this Phindian was a Major in the Sentient Property Crime Bureau, during the height of the Clone Wars. Quecks was the first Phindian to respond to the presence of Solis and Fidelis on Phindar, when the droids accompanied Whie Malreaux - who was traveling with Jedi Master Yoda to Vjun - after they departed from the Reasonable Doubt. Quecks was unprepared for the actions of Solis during a Separatist attack on the Jedi accompanying Whie. Solis saw an opportunity to abandon the Jedi, and grabbed the neural-net eraser from Quecks' hands, breaking his fingers in the process. Seeing their leader disarmed so easily, the troops supporting Quecks ran for their lives, and Quecks wasn't far behind. (YDR)

this New Republic Senator served as the chairbeing of the Economics Committee under President Gavrisom. (SOP)

this six-legged, reptilian herbivore was domesticated by the Yuuzhan Vong for use as a mount and transport. Because of the variety diets of plants and roots, quednaks were known to be excessively flatulent. Quednaks were also minimally intelligent, able to comprehend the basic commands of their riders. (Y)

this surname was common among human settlements found throughout in the galaxy. (GCG)

Quee, Danni
this young woman was one of the original members of the ExGal-4 outpost team sent to the planet Belkadan. The daughter of a bureaucratic father, she was just eighteen at the time, a native of Commenor who hated the oppressive atmosphere of the densely-populated Core planets. Her mother was an astrphysicist who tried to stay out of politics as best she could. Her father was a bureaucrat, and her parents split up when she as still young. Danni claimed that her mother's influence caused her to join the ExGal Society at fifteen, hoping to escape the press of too many people and the demands of government. She thought that she would have her moment of glory when the ExGal-4 station detected an asteroid from beyond the galaxy's rim near Helska, only to find that the asteroid was a Yuuzhan Vong worldship and the advance ship in their invasion of the galaxy. She took the outpost's Spacecaster shuttle to Helska to see what had happened, but was captured by the Yuuzhan Vong and held captive. Although she failed to understand the honor she was given by the Yuuzhan Vong, she realized that she was alive and sought any way to escape. She was held on Helska, and was later joined by Miko Reglia. The Yuuzhan Vong tried to break his will by bombarding him with images of his own failure, but Danni struggled to keep him sane enough to escape. They managed to steal two ooglith cloakers, and tried to get off the planet. Miko sacrificed himself so that Danni and Jacen Solo could escape, and they were rescued by Jaina Solo during the defeat of the Yuuzhan Vong over Helska. Danni returned to Commenor to rest before rejoining the New Republic's efforts to defeat the Yuuzhan Vong. She later accompanied Leia Organa Solo on a mission to Bastion, where they attempted to enlist the aid of Gilead Pellaeon and the Imperial Remnant in battling the Yuuzhan Vong. She found herself more and more attracted to Jacen Solo, despite the difference in their age, and she slowly cultivated a relationship with him. Danni later accompanied Jacen and his uncle, Luke Skywalker, on a mission into the Unknown Regions, where they hoped to find the rogue planet Zonama Sekot. Upon landing on the planet, Danni was amazed at the lifeforce which infused the world. However, the native Ferroans were not convinced of the Jedis' motives, nor was Sekot, the sentient part of the planet. A group of Ferroans attacked their camp and took Danni hostage, and she suffered a concussion in the attack. Sekot had orchestrated the attack to test the Jedi, and both Luke and Jacen were able to convince the planet of their peaceful intentions. Danni was freed, and Zonama Sekot agreed to follow them back to the galaxy. Danni, however, found no solace in the return to the known galaxy, for she had come to the realization that she would never truly be a Jedi Knight. Despite the words of Luke Skwyalker and the examples of her latent ability, Danni despaired of ever truly communing with the Force. Her mood didn't improve even when Sekot specifically requested her presence on the surface when the living planet returned to realspace near Coruscant. It was only after Sekot revealed what it had discovered about its own past that Danni discovered what she wanted to do with her life. After battling the Yuuzhan Vong for so long, Danni elected to remain on Zonama Sekot when it returned to the Unknown Regions, in hopes of learning more about the extra-galactic aliens and their bio-technology. (VP, DTO, DTR, FH1, FH3, UF)

Queedle Malto
this being was one of the best swoop racers on the planet Manaan, during the era of the Great Sith War. (KOTOR)

Queen Aelnari
this is a moderately-priced cruise ship that plies the hyperspace tourist lanes of the Outer Rim. (GG9)

Queen Jesrella
this was the name of the main character in a popular series of holovids, produced during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo. The series was cut short when its star, Levi Shoen, was murdered on the set. (WOTC)

Queen of Air and Darkness
this sabacc card had a value of plus or minus two. (HT)

Queen of Empire
this Corellian Engineering Corporation luxury liner was owned by the Haj Shipping Lines, and made regular stops at Cloud City during the middle years of the New Order. Measuring 150 meters in length, the Queen of Empire was operated by a crew of 122, which included the pilot, co-pilot, and 120 servants and wait staff. It could accommodate up to 600 passengers and 2,000 metric tons of supplies. Since it was a civilian vessel, the Queen of Empire was only lightly armed, with a pair of double turbolasers being its only weaponry. Bria Tharen boarded the Queen of Empire as Bria Lavval, and was nearly captured by Boba Fett but for the timely intervention of Lando Calrissian. However, Calrissian was unable to rescue her without the timelier intervention of Drea Renthal and her pirates. They had used an asteroid's mass shadow to drag the luxury liner out of hyperspace, and began looting the ship as Fett tried to escape with his prey. Drea stopped the bounty hunter before he could escape, and offered to pay Bria's bounty in return for their safety. Fett had no choice but to agree. The ship was well maintained, and continued to operate throughout the Galactic Civil War and the early part of the New Republic. It was attacked by pirates hired by the Peace Brigade during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, after it was learned that Major Showolter was transporting Elan and Vergere to Coruscant on the ship. (RD, HT, NJOSB)

Queen of Ranroon
this legendary, lost starship was supposedly seen by spacers in the depths of space. Legends said that it was, at the time of its launch, the largest ship ever built. It was believed to have been filled with the treasue of Xim the Despot, and was on its way to deliver the treasure to Xim's vaults on Dellalt when it was lost. During the early years of the New Order, Lanni Troujow found the ship's log-recorder while working in the mines of Dellalt, but she was killed by J'uoch before she could locate it. Her sister, Hasti, enlisted the help fo an old friend, Alexsandr Badure, and set out to recover the log-recorder. With the help fo Skynx, they hoped to find the Queen of Ranroon, but lacked a way to leave Rudrig to being their search. Badure then talked his old friends, Han Solo and Chewbacca, into transporting them to Dellalt for a portion of the profits. It was Skynx who was able to translate the log-recorder, from which the group learned that the Queen of Ranroon had been en route to Dellalt when Xim was killed during the Third Battle of Vontor. Because the vaults on Dellalt could only be opened by Xim, so the crew of the ship chose to land near the vaults and await his return, unaware that he was already dead. The descendants of these crewmen became known as the Survivors, and they jealously guarded the ship for many millennia. Although the ship had eventually been dismantled, her entire treasure had been transferred to the various vaults that had been built on Dellalt. Unfortunately for Han Solo and his group, they discovered that the "treasure" she held was cheap, abundant materials and weapons that Xim hoped to stockpile and use in his galactic conquest. Skynx, however, discovered a wealth of information tapes and other records that provided invaluable insight into the centuries leading up to the formation of the Old Republic. (HSR)

Queen of the Valkyries
this was the name of the starship promised to Belezaboth Ourn by Nil Spaar. The ship was to be payment for the damage done to the Mother's Valkyrie. Spaar kept the starship in the Yevethan fleet protecting N'zoth, claiming it was needed to defend the Yevetha from the New Republic's Fifth Battle Group. This also served to keep Ourn on Coruscant, providing Spaar with a ready source of information on the Republic. (SOL)

Queen Yram's Needle
this tall, thin monument was erected in the city of Theed, on the planet Naboo. (IWE1)

Queen's Drawing Room
this was one of the many chambers in the royal palace of Hapes, which was set aside for the private use of the Queen Mother. Entrance to the chamber was through a single doorway, which was heavily guarded whenever the Queen Mother was present. A secret passageway provided an escape route for the Queen Mother, and its location was only known by the Queen Mother and her predecessors, if they were still alive. (DN2)

Queen's Monument
erected by the Gungans after the Battle of Naboo, this unique monument was built in honor of Queen Amidala. It symbolized the peace which had been forged between the Naboo and the Gungans, which allowed them to break the Trade Federation's hold on their world. The center of the monument was a stone spire, atop which was set a single light representing the unified planet of Naboo. Five small globes encircled the spire, representing Amidala's virtues of leadership, compassion, beauty, wisdom, and strength. (IG1)

Queen's Own Armored Cavalry Troop
this ground-based unit was a branch of the Atrisian Assault Corps. (ROE)

the smaller of Ergeshui's two land masses. (PG2)

this man served the Old Republic naval forces as a Captain, and was in command of the Ranger during the mission to liberate the Intergalactic Communications Center from the Separatists, some two and a half years after the Battle of Geonosis. (JT)

Quekka Fish
this flavorful fish was considered a delicacy on many planets. A civil war on the fish's native planet resulted in a toxic waste spill that killed off a huge part of the quekka fish population. (HAS)

Quekka Trench
this twelve-kilometer-deep trench was the site of a Rendeel Industries processing plant, which was made profitable by the canning of the local quekka fish. It was also the site of a battle between local governmental factions, which resulted in a toxic waste spill that killed off the quekka fish population. (HAS)

Quekka Trench Station
this one of the Rendeel Industries' type 07034 processing plants, located deep within the Quekka Trench. This plant processed tons of quekka fish each year, providing the delicate fish to chefs across the galaxy. However, when the local government splintered into warring factions, the Trench became the site of an intense battle. During the struggle, toxic wastes were dumped into the Trench, killing off a huge portion of the quekka fish population. The station survived the battle undamaged, unlike Shelf Station 432. Rendeel abandoned the plant, which was no longer profitable, along with Shelf Station 321. (HAS)

this was a common name given to male Duros children. The name Quelben literally meant "bearer to the skies", a reference to the original Duros diaspora. (GCG)

this was the name of a turret-mounted pulse laser cannon produced by Taim & Bak. It was first used on the Corellian HT-2200 medium freighter. (SWJ5)

Quelii Sector
this section of the galaxy was located in the Outer Rim Territories, and included the planet Dathomir. During the era of the New Order, the Quelii Sector was under the control of the Drackmarians. Following the Battle of Endor, Imperial Warlord Zsinj took control of the sector for his own usage. (CPL, GORW)

Ah Kwan's female companion at Jabba the Hutt's palace. (TJP)

Quella Stone
this beautiful blue gemstone is most famous as the trademark of the master thief known as Tombat. Tombat always left a small blue quella stone at the scene of his crimes. Quella stones were known to be found only in the Alderaan System. (SWJ4, SWJ6, SWJ8)

Quellegh Industrial
this corporation produced a wide range of riot-suppression weapons, including stun rays, during the decades leading up to the Great Sith War. Most of their products were designed for use on droids and other automata, and were designed to be non-lethal. This allowed Quellegh to sell their products on the public market, although much of their marketing was directed toward power-hungry despots and other beings who desired power. (KOTOR)

this Toydarian owned a group of landing pads on Nar Shaddaa, during the years surrounding the Jedi Civil War. (KOTOR2)

this planet was one of many worlds on which peaceful, anti-Imperial rallies were held in the aftermath of the Battle of Yavin. At one such rally in Terrina Square, Moff Toggan called in a legion of stormtroopers to keep the peace, and he specifically ordered them to hold their fire unless he gave the order. Unfortunately, when the protesters burned an effigy of Emperor Palpatine, the stormtroopers opened fire. All the protesters were incinerated. (RESB)

Que-Mars Redath-Gom
this was the name of a noted Weequay Jedi Knight who fought bravely during the Battle of Geonosis. (UANT, OWS)

this twelve-legged beast was bio-engineered by the Yuuzhan Vong to serve as a mount for their Chazrach troops. (UF)

Quence Sector
this area of the galaxy is found within the Outer Rim Territories. (GG9)

Quench Weed
this plant, found on the planet Naboo, was boiled by the Gungans and reduced to form a powerful adhesive. When placed into water, the boiled quench weed expanded while retaining its adhesive properties, creating a sticky glob which could plug up holes or pipes. (GF, GMR4)

a New Republic escort frigate, the Quenfis was sent to locate the Katana under the command of Captain Sarin Virgilio. Borsk Fey'lya and Leia Organa Solo were also on board. When the Imperial Star Destroyer Judicator intercepted the Quenfis at the Katana's location, Fey'lya ordered Virgilio to leave, an action that would strand the members of the New Republic which had already entered some of the Dreadnaughts. When Leia tricked Fey'lya into expressing his views over the frigate's loudspeakers, Virgilio opted to throw Fey'lya in the brig and remain with the Katana Fleet. (DFR)

this city, located on the northern continent of the planet Daltarra, was also the site of the largest spaceport serving the planet. (RESB)

this small, subterranean mammal was native to the planet Dantooine. Similar in many respects to most canids, the quenker moved about by hopping on its hind legs. When hungry, the quenker exuded a toxin bile from its mouth, which it used to break down and partially digest its prey before consuming it. This bile was especially dangerous to human flesh, which all but disintegrated when it came into contact with the bile. (ROD)

this was one of the two factions of the Saurton race. The Quenno opposed the "progress" of the Des'mar faction, wishing to return Essowyn to the complete control of the Saurton. The Quenno felt that the major mining corporations which moved in to mine the system's asteroid belts were taking control of Essowyn and leaving nothing for the Saurton. Despite their obvious majority, the Quenno couldn't make much progress because it lacked the wealth and power of the Des'mar. (PG1)

Quent Assassins
this was one of the many teams which participated in the Royal Imperial Shockball League, during the height of the New Order. (CRO)

this Aqualish engineer worked for Chalmer Trillili and the Scourge, and was a member of the Quara race. He had a knack for fixing things, and was responsible for installing the gravity well projector in the Impasse. (OE)

this Imperial Commander was dispacthed by Grand Admiral Thrawn to the planet Tatooine, in order to investigate the auction of the moss-painting known as Killik Twilight, some four and a half years after the Battle of Endor. Assigned to the Chimaera, Commander Quenton was given a wealth of credits with which to secure the artwork, and no price was considered too high. However, when he noticed that a Devaronian and a Twi'lek - actually Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo, in disguise - were trying to destroy the artwork, Quenton and his men opened fire in Mawbo's Performance Hall, in an effort to secure it. They were unable to foresee that Kitster Nabai would steal the painting and flee into the desert, but Quenton reacted quickly and sent a detachment out to recover both Banai and Killik Twilight. (TG)

this was the name of a small, yellow-tailed summerbird which was kept as a pet by one of the Old Republic's Senators, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Fligh used Quentor's name as his "source" for information on the fixing of certain events at the Galactic Games on Euceron. He maintained this story until he was caught by Obi-Wan Kenobi, who discovered Quentor's true identity. (JQ3)

this gas giant was the fourth planet in the Chandrila System. It was orbited by three moons. (CCW)

this Outer Rim planet is home to a race of intelligent invertebrates known as Quermians. (IG1, IWE1)

a race of intelligent invertebrates native to the planet Quermia, these creatures had a vaguely humanoid physique, but their small heads were supported by long, thin necks. Their large torso is supported with four thin arms and two legs. They had two brains, and their olfactory organs were located in their hands. It was believed that the Quermians were related to the Xexto of the planet Troiken, and research into their origins proved this to be true. Almost 17,000 years before the Battle of Endor, the Quermian people were actually created by the geneticists of a rogue group of Arkanian scientists, who brought Xextos with them to Quermia and began a series of genetic experiments on them. The Arkanians grew bored of waiting for something to happen, and left Quermia. In their stead, the Quermian people evolved. The Quermians developed space travel on their own, but chose to populate only those worlds in their immediate star system. Quermians weree strongly telepathic, and could converse by locking eyes with one another. However, when traveling away from Quermia, they did their best to hide this trait from the rest of the galaxy. As a species, Quermians valued advanced and complicated philosophical contemplation, and many of the Old Republic's greatest diplomats and thinkers were of Quermian descent. (IG1, OWS, ANT, PJSB)

this was the name given to the native language of the Quermian race. It consisted of a number of melodious sounds, and the Quermian alphabet contained as many vowels as consonants. (ANT, UANT)

Quersey, Bren
this young man dreamed of attending the Raithal Academy, before joining the Alliance. He trained on the X-Wing under Wedge Antilles, and served as Red Eight during the Battle of Yavin. Quersey was killed in the battle. (CCG9)

this planet was located in a system between Sriluur and the Si'Klaata Cluster, along the Ac'fren Spur of the Sisar Run. It was the connecting point for ships travelling from Varl toward the Sisar Run. (SSR)

a fantasy, role-playing type of game. (COJ)

Quest for Quasar
this was one of the most popular roleplaying games of the last decades of the Old Republic. It was eventually made into a holofilm by Myris Pictures, shortly before the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

Quest for Quasar
this was a holofilm produced by Myris Pictures during the last decades of the Old Republic, and was based on the popular roleplaying game of the same name. Fans of the game protested the choice of Harlan Ottekvar for the leading role of Lord Baltharog, claiming that Ottekvar stood just 1.86 meters in height while Baltharog was clearly described as being 1.89 meters tall. (HNN5)

Quest, Sarcev
this man served in the Agricultural Corps of the Old Republic, shortly before the Battle of Naboo. Bored with this lifestyle, Sarcev believed he had been rescued when Chancellor Palpatine took him as an apprentice and aide. His handsome looks allowed Sarcev to mingle with the nobles and dignitaries of the Imperial court, gathering intelligence without appearing to pry. At night Sarcev worked as an infiltrator, spying on Palpatine's enemies and gathering hard evidence of their plans. After the Battle of Endor, Sarcev used a clone of Sate Pestage to try and maintain control of the Imperial Ruling Council, but the clone was eventually killed and Ysanne Isard too control of the Empire. Sarcev himself allied with Carnor Jax, and even manipulated events so that Jax would supplant the Emperor's clones to lead the Empire. When Jax was killed, Sarcev was ostracized by the Ruling Council, and went into hiding. It was later revealed that Sarcev Quest was the father of Irek Ismaren, although many believed that Irek was the son of Emperor Palpatine himself. Quest was eventually captured, after a bounty was placed on his head by Jeng Droga. Although Droga believed that it was Boba Fett who brought in Quest, it wsa actually Ailyn Vel working in disguise. (GMR5, EL2, SWI80)

this remote planet was an evolving world settled by people who simply wanted a quiet existence away from the hustle and bustle of the galaxy. Their peace shattered by the chance discovery of ardanium, which led to an increase in crime and an increase in notice from the Empire. Moff Bandor was installed as the planetary ruler, and he ruled with an iron fist. He kept the populace in line by using the hurlothrumbic generator, and drained the planet of every last cran of the mineral. After Bandor was defeated by the Alliance, Questal became a planet of little political value. It inhabitants established their own government, overthrowing the crime bosses and pledging loyalty to the Empire. In secret, though, they established negotiations with the Alliance. (GCQ)

Questal Sector
this area of the galaxy is home to the Protean species. (SWJ12)

Que'still, Zurric
this man was known to be grim and uncaring. Distinguished by his pure-white hair and his unblinking eyes, he was a former industrial engineer whose deep-space installation was nationalized by the Empire. His wife was killed when she tried to escape, and he never saw any of his friends again. He managed to escape the installation, and later joined the Alliance. (ND)

Question Number One
this was Admiral Traest Kre'fey's name for his primary mission, at least in his own mind. Question Number One, painted on the bulkhead leading to the command deck of the Ralroost, read "How can I hurt the Vong today?" (Y)

Question Number Two
this was Admiral Traest Kre'fey's name for his secondary mission, at least in his own mind. Question Number One, painted on the bulkhead leading to the command deck of the Ralroost, read "How can I help my own side grow stronger?" (Y)

Question of Master Jrul
this was one of the many lessons taught to Jedi Padwans in their training, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Master Jrul was noted for asking two simple questions: What is the good, if not the teacher of the bad? What is the bad, if not the task of the good? (E3N)

Questionable Activity Report
this report was required by the Old Republic from all passenger liners operating during the Clone Wars, in the event that a passenger - whether living or droid - acted in a way that was contrary to what was considered normal. In general, the QAR was created by a remote security system that was connected to a mainframe computer, rather than by a living security officer. This made that usefulness of the QAR somewhat dependent on the programming of the security system. (YDR)

this Zabrak musical instrument employed a set of strings that could be plucked or strummed to produce sounds. The music produced by a quetarra could be tuned to a variety of musical styles, but was exceptional at the plangent tones of Zabrak music. A quetarra had eight strings, which were usually made of bucky-fiber, that had to be tuned correctly in order to make the instrument sound its best. The hollow, ornate body of a quetarra was shaped like a figure eight, with several holes to produce optimal tones, and a fretboard that sometimes required a performer to use their chin in order to obtain the correct notes. A carved headpiece sat at the end of the fretboard, with turnkeys to assist the musician in tuning the strings. (MBS)

Quetemoor the Elder
this woman was the oldest child of Quetemoor the Venerable, and the heir to his criminal empire on the planet Coruscant, during the early years of the New Order. (CCW)

Quetemoor the Sub-Elder
this pale-skinned man was one of Coruscant's wealthiest nightclub owners, during the last years of the Old Republic and into the New Order. Like Volven Roxe and Beuga Odell, Quetemoor made his fortune without the intervention of the Hutts. Quetemoor was the latest in a long line of Mugaari criminals, and was the first to arrange for a sort of truce with Black Sun's Prince Xizor. He was outwardly known for his boisterous laughter and robust sense of humor, but he could also be brutally sadistic when necessary. (CCW)

Quetemoor the Venerable
this Mugaari crimelord was one of the major underworld forces on the planet Coruscant, during the decades leading up to the Clone Wars. Upon retiring, he turned his operations over to his children, Quetemoor the Elder and Quetemoor the Sub-Elder. (CCW)

Quetemoor the Younger
this man was the nephew of Mugaari crimelord Quetemoor the Sub-Elder. (CCW)

Quetzal Sisters
this was the alias used by Zeela Nall, Nuri Pravada, and Sheyne Tyndos, when they went undercover with Leia Organa to locate a holocube stolen by Nescan Tal'yo. Dressed as the seductive Quetzal Sisters, the women kept Imperial Commander Shad and his detachment occupied while Leia tried to retrieve the holocube. (T15)

Quexius Bird
native to the forest moon of Endor, this aggressive bird has bright green and red plumage. The bird's head and beak appear to be too large for its scrawny neck. When it flies, the quexius bird resembles a hummingbird, as its wings beat at incredibly fast speeds. The quexius bird is also quite stupid,and will antagonize creatures many times larger than itself. (TSK)

this planet was the site of a Separatist outpost, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. The biological weapon known as swamp gas, which killed a number of Gungans on Ohma-D'un, was developed on Queyta eight months earlier. Obi-Wan Kenobi was the only surviving member of a team of five Jedi Masters dispatched to Queyta to recover the antidote for swamp gas. It was on Queyta that he encountered Asajj Ventress, one of the masterminds behind the swamp gas project. Ventress was unable to stop Kenobi's raid, but vowed to capture him eventually. (SWI66, RBR, TCD)

see Quy'Tek (LEV)

this Force-sensitive Mon Calmari male was one of the leaders of the Village of Aurilia, on the planet Dathomir, serving on the council that was led by Rohak. Quharek, like the other settlers, had been exiled to Dathomir because he was perceived as a threat to Emperor Palpatine. During the height of the Galactic Civil War, Quharek was one of the growing number of individuals who wanted to expand the Village by taking in offworlders who wanted to learn more about the Force. Rohak eventually agreed with Marite that the Village of Aurilia should open its arms to Force-sensitive offworlders. In this way, the lore and knowledge of the settlers could be passed on, while the offworlders helped defend the settlement from attacks by the Nightsisters. (SWGAL)

this creature is hunted on the planet Endoraan, and is cooked for a sumptuous feast. (SWJ8)

this planet was allied with the Empire during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ4)

Quiberon V
this planet was mined by Gamorrean Interstellar during the Galactic Civil War. (GG10)

Quick 6
one of Merr-Sonn's sporting blasters, the Quick 6 was a lightweight weapon that was useful for bringing down live game. While not as durable as weapons designed for competition, it's light weight made it popular among amateur hunters. (RASB, AEG)

Quick Pit
based on the outskirts of Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine, Quick Pit was the name of a starship docking system managed by Pg'lax and his Verpine cohorts during the height of the New Order. Because most of Mos Eisley's docking bays were privately owned and operated, their owners often charged exhorbitant fees from spacers. Rather than paying these fees and cutting into their own profits, spacers could land on the outskirts of Mos Eisley and have their ships serviced wherever they landed by the Quick Pit team. Four A-A5 speeder trucks moved from ship to ship, providing all manner of resupply and refueling services. Because Pg'lax and his team serviced a large number of ships each day, they could charge their clients a much lower fee than the private docking bay owners. (GMR7)

Quick Ship
this 17-meter-long transport shuttle was designed and manufactured by Heckson Industries during the New Order. It was developed for planetary police forces, and was armed with a pair of triple blasters. It required a pilot and a gunner, and couls transport up to six passengers and 100 kilograms of cargo. (GMK)

a thick, greenish clay that acts like quicksand and covers much of the planet Circarpous V. (SME)

this flying predator was native to the planet Kuras III. The average specimen measured two meters in length, with a wingspan approaching five meters across. (PG3)

this was a model of hold-out blaster produced by Merr-Sonn during the early years of the New Republic. It was outlawed in many systems because it was extremely powerful for such a small, easily-concealed weapon. (GUN)

this was another name for blorash jelly. (UF)

this small medical kit was produced by Jassim Design some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. (TOJC)

Quick-Seal Splint
this device was found in most med-kits, and could be used to set a broken bone in an emergency. (IG1)

this was the name of Drolan Plasteel's wrist-mounted projectile launching system. It was essentially a crossbow mounted to the user's arm on a heavy sleeve, which could be worn under robes or a cloak. Despite the ease of use of the QuickShot, the weapon was eventually replaced by hold-out blasters and dart pistols. (TOJC, AEG)

a nickname given to the droid M-TD by Jaina Solo. (SHA)

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