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this Corellian courier vessel was used by a young Han Solo on his diplomatic mission to Coruscant, on behalf of Jabba and Jiliac. (THG)

this was the name of Bisquit Baron's largest fast-food meal, available for purchase at any location during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN4)

this was the name of Bisquit Baron's smaller fast-food meal, available for purchase at any location during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN4)

QuickSnap 36T
SoroSuub's blaster carbine weapon. (RPG)

QuickSnap 36T/I
this was the second-generation model of the SoroSuub QuickSnap 36T blaster carbine. (GFT)

this was a fast-setting form of concrete that could be used to erect a building in a short time. It was often used to strengthen the joins of a structure that was formed form lock-slab pieces. (HSR)

this Old Republic courier ship was attacked near Ando, shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars. Her captain, Kendra Tissido, had brought the ship out of hyperspace to recalibrate the ship's navigational computer. Tissido claimed that a frigate-sized ship disgorged five droid starfighters that immediately attacked the Quickwit. Tissido's crew managed to jump into hyperspace and escape. Many historians point to this event as one of the early conflicts of the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

Quien, Corman
this human was a member of the Alliance, and was trained as a scout. After being stationed on Hoth, Corman became one of Echo Base's tauntaun handlers. He was responsible for capturing, breaking, and trainging the beasts for use as mounts. Unfortunately for the Alliance, Corporal Quien was killed during the evacuation of Echo Base, when a group of tauntauns was startled and broke free, trampling Quien and four others. (CCG, SWI74)

this was Tam Azur-Jamin's callsign, used when he was a member of Saber Squadron during the defense and evacuation of the Jedi Knights' base on Eclipse, some two years after the Yuuzhan Vong first invaded the galaxy. (SBS)

manufacturers of repulsorlift propulsion systems. (SS)

one of Cabrool Nuum's bodyguards. (JTH)

this was one of the most common Gungan surnames, taking from the father's side of the family. These surnames were not dropped, even after marriage. The name referred to a species of fish that was native to Naboo. (GCG)

this species of fish was native to Naboo. (GCG)

Quilan Hive
the governmental seat of the planet Lan Barell, found within the boundaries of Shulell. (SWJ1)

Quilan Pyradex
this inscribed crystal pyramid was designed to assist the user in solving huge mathematical problems. It was attuned to beings who lived as part of a hive mind, but could be used by other races with practice. (GMR7)

Quill Knife
this was a traditional Bitthaevrian weapon. (AIR)

this Imperial Moff was one of the few who survived deep into the tenure of the New Republic. Quillan was one of the Moffs present when Admiral Pellaeon delivered his proposal for surrender to the Republic, and it was Quillan who immediately questioned Pellaeon's ability to lead the Imperial Navy. His protests were cut short by Moff Disra, who saw a way to insinuate Pellaeon's peace treaty into his own plans. (SOP)

native to Kashyyyk, these small mammals stand about a half-meter tall. They have a mottled green-brown fur, which they use as camouflage to hide in the dense jungle foliage. When attacked, they can literally shoot their needle-sharp quills at their attacker. Wookiees hunt them bare-handed as a demostration of their skill. Only males are allowed to hunt them, and a captured quillarat is often presented to a female Wookiee as an engagement present. If the female eats the tender flesh of the quillarat's belly, she accepts the male's betrothal. (RD)

Quiller, Abel
this alias was maintained by Talon Karrde during the early years of the New Republic, although he often had Dankin act as Quiller in order to avoid being recognized. According to the backstory developed for Quiller, he was the Captain of the Hab Camber, and was known as an impatient and "bombastic" individual. Captain Quiller was based on the Valrar. (TLC)

an alien race. (TME)

Quillin Arkell
this Velabri Lancer served the Alliance under the command of Airen Cracken. He was chosen to assist Cryle Cavv in extricating Rivoche Tarkin from Imperial control shortly before the Battle of Hoth. Arkell chafed at the assignment, believing Cavv to be nothing more than a thief. Arkell was the son of Quillin Durand, who was rescued from Imperial attack by Airen Cracken. Durand swore a Velabri Bloodvow to repay Cracken's bravery, but died soon after the rescue. Arkell took up the mantle of fulfilling the Bloodvow, and served the Alliance with Cracken. (SWJ12)

Quillin Durand
this Velarbi was rescued from Imperial attack by Airen Cracken, shortly after the Empire subjugated the world of Velabri. Cracken saved their transport ship from Imperial fire, and allowed Durand and his family to live another day. Durand swore a Velabri Bloodvow to Cracken, hoping to repay the debt of their rescue. Unfortuantely, Durand died shortly afterward. Durand's dying wish was the his son, Quillin Arkell, fulfill the Bloodvow to Cracken. (SWJ12)

one of six Kathol Republic Marauder-class corvettes sent to rescue the Bravado III from attack, shortly after the FarStar offered assistance. The 195-meter vessel was armed with eight double turbolaser cannons and three tractor beam projectors. (KO)

Quin, Sixtus
this huge, dark-skinned human was a member of the Imperial Special Forces unit under the command of Marl Semtin. During the search for the Eidolon, Sixtus and his team were sent to Ryloth to intercept Rogue Squadron before they could recover Firith Olan. Sixtus and fellow agent Septaas were pitted against Wedge Antilles abd Winter by Cazne'Olan in a virtual-reality battle to determine who would obtain Firith. Sixtus and Septaas defeated the Rogues, but all four were swept away in a firestorm. When he learned that Semtin had taken Firith off Ryloth himself, Sixtus became suspicious of Semtin's loyalties. When he discovered Semtin at Eidolon Base trying to build his own empire, Sixtus executed Semtin and - along with his entire unit - defected to the New Republic. He joined a team of infiltrators, led by former Rogue Elscol Loro, and specialized in the liberation of worlds from the ground. One of the most notable worlds Sixtus and his team liberated was Thyferra. Working with Rogue Squadron - which had resigned its New Republic commission - they managed to obtain help from the native Vratix and took control of the bacta production. (XWBT, BW)

the fruit of this plant was often used to create succulent pies and tarts. (JQ7)

Quincey's Girl
this immense slave ship was owned and operated by the Sludir known as Big Quince. (SWJ2)

this Twi'lek and his cousin, Padda, re-established Chabak's, the casino owned by their uncle on Zirtran's Anchor. Quink was the older of the two cousins, and was a grim-faced individual who made a small fortune through hard work and determination. He was good friends with Kara Reenogga, and the pair were known to insult each other at virtually every meeting. (SWJ5)

this given name was common human males across the galaxy. (GCG)

Quinn, Dorak
this man was considered one of the most honorable big-game hunters on the planet Tatooine, during the era of the Great Sith War. He was among the first hunters to vocally object to the tactics of Tanis Venn, who used reprogrammed battle droids in hunting the wild creatures of Tatooine. (KOTOR)

this planet was the homeworld of an alien race known as the Quint. (EVE)

this race of tall, thin beings was native to the planet Quint. Their bodies were covered with delicate fur, and their small heads were dominated by triangular eyes. Quints were known to be quick and agile. (EVE)

this was the name given to the oligarchal government of the planet Eriadu. The Quintad was formed from a group of five Corulag-based families migrated from their homeworld to Eriadu, some 900 years before the Battle of Yavin. Under the guidance of the Quintad, Eriadu changed from a backwater world known for its sell jewelry to an ambitious, entrepreneurial manufacturing center. (GORW)

this Melida was the Captain of the Melida Liberation Force some sixty-two years before the Battle of Naboo. He was killed during the Twenty-First Battle of Zehava, leaving behind his wife Pinani, and several children. (DOD)

Quintar Nebula
a planetary nebula in an uncharted sector of the galaxy. Tron Nixx once navigated the multi-colored clouds by tapping the Force. (SWJ5)

Quintarus Returyl
this Twi'leki businessbeing worked for the Spice Mines of Kessel during the Galactic Civil War, serving as a procurement agent for slave laborers. He was the being who purchased the Alliance agent Kentara as a slave on Deysum III. (GMK)

Quintas, Xerxes
this spice lord, native to the planet Sevarcos, controlled the planet's Southern Deserts. At the height of the New Order, Quintas was one of the most powerful of the Spice Lords of Sevarcos. He was despised by the locals, however, because he had developed an alliance with the Imperial forces on the planet to strip-mine the deserts for carsunum and andris. (SWJ2, SWJ12)

this fruit-bearing shrub was native to the planet Romin. The small berries were pressed to produce an overly-sweet juice that was popular among the Romins. (JQ8)

Quintell, Pallas
this former Imperial naval gunner left the service after his hitch was up, preferring the more raucous lifestyle of a pirate. He served under Jondrell Inx for several years, developing a friendship based more on Pallas' efforts than Jondrell's. A brush with the Alliance helped turn Pallas from mere pirate to Alliance supporter, and he left Jondrell's band to become the nominal leader of the rebel cell on Kallistas. Many years later, Jondrell came to Kallistas to ask for Pallas' help in a scheme to sell off Cressis Linrec. Pallas reluctantly agreed to help. However, Pallas was captured by Chandrex Grenn and Sirenas Firil before he could be of much assistance. (GG10)

Quintik Kahr
this was the given name of the Sludir known as Big Quince. (SWJ2, PSPG)

this was the primary crop grown on the planet Kegan. The grain of the quinto was mashed into tasteless patties and fed to the children who were educated in the Learning Circle. (FFT)

Quintus System
this star system was known for the amount of spice smuggling traffic which passed through it, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (DH)

this man was one of the Peacekeeperrs who protected the survivors of the Outbound Flight Project, during the years leading up to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (SQ)

this Imperial Colonel once pursued Han Solo and Chewbacca into the Maw during a Kessel Run just before the Battle of Yavin. Quirt patrolled the sector surrounding Kessel looking for illegal activity, with the goal of using captured smugglers as slave labor on Kessel. Han and Chewie dumped their spice and marked its location before Quirt intercepted them, but he found nothing in the Millennium Falcon's holds to arrest them with. Han and Chewie later returned to the Maw and retrieved the spice. They tried this tactic shortly after the Battle of Ylesia, but were unable to find the spice. This left Han deeply in debt to Jabba the Hutt, and forced him to go to ground on Tatooine. (RD, MCI1)

this childhood friend of Adar Tallon was not as focused or outgoing as Tallon was. Quist was always looking out for himself, and wanted to pursue the life of a spacer. Through it all, he remained close to Tallon. When Tallon decided that he had had enough of the New Order, Quist agreed to help Tallon stage his death. It was Quist who was in command of the pirate ship that attacked and destroyed the Battalion in the Dalchon System, and Quist kept Tallon's secret for a number years. When he was suddenly apprehended by the Relentless and Captain Parlan, Quist bargained for his life with the information on Tallon. Parlan let Quist go free, provided that Quist return to Tallon and act as a safety valve if Jodo Kast failed to capture Tallon. Thus, Quist infiltrated Tallon's compound on Tatooine and nearly betrayed his former friend. (TM)

this man served the Empire as an Admiral in the Imperial Navy during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. Admiral Quist was in command of the Star Destroyer Conqueror, that served as Darth Vader's flagship shortly after the Battle of Yavin, after Vader returned to the Empire and began searching for Luke Skywalker. When the Millennium Falcon re-appeared at Yavin 4, to begin assisting the Alliance with locating a suitable planet for its new base, Vader ordered Admiral Quist to capture the freighter. Han Solo, however, avoided capture by flying into a nearby asteroid field. Quist ordered that the Imperial pursuit be cut off when most of his TIE Fighters were destroyed by asteroids. Unfortunately, Vader was not pleased with Quist's inability to capture the ship, and used the Force to choke Quist to death. (3D2, 3D3)

this creature, native to the moon Antar 4, was the chief prey of the Gotal race. Individual quivry were distinguished by their antlers, which were prized as trophies for hunters of all races. (GG4, GMR1)

this Anx served as an Ambassador to the Old Republic, during the last years of the Old Republic. He was captured by General Grievous, about two years after the Battle of Geonosis, and held captive on the planet Vandos. His capture was part of a trap that Grievous laid to lure a contingent of Jedi Knights to the planet, where he planned to simply murder them. Although Quiyyen was ultimately rescued, only Flynn Kibo managed to survive the rescue. (SWGG)

this curious creature inhabits the upper levels of the forests which blanket the temperate regions of Gamorr. These mischievous little climbers are generally harmless, but have a penchant for stealing shiny objects. The average quizzer stands less than a meter tall, and is roughly humanoid in stature. A row of spade-shaped spines runs along their spine, and they use their clawed hands and prehensile tail to climb in the trees. They are poorly adapted for walking on the ground, however, and remain in the trees for much of their lives. Despite their reptilian appearance, quizzers are mammals, and produce live offspring. The communicate in a simple language of squeaks and barks, and feed mainly on fruits and leaves. (SWJ10, COG)

Qulo Ecls
this Sullustan was the brother of Loro Ecls, and operated the Gelgelar Outfitters general store during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Qulo kept a finger on the economic pulse of the Gelgelar Free Port, trying to keep his prices competitive while not bankrupting the settlement. (PSPG)

Qulok's Fist
this small bounty hunters' guild was active during the last years of the Galactic Civil War and into the New Republic. Based on the modified freighter Steel Fist, the gang started ouf working in the Minos Cluster of the galaxy and eventually expanded into Kathol Sector. (DARK)

this clan of Ansionians was unusual among the Alwari in that they were willing to go into the cities of the offworlders. While most Alwari stayed well away from the urban areas, the Qulun moved through them quite readily. The Qulun were known among the Alwari as traders and information brokers, a clan which was not well-liked by served an important purpose on the open plains. The Qulun caravan was filled with all manner of goods and wares, from the basic fruits and dried meats consumed by the Ansionians to rare, handcrafted items and offworld bric-a-brac. The Qulun operated on a barter system, and often traded information for trinkets. Most of the other Alwari clans stayed away from the Qulun, and many Ansionians considered the Qulun to be separate from the Alwari. (APS)

Qu'Mock Station
this space station is the primary settlement of the Qektoth Confederation, and is located in the Kathol Outbakc near Uukaablis. It was originally commissioned as a scientific outpost aimed at exploring the region of space near Gandle Ott, but the station disappeared just months after beginning its work. Records discovered later explain that the station was hijacked by a group of escaped criminals led by a team of crimelors, and the station was towed back to their hidden base for refitting. When the pirates' homeworld was beseiged with earthquakes and rendered unlivable, the station was abandoned until it was found by Drigir Tarrens. Tarrens told the Qektoth Confederation of its existence, and it was restored for their own uses. The Qektoth placed the station in an empty region of space near Uukaablis, so that they could perform their research in peace. Qu'mock Station is a long, needle-shaped station guided by four huge solar fins deployed at the stern. (KO)

this planet, located in the Minos Cluster, is covered with flat, featureless deserts. The planet's environment is essentially that of a huge desert, with scorching days and frigid nights. The most obvious inhabitants of the planet are a strange society of droids. Most of the droids are Imperial designs, but some have unknown origins. The droids have developed a sort of hierarchical society of their own, and remain more or less uninvolved with Quockra-4's native sentient lifeform, the Quockrans. The planet has an average rotation of 31 standard hours, and its year lasts 402 local days. (GG6)

this is the only sentient race native to the planet Quockra-4. The average Quockran is an enormous, black-skinned slug which lived below the surface of the planet during the day, emerging at night as the desert cools. It was the Quockrans who built the strange droids which populate the surface of their planet, creating them to interact with offworlders. The Quockrans despise non-Quockrans, although they are in no way violent about it. They just dislike alien creatures. (GG6)

this was once of the many names given to Duros females. Among the Duros, it meant "evening star". (GCG)

Quold Runium
this fuel additive is used to pressurize power fluids prior to activation. (X1)

Quoorian Marshsucker
this was an immense, predatory species of insects. (KOTOR)

this Yuuzhan Vong served as the Supreme Overlord of his species during the years before Shimrra rose to the position. It was the priests who served under Quoreal who realized that the discovery of Zonama Sekot would have grave consequences for the Yuuzhan Vong, and many suggested that the Yuuzhan Vong avoid the galaxy altogether. Their research had found prophecies that claimed the discovery of a living planet would undo the Yuuzhan Vong completely. Although Shimrra claimed that he defeated Quoreal in combat in order to make his ascension, many Yuuzhan Vong secretly wondered if this was true. There were stories that Quoreal's stance against invading the galaxy had angered Shimrra and the other leaders who demanded a new galaxy for the Yuuzhan Vong to conquer. Rumors spread that Shimrra killed Quoreal in order to gain the power required to begin the invasion. After Shimrra ascended to the throne and the invasion of the New Republic began in earnest, the Yuuzhan Vong won many victories and much of this heretical discussion faded into the background. However, as the Jedi Heresy gained strength among the Shamed Ones, and as the Yuuzhan Vong forces began to suffer defeat after defeat, the questions about Shimrra's gods-given right to rule resurfaced even stronger than before. Those who believed Quoreal had been dishonorably murdered, known as the Quorealists, began to gain a louder voice, especially after the realization that the Eighth Cortex was empty, and the living planet of Zonama Sekot actually existed. Others began to wonder if Quoreal had wanted to find a peace with the New Republic and learn more about Zonama Sekot, since the planet seemed to provide a linkage between the Yuuzhan Vong and the peoples of the Republic. (FP, UF)

this was the name given to those Yuuzhan Vong who did not believe Supreme Overlord Shimrra's claims that he defeated former Overlord Quoreal in combat in order to make his ascension. After the invasion of the New Republic began in earnest, and many victories were won, much of this heretical discussion faded into the background. However, as the Jedi Heresy gained strength among the Shamed Ones, and as the Yuuzhan Vong forces began to suffer defeat after defeat, the questions about Shimrra's gods-given right to rule resurfaced even stronger than before. Those Quorealists who believed Quoreal had been dishonorbaly murdered began to gain a louder voice, especially after the realization that the Eighth Cortex was empty, and the living planet of Zonama Sekot actually existed. Others began to wonder if Quoreal had wanted to find a peace with the New Republic and learn more about Zonama Sekot, since the planet seemed to provide a linkage between the Yuuzhan Vong and the peoples of the Republic. When the living planet suddenly appeared near Coruscant and wrought major seismic and ecological upheaval, the Quorealists grew more vocal, and began releasing more information on Shimrra's treachery to the general populace. (FP, UF)

Quori City
this sprawling metropolis is the capital city of Corlass. It has a dense, endless system of alleyways and dead-ends, much like those of Imperial City on Coruscant. (SWJ5)

a warm-blooded, avian/monotreme species whose average height is about 3.5 meters, Quor'savs were native to the planet Uaua. When a group of colonists arrived on Uaua, the Quor'sav initially welcomed them. However, when a virus that had been carried by the colonists to the planet began infecting the Quor'sav, the avians were forced to stop all immigration until a cure could be found. Since this time, the Quor'sav have been reluctant to trust other species, especially mammalian races. A Quor'sav can be seen walking by the screen as Luke Skywalker sells his landspeeder in Star Wars. (SW, CCG, GMR5)

Qurang Lah
this Yuuzhan Vong was the creche'-brother of Warmaster Tsavong Lah. Qurang was charged with carrying out the plans of Nom Anor, in the wake of the Battle of Duro and the disaster on Yavin 4. Qurang Lah hated the fact that he was forced to work with Nom Anor, especially when the Executor's plans began to unravel near Yag'Dhul. Qurang Lah thought that he could be rid of Nom Anor once and for all upon his return to the Warmaster, having witnessed the Executor refuse a challenge from Anakin Solo. However, before they arrived, Nom Anot killed all the warriors who had been with him on Yag'Dhul, including Qurang Lah. (EVR, NJOSB)

this was a common name among the Elom race. (UANT)

Q'urh Kick
this was a form of kicking attack used by Yuuzhan Vong warriors in melee combat. (FP)

Qusak Laal
this was the name of a distinguished Togruta individual. (UANT)

this was the second of seven seasons experienced on the planet Guiteica. (AE)

these huge, woven sacks are used by Wookiees to raise and lower visitors to their villages. The Wookiees usually carry the quulaars, but they can also be attached to ropes. The term quulaar literally translates to 'baby sack,' and refers to the fact that the sacks were originally created to transport infant Wookiees. (RD)

Quvil Valley
during the height of the Galactic Civil War, this valley was controlled by the Empire, which desired that output of the many mines which lined the valley. Alliance forces tried many times to take Quvil Valley, but were never successful. (WOTC)

Quyik Vth'naar
this Sludir was the brother of Qesya Vth'naar. Like his sister and her mate, Rokarn, Quyik was forced to fight in gladiator battles for the Empire. In one fateful battle, Quyik was pitted against Rokarn. Rokarn allowed Quyik to win the battle, knowing that Qesya was pregnant. Unfortunately for Quyik, this meant that he had to kill Rokarn in order to survive. Quyik carried the guilt of this act only for a short time, for the Empire then forced him to fight against Qesya herself. In the battle, Qesya defeated Quyik and killed him in order to survive. (KR)

Talon Karrde maintained a training facility on this planet, shortly after the Battle of Endor. (TFNR)

this was a meditative technique developed by the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic. It was used primarily to mask an individual's connection to the Force, allowing a Jedi to pass unnoticed, even to other Force-sensitive beings. (TCD)

this Mon Calamari New Republic Senator was one of the primary leaders of the Rationalist Party. It was also believed that she was part of the plans of Seti Ashgad, since Ashgad received information about the Republic from a source in the Rationalist Party. It was later revealed that Q-Varx had taken a huge bribe from Ashgad and Dymurra to coordinate the poisoning of Carlist Rieekan with the disappearance of Leia Organa-Solo. Although it was believed that Q-Varx was ignorant of Dzym's part in the overall plan, Q-Varx was nonetheless arrested for treason and imprisoned. There is some inconsistency in Planet of Twilight, in that Q-Varx is refered to as both 'he' and 'she.' (POT)

Qwi Xux
an Omwati working at the Maw Installation. When Grand Moff Tarkin needed the best minds working at the Maw Installation, he went to Omwat and "recruited" several youths to train in his orbiting school. The school turned out to be a brutal weeding-out process by which Tarkin would eventually end up with one viable candidate for employment at the Maw. Qwi was the survivor of Tarkin's plan, but she only saw it as a triumph of her mental capacity. She was more than glad to go to the Maw and begin solving the intricate problems Tarkin and her mentor, Bevel Lemelisk, provided to her. Her Omwati background could never prepare her for Tarkin's real objective: the subjugation of races beneath the Empire's boots. She believed in the simplistic goals for the Death Star and the World Devastators, even given their ominous names. She hoped they would be used to terraform worlds to make them habitable for many different races. It was not until Han Solo was intercepted and tortured at the Maw that she realized the scope of the projects being developed at the Installation. The thought of her work being the cause of billions of deaths overcame her, and she helped Han, Chewie, and Kyp escape with the Sun Crusher. She then gave the ship's technical data over to the New Republic. When she met Wedge Antilles the first time, she wasn't sure whether or not to trust him. A trust did eventually grow, and the two shared many beautiful moments, until Kyp stole Qwi's mind from her. Wedge nursed her back to health, but she was never the same again. She and Wedge maintained their relationship, but he was increasingly called upon in military matters, and Qwi became more and more absorbed in her work. Both agreed that the relationship was evolving to be a convenience, rather than a true romance, and they went their separate ways. Qwi eventually decided to travel to Vortex and help the Vors repair the Cathedral of Winds. While there, she hoped to find her own inner peace and eliminate the memories of all the beings her superweapons had killed. (JS, DA, COTF, SOA, DTR)

an alien race, also known as the Wavedancers, native to the planet Hirsi. They are an aquatic species, living in the freshwater riviers and lakes of Hirsi and feeding on fish and plant material. They are a seemingly small, delicate race of humanoids, but their are very strong and agile. They are covered with dark skin punctuated by raised scales on their heads, wrists, ankles, and wastes. They have long, pointed ears which can pick up the modulated sounds waves they send through the water as a form of communication. These sound waves don't carry well in air, so Qwohogs use a crude sign language when out of the water. They can survive out of the water for short periods, but must keep their skin moist or risk rapid and debilitating dehydration. They also cannot exist in saltwater, for it burns their gills and damages their lungs. They are known as Wavedancers because of the fluid, ballet-like way they move across the surface of the water. Their lives are directed at survival and leisure, and they have barely risen above primitive tool technology. They were unaware of the presence of rudic crystals in their environment, which brought them into contact with the Alliance. The Alliance offered friendship and nothing more in return for the ability to mine the crystals, but the Empire had other ideas. Imperial forces slew the Alliance team and raped Hirsi of its resources. The Qwohog were powerless of stop it. When the suuply of rudic crystals dried up, however, the Empire simply left. An Alliance rescue team arrived, and the Qwohogs helped explain what happened. They pledged whatever support they could muster to the Alliance, and helped establish a secure base of operations there. Some Qwohogs have left Hirsi, working for the Alliance and later the New Republic. (GG12)

this was the name given to the unusual form of verbal communication used by the Qwohog race. It employed the use of sound waves generated in a variety of patterns to communicate words. While this form of communication worked well under water, it could not be spoken across long distances in the air. There was no written form of the Qwohog language, although Qwohog Sign Language was used to communicate across distances whenever the Qwohogs were out of the water. (UANT)

Qwohog Sign Language
this form of communication was developed by the Qwohog race, and was used whenever they needed to communicate while out of the water. When the Qwohog joined the galactic community, this sign language was eventually replaced by the Basic alphabet, although knowledge of the sign language remained part of the Qwohog heritage. (UANT)

this man worked as a personal aide to Linkaas. (SWJ1)

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