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Odumin was a Tynnan who started out working as a skip-tracer for the Corporate Sector Authority. He found rapid advancement within the confines of the Authority, using his abilities as a delegator to have humans do his work for him while he remained anonymous. He remained so anonymous that rumors that he was really Emperor Palpatine in disguise began to surround him. Odumin reached the level of Detached Duty agent for the Auditor-General, and saved the Grand Inquisitor Torbin from assassination by agents of the Church of the First Frequency. He was promoted to a staff position, and Torbin suggested a larger reward. Odumin declined, liking his anonymity to remain more or less intact. He worked his way up the Authority ladder to become the territorial manager for the area near Bonadan after singelhandedly taking out the Xiochi slaver gang. His demeanor was described as greatly humanitarian, and he was known as a decent administrator. He was nearly killed in an assassination attempt by the Malorm Family, so Odumin hired Gallandro to take care of them. It was at this time that Fiolla discovered information about slaving operation within the leadership of the CSA, and began her investigation. Odumin had also been chasing down the slavery ring, and allowed himself to be implicated as part of the slavers in order to avoid drawing attention to his own investigation. He had traced the slavers to Ammuud, where he had learned of Zlarb's role in the ring. Odumin had then planned to apprehend Zlarb on Bonadan, several years before the Battle of Yavin. However, Han Solo had already killed Zlarb, and when he tried to leave Bonadan aboard the Millennium Falcon, Odumin thought Han was Zlarb trying to skip out on him. He tried to drug Han and immobilize him, but Han proved more resourceful. Odumin was forced to assume the guise of the skip-tracer Spray, who gained Chewbacca's confidence and helped fly the Millennium Falcon to Ammuud. On Ammuud, Odumin hoped that Solo and Chewbacca could help him reach the Mor Glayyd, arranging a duel between Gallandro and Ewwen. Once the slavers arrived on Ammuud and tried to eliminate all evidence of their existence, Odumin revealed his true self. He also revealed that Fiolla was working for him, and that their efforts were finally coming to fruition. The slavers had tried to use the Reesbon clan to help with their slave traffic, but the elder Mor Glayyd saw this as a possible betrayal of his clan, and tried to work a deal with Odumin. The Mor Glayyd was poisoned, and the plot to kill Ewwen was put into motion. Odumin knew that only Han Solo - a freelance operative working outside the law - would be able to get inside the Ammuud clans and help break the case open. Solo's actions gave Odumin the evidence he needed to smash the ring, but he refused to allow Solo to go free until the smuggler threatened to kill him. Gallandro stepped in, allowing Solo to go free in the hopes of meeting up with him at a later date. In the wake of the events on Ammuud, both Spray and Fiolla were given promotions for their efforts.
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