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Offee, Barriss

this Mirialan Jedi Padawan was being trained by Luminara Unduli during the last decades of the Old Republic. In addition to her skills as a warrior, Barriss also proved to be a skilled healer. She was born on a transport ship in deep space, and never knew her parents. Her connection to the Force was quickly discovered, however, and she was taken to Coruscant for training. She proved to be a quick, though impatient, student, traits that seemed to be more and more prevalent among the Padawans of her generation. Barriss accompanied her Master, along with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, to the planet Ansion, shortly before the Clone Wars, in an effort to prevent the Ansionians from seceding from the Republic. Barriss was kidnapped shortly after their arrival, but managed to befriend her two Ansionian kidnappers, Kyakhta and Bulgan, after curing them of their mental debilities. Barriss was unsure of Anakin's suitability to train as a Jedi, seeing in him a recklessness and emotion that she deemed uncharacteristic of a Jedi. However, upon meeting face to face with Soergg the Hutt - the very being who had ordered her kidnapping - Barriss realized that every Jedi had emotions that needed to be controlled. Her perception of Anakin changed, and the two became good friends after successfully keeping Ansion as a member of the Republic. Their efforts nearly went for naught, as the Jedi were almost defeated at the Battle of Geonosis. Both Unduli and her Padawan fought bravely, but were badly outnumbered by the droid armies of the Separatists. Only the arrival of Master Yoda and the clone troopers of the Army of the Republic saved the day. Barriss Offee managed to survive the Battle of Geonosis and returned to Coruscant with her Master. Two years later, the pair were separated during the height of the Clone Wars, when Barriss was dispatched to Drongar on a mission to assist the medics there while also keeping a watchful eye on the production of bota. She believed that this would be her individual Jedi Trial, a chance to prove herself against the backdrop of the war. She was unprepared for both the visible horrors of a Republic Mobile Surgical Unit and the mental anguish of being forced to confront death every day. In addition, she found herself at odds with the combat instructor for Rimsoo-7, Phow Ji, who continually egged the young Padawan closer to a driect confrontation. Barriss knew that her desire to best Ji came from the Dark Side of the Force, and tried to keep it under control. When Ji was shot by a Separatist agent with a poisoned dart, Barriss was forced to swallow her desires and save him by extracting the poison with the help of the Force. Her elation at saving him was quickly dissipated when Ji threw himself back into battle, using a thermal detonator to destroy a Separatist army that was converging on his position. Her anger briefly flared again, as she believed Ji had wasted her gift on a mission to prove his superiority. It was then that Barriss realized the extent of the Jedi Trial, and she struggled to keep herself focused on the mission. An attack on Rimsoo Seven showed Barriss the disgusting underbelly of war, as the Separatists broke all conventions to destroy the medical facility. In the evacuation, Barriss watched in helpless horror as Zan Yant was killed instantly by a piece of shrapnel, then had to endure Jos Vondar's stoic refusal to grieve. After the camp was relocated, Barriss accidentally discovered that processed bota could heighten her connection to the Force, a discovery that she quickly relayed to Master Unduli on Coruscant. However, the mutating bota meant that any further investigation was impossible. After leaving Drongar, Barriss was promoted from apprentice level to Jedi Knight. By the time she was dispatched to capture Shu Mai on Felucia, Barris had achieved the rank of Jedi Master, and was actively engaged in the training of her own Padawan, Zonder. However, when Darth Sidious revealed his true nature and killed Mace Windu, he sent out communications to the various clone commanders to execute Order 66. Upon hearing the order, clone Commander Bly ordered his troops to open fire on Jedi, and Lieutenant Galle blasted the defenseless Jedi Master and killed her.
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