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The Last Jedi

Deleted Scene From The Last Jedi - Rose & Hux

Dustin March 12, 2018

Finally a scene that deserved to be cut! Full Report


Is It Time For A Non-Human Lead?

Steve March 12, 2018

With non-human characters more popular than ever in Star Wars, how long before we get an alien in a leading role? Full Report


Recording Has Begun On The Solo Score

Dustin March 11, 2018

Ron Howard shares image of the orchestra as it begins recording the Solo: A Star Wars Story score.

Full Report

Rogue One VHS

Rogue One VHS Commercial

Dustin March 10, 2018

What if Rogue One were released in the heyday of VHS?! Full Report

The Last Jedi

Watch Daisy Ridley's Facebook Live Q&A!

Dustin March 10, 2018

Andi Gutierrez sits down with Daisy Ridley for a "Last Jedi" Q&A! Full Report

Kylo Ren

Kylo's Choice - Lighting The Spark: Creating The Space Battle

Dustin March 9, 2018

See how writer-director Rian Johnson shaped a pivotal moment between mother and son. Full Report


Solo Theater Lobby Display Let's You Sit In The Seat Of The Falcon

Dustin March 9, 2018

Watch this time lapse video clip of the massive cardboard creation being built! Full Report

Mark Hamill Top Ten

The Top 10 Luke Skywalker Moments

Dustin March 8, 2018

Find out the 10 best Luke Skywalker moments of all time, as ranked by the team! Full Report

The Last Jedi

Watch This Leia & Poe Behind-The-Scenes Clip From Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Dustin March 8, 2018

Carrie Fisher slaps Oscar Isaac 24 times for the perfect take... Full Report

Jedi Journals

Jedi Journals: March 2018

Jay March 7, 2018

March comes in like a nexu in this super-sized Jedi Journals episode. Lucasfilm announces a huge literature campaign for Solo: A Star Wars Story and Chris and Jay give you all the specifics. Full Report

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