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Star Wars Resistance

Star Wars Resistance - "The Escape" Recap

Posted by Steve on January 27, 2020 at 04:50 AM CST

Star Wars Resistance

Spoiler Warning!!!

Episode 2.18/2.19 – “The Escape”
Directed by - Steward Lee/Brad Rau
Written by - Brandon Auman

It comes down to this; Star Wars Resistance has 45 minutes to wrap up its all-to-brief two season run and somehow leave us not only wanting more but provide a little bit of closure at the same time. Not an easy thing to do.

Did they do it? Let’s take a look!

We start off on the Star Destroyer with Jace and Tam discussing recent events, including her promotion to squad leader. Jace is still rubbed that she got it over him but seems to find solace in that fact that they have a new mission.
They arrive at the planet Aeos and begin to fire upon the Aeosians immediately, justifying it by accusing them of being Resistance sympathizers. This all proves too much for Tam, the mass killing of innocents, and comes to a decision.

Back in her quarters, she decides to steal her communicator back from Agent Tierny’s office, the one we saw last week, with a mouse droid’s help. She’s able to sneak into Tierny’s office and take back the comm link successfully, sending a coded message to Kaz and the Colossus.

Just prior, Tierny and Commander Pyre get a call from Kylo Ren, who isn’t terribly pleased with their lack of effort and success, saying “I will not suffer the existence of any Resistance cell, no matter how small” Using the Force, he has have them aim blasters at each other, releasing them, and then abruptly ending the call. Pyre looks at Tierny and says, “I suggest doubling our efforts”

On the Colossus, Kaz fixing up the Fireball with Neeku’s help when he receives that coded message on his comm link. Kaz can’t understand it because it’s a “mechanics code” that Neeku and Tam came up with, to have secret conversations about Kaz. Neeku deciphers the code…

“Meet me in three cycles, in the place where Bibo lives.”

The rest of the transmission is fuzzy but they surmise that she wants to leave the First Order and rendezvous with them on Castilon. Yeager has joined them at this point and tells Kaz he is going with him, but they will go without the Colossus in case it’s a trap, still unsure of Tam’s motivations. While it takes a bit of convincing, Doza allows them to go, but only if they take a First Order shuttle for cover.

Star Wars Resistance

Back at the Star Destroyer, Tam is prepping her TIE to leave but gets interrupted by Jace and Tierny. It seems she has made up a phony training exercise as an excuse to fly off but the plan gets a little hiccup when Tierny orders Jace to accompany her.

It doesn’t take long before Pyre and Tierny learn Tam went to the Castilon System and suspect something is amiss. Tierny’s suspicion is confirmed when she goes to her office, realizing that the comm link is missing. They set coordinates and leave for Castilon immediately.

Meanwhile, Yeager, Kaz, and CB-23 arrive on Castilon and park next to a racing ring where they reminisce about their time on Castilon and their friendship. Yeager talks about Tam and how he came into her life. On cue, Tam arrives on Castilon with Jace as her co-pilot and two other TIE’s in tow.

As they approach Jace recognizes Kaz and Yeager and he orders the other pilot fire. Having to act quickly Tam knocks out Jace and destroys the two TIE’s before they can kill her friends.

She lands and is reunited with Kaz and Yeager, her and Kaz embrace, Yeager still needs time. They need to leave but Tam doesn’t think they should just leave Jace even though he’s annoying. They drag him onto the shuttle just as the First Order Star Destroyer comes out of hyperspace above.

They are almost out of range but get caught in the Destroyer’s tractor beam. As they are being pulled back they were able to get half a message to the Colossus. They are forced to land in the hangar where a squad of Troopers and Pyre is waiting for them. Tam and a now awake Jace get taken into custody, thinking there in cahoots. He pleads his case but they aren’t buying it.

Just before they were taken, Yeager and Tam came up with a plan, something he did back on Jakku during the war. Tam allows herself to be taken into custody while Yeager, Kaz and CB sneak off the shuttle, having set the self-destruct sequence. After the shuttle blows up, providing a small distraction, they are able to shoot their way out of the hangar.
Tierny has everything locked down and Pyre orders the Destroyer to head to where the Colossus is located, information he got from Jace earlier on.

As Jace and Tam are being escorted to lock up, Yeager and Kaz get to them, knocking out the guards. Jace tells them that it was him who reported the location of the Colossus and that “they’ve already lost” Tam finally punches him, knocking him out.

They take off running and get CB to activate the turbo lifts so they can escape for the time being. With everything shut down they can’t warn the Colossus so they decide to go to engineering and send a subspace message instead.

Back on colossus, Neeku is still trying to retrieve the broken message they sent earlier and Torra wants to take some Aces and go after them. Doza isn’t so sure at first but decides it’s worth the risk, to save their friends. Venisa reminds Doza it’s not just his life at stake so he has a meeting at Aunt Z’s with many of the station, asking for their help and blessing to go.

Doza pleads with the group but everyone is unwilling because of the danger the First Order presents. As he’s talking, they get a holo message from Kaz, Yeager, and Tam; he brings it up so everyone can see it. Kaz tells them the rescue mission went awry and to get as far away as possible before the First Order shows up. Tam also pleads with them to leave before it’s too late, apologizing for what she’s done. They get discovered by some stormtroopers and the message cuts out.

Seeing their friends in real danger spurs on the station folk and everyone is now willing to fight so they make preparations for the attack on the station while the Jade Squadron and the Aces fire up the ships.


Kaz, Yeager, and Tam barely make it back to the hangar, but Pyre is there waiting for them and he takes them to the bridge. Once there, Tierny lectures Tam but she is clearly done her scheming and the First Order, having been reunited with her “family” she’s not turning back.

As the first Order arrives at Castilon, they launch a ton of TIE Fighters and both sides get into a dog fight. The goal of Jade Squadron and the Aces is to attack the thrusters on the Destroyer but are having little to no effect because of the shields. Luckily, CB-23, who evaded capture earlier, shuts down the Destroyer’s shields and they are able to break thought and start causing serious damage.

The heavy blasting is rocking the bridge on the Star Destroyer and Yeager, Kaz, and Tam use it to break free and head for the hangar, they need a transport to get off before it’s destroyed. Pyre once again catches up with them in the hangar and they get pinned down as three shuttles carrying troopers make their way for the Colossus.

The attack causes a large explosion in the hangar on the Star Destroyer and Kaz is trapped under some heavy debris. Pyre approaches with a viro-ax, and just before he can kill Kaz CB-23 comes to the rescue but is severely damaged by Pyre in the process. Kaz manages to get up and knock out Pyre while he is distracted by CB.

Back on the station, two of the three shuttles landed safely on the platform and the Troopers are making their way thought the station. But, the people on the station were ready for this and attack the troopers, luring them into traps set throughout the passageways.

Back on the Destroyer’s bridge, with everything falling apart, Tierny calls for reinforcements. Kylo Ren appears in front of her begins to force choke her, calling her weak and a disappointment. At the same time, with the shields down, the Resistance is able to destroy the Star Destroyer and everyone on board, including Tierny, Pyre, and all the rest. Kaz, Yeager, Tam, and CB-23 managed to escape just in time in a stolen shuttle. They have their victory.

There is a big reunion back on the Colossus and they all head to Aunt Z’s to celebrate the win. Neeku and Tam embrace and she apologizes to him and everyone for making a bad decision. He forgives her immediately and is very happy to see her back on the station.

They all raise a glass and have a round of cheers for what Aunt Z calls, “Team Colossus”

The end.

Well, that’s it, what did everyone think of the finale? Were you satisfied with the ending? Let me know your thoughts!

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