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Cassian andor

Cassian Andor Series Production Shut Down Due To Covid-19 Virus

Posted by Dustin on March 30, 2020 at 07:02 PM CST

Here's some Cassian Andor series news from Cinemablend:

With The Mandalorian finally making its way across the pond to the UK (where many have been displeased about the weekly rollout being maintained), it remains clear that Star Wars fans are always hungry for more content. The small-screen side of the franchise has seemingly earned less blowback from the fanbase overall in recent months, making Diego Luna's upcoming Cassian Andor standalone series as highly anticipated as anything else coming to Disney+. Unfortunately, it's facing the same fate of many other in-production projects, and has been shut down due to coronavirus concerns.

Delays like that often cause worries in fans that projects might not actually come to fruition, but it sounds like the Cassian Andor series at least got a boot in the door before the shutdown happened. Here's what special effects artist Neil Scanlan had to say about it to Fansided:

I love the Star Wars world. I’m very, very happy [with] the Lucasfilm environment and Kathleen Kennedy. I was more than happy to get together and such. Absolutely. We eventually worked four or so weeks into it before, unfortunately, we were being like everywhere right now in response to the crisis; we had to lockdown for a while.

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