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Catching Up With Star Wars: The Old Republic

Posted by Mike on September 21, 2013 at 03:39 PM CST

As Star Wars: The Old Republic continues to plug along, let's resume our semi-regular catching-up feature with the ongoing MMO. Today we have a couple sweet videos, a Holonet interview, a Developer Blog and the Community Cantina Tour is set to hit the Big Apple. But first, the videos!

If the new "Join the Battle" live-action video doesn't make you want to grab your ForceFX lightsaber and run out into the center of town, nothing will.

From there we move on to the "Best of PvP" trailer...

The latest developer blog features a communication from Master Gnost-Dural, Keeper of the Jedi Archives, detailing what is known of the Dread Masters. You can check out an excerpt below but click here for the full read.

"Firstly, our records confirm that the Dread Masters are human, despite many rumors to the contrary. Biological scans conducted after their capture by Master Kaedan confirmed this, though their lifespans have extended well beyond the norm for that species. We do not know the extent of their longevity, nor the world (or worlds) they came from. We don’t even know their true names.

The Dread Masters’ goals are similarly mysterious. We know that they are no longer affiliated with the Sith Empire, despite the fact that Imperial forces are responsible for rescuing them from our prison facilities on Belsavis. That they would betray the Empire they’ve served for so many years is unexpected, but not necessarily unexplainable. (I can elaborate on my theories in a future report, if requested.)"

In a HoloNet News Exclusive Interview, Lamalla Rann goes in-depth with the legendary Huttball host Baron Deathmark. The interview could not be contained in one post so click here for Part 1 and then here for the newly released Part 2.

Finally, brings word of a Star Wars: The Old Republic Cmmunity Cantina Tour stop at the Stitch Bar and Lounge in New York City on October 12th. Beyond some good old fashioned fellowship, attendees can expect a developer Q&A, complimentary drinks, and a Tauntaun Fawn code. Details can be found here.

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