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Sith Leia

Star Wars: Battlefront IV Concept Art

Posted by Dustin on April 10, 2018 at 09:25 PM CST

If Battlefront III had been released by Free Radical in 2008, here's what IV would have looked like. Seems like they were trying to flip the galaxy upside down with everyone swapping sides. You have to remember this was before the Disney merger and Star Wars seemed to be drifting off into animation land. Guess they were just trying to get creative! Scroll through the images, some of them are kinda creepy!

Star Wars Battlefront IV was supposed to take the Star Wars storyline into a different direction, with a perfect "what-if" scenario where the tides were turned. This means the characters you see in 1-6 were flipped, such as Kenobi becoming a sith lord, or Anakin not losing his limbs on Mustafar. Some parts of the story went as far as Anakin killing Yoda in a duel at Naboo. Along with that, Battlefront IV featured larger battles than any other Battlefront before. This meant a large portion of the planet was playable on, and boosting its player count into tremendous amounts during matches.

Star Wars Battlefront IV Concept Art (FRD

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