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TFN Review: LEGO Star Wars in 100 Scenes From DK

Posted by Adam on April 27, 2015 at 04:26 PM CST

Following on from last year's Star Wars in 100 Scenes, a review for which you can read here, DK have taken it to the next level with their LEGO Star Wars in 100 Scenes, which does pretty much what it says on the cover when it states "Six movies... a lot of LEGO bricks".

Written by Daniel Lipkowitz, who has previously written LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles for DK, unsurprisingly, the book takes its cues from the regular version, but whereas that included scene-specific factoids, the sidebar panels for each two-page spread provide information on the featured sets. Additional details are provided to explain key characters, vehicles, locations and droids, while C-3PO is also on-hand at various times throughout the book to provide his unique perspective of the scene in question, regardless of whether or not he was actually witness to the events depicted!

Each of the six movies opens with the familiar crawl, and every scene has a title and a brief synopsis. While I've made reference to the text that accompanies each scene, what I've failed to mention up until now is the highly amusing dialogue spoken by the scene's characters, though this should come as little surprise to anyone who's read any of the previous LEGO Star Wars books.

Artoo Detoo has the final say of the book, although it's unclear what he's trying to tell the reader, and it's ironic that C-3PO isn't around when you need him. Suffice to say that LEGO Star Wars in 100 Scenes is a hugely enjoyable book and anyone with a funny bone should get a smile from the humour contained within.

LEGO Star Wars in 100 Scenes is out now and available from all good bookstores, priced $20.99 CAD and $18.99 USD.

As always, a big thanks to DK Canada, whose Star Wars Boutique you can visit here, and don't forget to listen to Jedi Journals for your monthly roundup of Star Wars publishing news, commentary, and discussion on the latest releases in the realm of novels, comics, and magazines.

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