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REVIEW: Star Wars Galaxy The Original Topps Trading Card Series

Posted by Dustin on March 21, 2016 at 10:33 AM CST

Guest book review by Richmond Clements: (@richclements on twitter)

From 1993-95, Topps Trading Cards released three Star Wars series.

Now, 1993, while not in a Galaxy Far, Far Away, was a Long Time Ago, and things were quite different. As Gary Gerani explains in his interesting and informative introduction, this was a time when comic shops where only starting to expand into carrying merchandise, like action figures and trading cards, as well as the funny books.

Because this was the start of the direct marketing we see today, Gerani explains, they were less governed by having to appeal to the masses and were able to have fun and experiment with the card images a bit more.

And so, the book takes us through each of the three waves in the series, devoting a page to each card, with most also having a note about the artist or what they have drawn.

There are a wide range of styles as is possible on display. From the photo real images of legendary movie poster artist Joseph Smith, to the almost Cubist experimental art of the amazing Mick McMahon.

Which brings us on to the artists involved. It’s fair to say that this book reads like a Who’s Who of comic book artists. In here you’ll see work by Batman artist Kelley Jones, Watchmen’s Dave Gibbons, Tim Bradstreet, John Bolton, Dark Empire artist Cam Kennedy and loads more.

Reproduction of each image is perfect. They have obviously taken time to get this right. In fact, the whole package is lovingly put together. From the superior paper stock used, to the foil cover that looks like a pack of trading cards. Oh, and if this wasn’t enough, the book comes with a pack of limited edition trading cards, too…

Priced at $19.95 in the US and $23.95 in Canada, the book is published by Abrams Comicarts.

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