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What is that on Anakin's bed?

Numerous readers have asked about this hidden image, although we don't know the answer either. Is that a Naboo Fighter, an early model for another spaceship? Or of course, it could be just a simple prop of no consequence. Who knows? Others have now written in about it possibly being the Sith Infiltrator or a Z-95 headhunter.

Pepsi Logo in the Moisture Vaporator

This one's not confirmed, but either fantastic product placement, or it's gonna make everyone at ILM laugh out loud: Cool hidden advertisement in TPM? It seems moisture farmers love Pepsi. In what could be a corporate sell-out or simply some well conceived humor by the graphics department, a Pepsi logo appears on the streets of Tatooine. In the scene where Annie must leave his mother, there is a path where Qui-Gon is at one end (Left) and Annie and his mother are at the other (Right). Just after the emotional scene, Annie makes his way over to Qui-Gon. Behind Qui-Gon are some buildings and to the left of him is a moisture evaporator. The evaporator consists of a large cylindrical tube and two poles on either side of it. On top of these poles are circular objects and, if one looks closely, they appear to be that red, white and blue swirling pepsi ball logo! Could it be?

Cars on Tatooine?

I'm surprised few have ever mentioned this, and Bawookles sends in in for TFN readers: The canyon below Darth Maul's vantage point on Tatooine clearly has a car's tire tracks going through it. You can see it clearly in two shots: the one at night when Maul sends his probe droids off to the cities and the shot in daytime when one of the probe droids comes back to him.

Chrysler Building in Coruscant

Edward and Jennifer inform us that on Coruscant there is a building right behind the landing platform which appears to be modeled after the Chrysler Building. We've also heard rumor that that one of the Coruscant buildings is the mile-high skyscraper designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, but never built in real life.

Jar Jar and the Guards

Markus reminds fans that may have missed this cameo to watch when they first arrive on Coruscant - watch Jar Jar in the background. He makes fun of the guards, waving his hand in front of their face and more. It's really tough to catch if you aren't looking for it and hilarious once you see it.

Maltese Falcon in TPM

Look closely at the sculptures in the quarters where Queen Amidala is staying while waiting to plead her case before the Galactic Senate. One of those sculptures is in the shape of the Maltese Falcon.

It's the Same Balcony

Many readers have reminded us of this story where we pointed out that the balcony where Sidious and Maul talk on Corusant is the same balcony off of Palpatine's quarters. Interesting. :)

Blade Runner Ships in TPM?

During the first shot that we see of the Jedi Council, two small ships fly past the camera. The ships are taken from the movie Blade Runner, which is apparently a homage to the great movie. Sounds cool when you think that the "Millennium Falcon" apparently appears as a building in Blade Runner, perhaps repaying the favour. Thanks to Archie for the heads up on this one.

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