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327 in Star Wars

Qui-Gon Jinn identifies the Queen's starship as a Nubian model J-327. As you probably recall "327" was the number of the landing bay where the Millenium Falcon landed on the first Death Star in ANH as well as the number of the landing platform in Cloud City in Empire Strikes Back. Just continuing the Star Wars theme I guess. Some people have pointed out that there's a 327 in American Graphitti, printed on the number of the engine.

Jar Jar - Ouch!

This isn't really a hidden anything, but Lomis tells us right after Anakin tells Jar Jar to "hit the nose", the pit droid that Jar Jar is holding by the neck kicks him in the uhh ... ouch. Once you find it, you can laugh every time it happens and people will look at you funny because they missed it. This is one of the funniest moments in TPM.

The 2001 spaceship in the Watto's Junkyard

Some have pointed out what seems to be hardware from 2001 in Watto's junkyard. It's a tribute to one of the greatest sci-fi flicks of all time by Stanley Kubrick. This was confirmed by official sources as well, and was one of the first hidden images pointed out.

Terminators or What?

Another rumored cameo which has puzzled many, is in Watto's yard, right after the 2001 Pod. There is a row of silver robot torso's in the junk piles right behind Watto and Qui-Gon. Many have thought they were Terminator T-100 (James Cameron) robot torso's, but others have suggested they were Too-Onebee torso's. We just got a screenshot of this, and it definitely looks like the 21B, right?

QUI-GON's Comlink/Razor

AM asked us if we remembered this snapshot of Qui-Gon's communicator from the Official Site? That's a Gilette 'Sensor Excel For Women' razor in there, jazzed up with a few glue-on parts. No wonder the prequel only cost $114 million, they were cutting corners. :)

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