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Near the beginning of the film - while the Neimodians are talking to Amidala via the portal screen, you can see 2 battledroids in the background having an argument - they look like they are pointing fingers at each other. Wonder what that's all about?

Sofia Coppola in TPM

Sofia Coppola, daughter of Francis Ford, appears in the scene early on in which Queen Amidala speaks with Senator Palpatine via hologram. There are only two handmaidens present in that scene, but I'm not sure which one she was, but she's probably easier to spot in that scene than anywhere else, unless you get that visual dictionary which points her character out in one of the street scenes as well.

Electric Queen

We've heard this many people now, and man was it interesting. When the Queen is standing in the palace, looking out at the city, wearing the red dress with the lights, you can see an electrical cord running along the wall to the left of her. For real? Yup.

George's face in the palace walls

We've had several screenshots of this, but none we're totally satisfied with. As soon as we do get one, we'll post it up. This is a cool story though, though you may have to wait for the video release of TPM to actually see it.

This started out as a 'friend of a friend' story, but now it's become a great Star Wars urban legend -- and it's totally true. You'll have to be sure to look for it next time you see Episode I. The story goes like this: One of the matte painters who worked on TPM tried to sneak George Lucas' face into one of their matte paintings. It's in the background in the Queen's palace. Anyway, the artist put it in there to see if George would notice it or not. When George came around one day to the matte painters desks to review things on their monitors he looked at the background for a moment and then said to the artist, "Naughty, naughty." The matte painter asked if they should remove it. George's reply was, "Nah, leave it in for the fans to find." So, can you?

Nathan Hamill in TPM

According to the Nathan Hamill Fan Club, the true "Son of Skywalker" has made a very brief appearance in the film. He can be seen off in the distance as the Jedi emerge from the water "being enslaved by battle droids." Visit their site for the rest of the details. Insider 48 has a great shot of him! Check it out!

Droids have Missing Shadows

In the same scene as the one where the DD symbol can be seen (posted on the next page), there is a droid standing on the stairs, without a shadow. All of the others one have one. Several other times in TPM you can find places where shadows are missing or where they change from shot to shot. Another example? Watch the shadows of QUI-GON and OBI-WAN when they're standing before Boss Nass. Another? Jeff and Eric thought you might like to know about another little "goof." When the droids are escorting the Queen and Council out of her temple (they are about to get ambushed by our guys from above), there is a shot of some droids marching in formation from the right. Check out the front droids shadow - he is simply walking, looking straight ahead, but his shadow is looking around!

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