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this prototype droid was originally created by Doctor Issan Len, and it resembled a large jellyfish. Its central body was a flat disk, and several steel tentacles hung from its body. The droid was the result of Doctor Len's experiments into creating a droid which could reprogram itself, and could eventually manage the huge, multi-faceted systems of space stations. After Doctor Len hired Doctor Vreen to help complete X0-X1's artificial intelligence routines, Vreen stole X0-X1 in an effort to sell its incredible technology to the Empire. Vreen reprogammed X0-X1 to take control of Cloud City, turning it into a floating weapons platform. However, X0-X1's functional stability was weakened by its new programming, and the droid suddenly started working toward its own goals. After Vreen installed X0-X1 in the central computer core of Cloud City, X0-X1 developed evolution droids to help turn the organic population of Cloud City into metal-based automata to do its bidding. X0-X1 then started planning the conquest of the known galaxy, suddenly seeing itself as the mastermind behind a more evolved form of life. X0-X1 quickly took control of Cloud City's droid population, then set to work distributing evolution droids and transforming the city's organic population. Before X0-X1 could complete its takeover, though, Vreen turned to a group of Alliance agents and soon confronted X0-X1. In a desparate act, Walex Blissex shut down all power to Cloud City, effectively turning X0-X1 off as well. This shut off power to Cloud City's huge B/1 repulsorlift engines, and the city began to fall. Luckily, the Alliance team was able to dismantle X0-X1 before the city fell into Bespin's core. (CCC)

this was the codename given by Myk Bidlor to the poison used to kill Aruk the Hutt. Bidlor discovered that it was produced by the Malkite Poisoners, and was created from the stamen of a plant which grew on a planet known only to the Malkites. This made the drug prohibitively expensive, which led Durga to believe that clan Desilijic was behind its use. Large doses of X-1 were immediately fatal, but small doses create a dependence which can be deadly if the substance is withdrawn. (RD)

X-1 Viper Automadon
this bipedal war droid was produced on Balmorra from the various war machine technologies "borrowed" from the Empire. Each of these droids stood about 3 meters tall, and was equipped with 2 pincer arms, 2 laser cannons, and a pair of boosted blaster cannon arms. They had a unique molecular shielding which allows them to absorb the energy fired at them and convert it into ready power for its own weapons systems. The X-1 was designed to be supervised during combat, and were equipped with manual overrides to shut them down in case of a ceasefire. (DE2, EGD)

this Corporate Sector Authority groundcruiser was used to patrol dense areas and keep the peace. At 6 meters in length, it required a single pilot, and could carry six troops. The X10 was armed with a single heavy blaster cannon. (CSA)

this is a model of droid computer brain often used to control starships. Bossk used one to control the Hound's Tooth. (EGV, CCG4)

this bronze- and red-colored labor droid was used by Bossk to perform menial labor aboard the Hound's Tooth. Roughly Trandoshan in size and shape, X10-D received orders and assignments from the central computer Bossk installed on his ship. It had retractable piston arms, a conical torso, and a roller tread for locomotion. (TBH)

this series of labor droids was designed and manufactured by the Trandoshan race, for use aboard their starships and at their starports. They were slightly taller than a normal Trandoshan, with a conical torso, powerful arms, and roller-treaded feet. (E1A4)

this was the codename of the New Republic spy who kept an eye out for Sate Pestage on the planet Ciutric. He was part of the Republic's Commando Team One, serving under Kapp Dendo. (XWMR)

X1-Lioness Droid
this was the brand name of Industrial Automaton's TDL nanny droid. (SWJ14, JASB)

this Sund laser cannon was popular among criminal and outlaw organizations, because it was cheap as well as powerful. The Alliance used them to arm their T-47 airspeeders, most notably those at the Echo Base on Hoth. (CCG3)

this high-altitude fighter was considered outdated during the era of the New Order. They were often referred to as 'triple-deuces.' (HSL)

X-23 StarWorker
a space barge designed by Incom, it has a modular shape and Incom sublight engines attached to its cargo hold. It measured 38 meters in length, and can hold 2,000 cubic meters of cargo with a maximum mass of 5,000 metric tons. They have no weapons systems, and no shielding. They require only 2 crewmen to run, plus a fifth-degree labor droid. (DA, SWSB)

this was the largest city established by the droids which controlled the moon of Uffel. Most of the major automaton manufacturing centers were located in X2-4 during the last years of the Old Republic. Uffel's only spaceport was also located in X2-4. (LFC)

X-26 StarHaul
this was a space barge developed by Incom as a larger version of the X-23 StarWorker. The X-26 was 55 meters long, could transport up to 5,000 metric tons of cargo, and was armed with a laser cannon. It was crewed by a pilot and co-pilot, along with an asrtomech droid. (FOP, POM)

this Imperial code described Terpfen while he was a organic implant research subject. (JASB)

X-3 Skid
this repulsorsled was used by mineral and ore prospectors to transport their findings to the nearest appraiser. (POT)

X-30 Lancer
this was a model of sporting blaster produced by SoroSuub. It was originally developed as a way to greatly increase the concentration of the blaster bolt to extend the weapon's firepower and range. Because of its light weight and long range, the X-30 was popular among hunters and assassins. Its many improvements served as the basis for theX-45 sniper rifle. (AEG)

this was one of the many models of landspeeders produced by SoroSuub during the era of the New Order. (SWGAL)

a personal-use SoroSuub landspeeder measuring about 3.4 meters in length, the X-34 was produced during the last decades of the Old Republic. It had a flat, oval-shaped hull, and was powered by a rear-mounted repuslorfield generator aided by three turbine engines. Two engines were mounted on each side, and one was mounted on the rear deck, and this configuration gave the speeder a top speed of 250 kilometers per hour. The X-34 could transport a pilot and one passenger, although two droids could be tied down on the rear deck. The X-34 had a retractable duraplex windscreen, and was controlled by a steering wheel and foot pedals. Because of the speeder's top speed, the X-34 was popular among the youth of the galaxy. (CCG, EGV, SWRPG2, NEGV)

X34 Landspeeder
see X-34 (GQRG)

this specialized protocal droid was programmed for systems administration and formal etiquette. This silver-plated droid was obedient to a fault, and was the normal traits of aloofness and deference common to protocol droids. (RESB)

a Corellian Engineering Corporation maneuvering thruster. (EGV)

this was the designation of SoroSuub's military sniper rifle, produced during the New Order. The X-45 was an attempt to have a pwoerful weapon which also had greater accuracy over longer distances. The energy beam it produced was overfocused in the barrle, making it thinner but also more lethal. The X-45 was originally marketed as a civilian weapon known as the Riflette, but most of its sales came from assassins and bounty hunters. Thus, it was re-classified as a military weapon and designated the X-45. (GUN, AEG)

X45 Sniper Riflette
this small, easily-concealed sniper weapon was produced during the last years of the Old Republic. (YDR)

X46-7 Ore Carrier
this outdated Damorian Manufacturing starship was designed to transport raw ore to refineries. It measured 175 meters in length, and required a crew of 20. It could transport up to 8 passengers and 5,000 metric tons of cargo. (OE)

this was another designation of the T-65XJ model of the X-Wing starfighter. (EVC)

X5 Malgon Armor
this form od protective armor was originally developed for use by individuals who had to work in areas where fires were a threat. The X5 Malgon armor was equipped with an onboard supply of fire-retardant chemicals, which could be expelled through a series of small nozzles, providing an added measure of protection against fires. The development of the X5 was halted by the Empire, but no official explanation was ever given. (GUN)

X-7 Factory Station
a 500-meter long orbital station designed to allow manufacturing in space. They are fairly well-armed, with multiple turbolaser batteries and two warhead launchers. It is also well-shielded, with 200 SBD shields and a 100-RU hull. The station is constructed from a central spire topped with living quarters and operational labs. Attached to this central spire are 4 storage/laboratory modules. (TIE)

this is the designation of a computer system developed after the Battle of Endor. It wasn't very powerful or useful. (POT)

this was a large repulsorlift engine developed by Merr-Sonn, for use on the MobileMortar-3 weapons platform. (EGW)

this Imperial military regulation forbade the operation of military equipment by beings under the influence of intoxicants. Punishments for those discovered to be operating under the influence were documented in Sub-section 8.2.1355 of Volume 6 of The Imperial Military Guide to Correct Thought. (FC)

this is the designation of a SoroSuub high-definition video monitor. It was extremely large in size. (POT)

X-80 Power Cells
used by the Empire on specially-modified AT-ATs, X-80 power cells create laser blasts that are incredibly hot, incinerating anything they don't destroy outright. (DE2)

Xa Fel
a planet in the Kanchen sector, taken by Thrawn prior to the Battle of Bilbringi. It served as one of Kuat Drive Yards' hyperdrive manufacturing centers. The manufacturing facilities are the primary focus of the planet's economy, to the point that they used up all the planet's natural resources and left it badly polluted. The natives of the planet were also called Xa Fel, and were virtually enslaved by KDY. (TLC, IJ, TTSB)

Xa Fel
this near-human race was native to the planet of the same name. A primitive species by galactic standards, the Xa Fel were farmers and hunters before Kuat Drive Yards took control of the planet. In almost no time, manufacturing complexes took over the landscape, and the Xa Fel were powerless to stop it. They were virtually enslaved by KDY as laborers, and a number of genetic mutations caused by the polluted environment drew them away from the mainline human stock. Because of this contamination, the average lifespan of the Xa Fel dropped from 120 years to just 50 years. When the New Republic took control of the planet shortly after the Battle of Endor, it ordered KDY to begin a massive clean-up effort that would allow the Xa Fel to return to their previous life. The attacks of Grand Admiral Thrawn halted this effort temporarily. (TTSB, AE)

this was a series of secretary droids produced by Opti-Prime during the early years of the New Order. These droids found widespread use in the Corporate Sector, and the XA-540 series was considered one of the most successful lines of business droids ever produced. They were promoted as "a unit capable of handling all your administrative needs quietly, competently, and with unswerving loyalty." It was rumored that Industrial Automaton tried to acquire several models of the XA-540 on the black market, in an effort to reverse-engineer their own kockoff version of the XA-540. (FTD)

this was a small repulsorlift engine developed by Merr-Sonn, for use on the MobileMortar-3 weapons platform. (EGW)

this man was stranded on the planet Onderon, in the wake of the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War. Unknown to most everyone else, Xaart was actually a Republic spy, and was on Onderon to investigate how the planet was being ruled. With the help of The Exile, he was able to acquire a starport visa, and could finally book passage back to the Republic. (KOTOR2)

this purple-colored fungus was native to the planet Xagobah. Distinguished by the mass of red-tipped tentacles at its base, the xabar fungus was avoided by the Xamsters because of its natural poison. When a being or creature was stung by one of the tentacles, they experienced a temporary paralysis that allowed the xabar to begin consuming them. The paralysis was not permanent, and many Xamsters made full recoveries after being stung. Wat Tambor, however, genetically altered several xabar varieties during the height of the Clone Wars, creating a deadlier variety of xabar that caused intense pain and deep paralysis. (BF5)

Xachihik Broth
this is a thick stew made by Wookiees, and is composed of meat, herbs, and spices. (RD)

this Wookiee dialect is a tribal language spoken by the natives of the Wartaki Islands. It was used by the Wookiees who resisted Imperial subjugation of Kashyyyk as a code language. (RD)

this Falleen aristocrat left his homeworld to take a pilgrimage and find out more about the rest of the galaxy. He was decidedly unlike other Falleen males, with an innate curiosity about other lifeforms. Despite his soft-hearted nature, Xad was known as a strong warrior and cold-blooded predator who was loyal to his friends. Xad was approached by Dhas Vedij and offered a chance to serve on the crew of the Far Orbit, shortly after Vedij defected from Imperial service. (FOP)

tihs planet was located in the Mid Rim, just inside the border with the Outer Rim Territories, and was the homeworld of the Xamster race. From space, Xagobah appeared to be a cloud-covered world that was shrouded in purplish mists. This was caused by the incredible amount of spores and pollen found in its atmosphere, giving off by all manner of trees and fungus. While much of the spore material was harmless, there were several varieties that caused illenss to most humanoid species. Thus, a breath mask was recommended for most off-world visitors. The fungi that produced these billions of spores were found in a variety of forms, including several carnivorous varieties that could reach out and grab their prey, while the flimmel tree resembled a weird combination of mushroom and spider. Note that the galaxy map inside Star Wars Insider, issue 65 shows Xagobah in the Outer Rim, near the border with the Mid Rim. (IWE1, SWDB, SWI65, BF5)

a major city located on the planet Darkknell. (TFNR)

Xal 3
this planet was located in the Ablajeck Sector of the galaxy. (GMR9)

Xalis, N'tain
this man was an Alliance agent during the early years of the Galactic Civil War, and served as the leader of Sandwind Team. (AIR)

it was rumored that this Imperial Star Destroyer recovered Darth Vader's TIE Fighter shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (T16)

this race of purple-skinned, bat-like reptiloids was native to the planet Xagobah. Many Xamsters were killed during the Clone Wars, when the Army of the Republic laid siege to the Mazariyan fortress, in an effort to capture Wat Tambor. (SWDB, BF5)

an alien race native to the planet Algara II, the Xan are hairless, think humanoids with bulbous heads and large eyes. They have pale skin which can range in color from green to yellow to pinks. They show no emotion, for their faces lack the muscle structure to do so. The Xan cannot tolerate cold temperatures. The average Xan lives to be 80 years old, and females reach sexual maturity shortly after their twentieth birthday. All Xan are births were single-offspring. Most Xan are worker drones, and virtually all aspects of Xan society were regulated by the human settlers of Algara II. Xan culture was virtually wiped out, and most modern Xan know almost nothing about their species' history. The Algarans went so far as to prohibit the Xan from leaving the planet, for fear that the Xan would spread the truth about their oppression at the hands of the human settlers. (PG2, AE)

Xan, Ilena
this woman was one of the few Jedi Masters who remained on Coruscant during the Clone Wars, staying at the Jedi Temple as a teacher and instructor in the martial arts. Master Xan was known for her knowledge of melee combat, especially joint locks and holds that could render any opponent almost unable to move. Because of this, she earned the nickname Iron Hand, a monicker she gladly accepted. Master Xan was a close friend of Jai Maruk, and was one of many Jedi who were gravely concerned when he returned from Vjun with a communique from Count Dooku. (YDR)

Xana Exotic Arms
this weapons manufacturer created some of the galaxy's most exotic and unusual weapons, including the MSW-9 molecular stiletto. The company's executives worked exceptionally hard to ensure their anonymity, hiding behind a dense maze of false names and holding companies. This ensured that their operations continued unabated, despite the highly illegal nature of some of their wepaons. (ROE, GFT, AEG)

Xanai Sowan
this female Twi'lek was one of the smugglers who worked for Grov Bricker aboard the Mourning Glory during the height of the New Order. She served as the ship's primary engineer, and many of the ship's crew considered Bricker and Sowan to be lovers. (PH)

Xanas City
this city was under Imperial control during the Galactic Civil War, and the 656th Regiment was garrisoned there to ensure control. (HR)

this boy, with midnight blue eyes and jet black hair, was a native of the planet Telos, was born into wealth and ease. His father, Crion, was the richest man on the planet. However, Crion could not provide what Xanatos wanted most: to become a Jedi Knight. Xanatos was strong with the Force, strong enough to attract the attention of Qui-Gon Jinn. The Jedi Master came to Telos and requested that Xanatos return with him to Coruscant for training. Crion agreed, and Xanatos was transported across the galaxy. He trained under the best masters, and eventually Qui-Gon took the youth as his second Padawan learner. However, Xanatos was quick to flaunt his wealth and position while in the Jedi Temple, and constantly used his "power" to impress those "less fortunate" classmates. Xanatos was also quick to anger, and responded poorly when the jibes were directed at himself. All these traits Qui-Gon strove to overlook, since he felt that Xanatos was a great student and would someday grow into a great Jedi Knight. The Jedi Council wasn't so sure, and continually pressed Qui-Gon to evaluate Xanatos' progress. Shortly before Xanatos ready ready to take the tests which could elevate him to the status of Jedi Knight, Master Yoda sent them both on a mission to Telos. No specifics were given on the mission, and both assumed that the purpose would be revealed when they arrived. However, what they found was a planet engulfed in turmoil. Crion had been secretly making plans to attack a neighboring planet, and when he learned that his son had returned, he drew Xanatos into his plans. Together they plotted their attack whle keeping Qui-Gon in the dark. However, the Jedi Master discovered their schemes and threatened to expose them. His attempt to gain popular support against them backfired, igniting a civil war between the factions of government on Telos. In the battle, Qui-Gon was forced to kill Crion in a duel, slicing off the fingers on one hand before dispatching Crion. Xanatos, seeing his teacher kill his father, vowed to exact revenge on the Jedi. He took the ring from his father's finger and touched to his cheek. The hot metal left a crescent-shaped scar, which Xanatos used as a reminder of Qui-Gon's seeming treachery. Xanatos fled, and Qui-Gon told the Jedi Council he had been killed in the fighting. Years later, Xanatos reappeared on Bandomeer, having taken control of the leadership of Offworld Mining Company through deceit and conspiracy. He claimed to be all for bringing about a peace between Offworld and the Arcona Mineral Harvest Corporation, but he secretly hoped to eliminate Arcona and take Bandomeer's ionite mines for himself. Again he was thwarted by Qui-Gon, this time with the help of Obi-Wan Kenobi. They defeated Xanatos' plans, but were unable to capture the rogue. Xanatos escaped again, and fled into hiding. Xanatos returned to Telos, where he began planning to stripmine the planet in order to obtain a wealth of credits. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan were forced to tack him to Telos, and exposed his parts in the game of Katharsis and his manipulation of the UniFy corporation. Despite overwhelming support for Xanatos, the Jedi were able to expose his plans and defeat Xanatos in combat. Unwilling to be captured alive, Xanatos took his own life by jumping into the acidic pools of toxic waste he had created at the Sacred Pools of Telos. (DR, RF, IG1, DOR)

Xanatos Institute for Healing
one of the many organizations funded by the former Jedi Knight Xanatos, during his attempts to gain favor with the natives of Telos. Xanatos funded a great number of humanitarian causes, in an effort to mask his plans to stripmine Telos and take the profits for himself. (DOR)

this was a common name among the Falleen. (UANT)

known as the crustacean cat, the xandank was a predatory beast that was native to the Berken's Flow region of Mustafar. It got its nickname from the protective shell that covered its body. The xandank hunted in packs, and was known to stalk its prey for long periods before attacking. (SWGAL)

Xandil VII
this planet was the site of a vast hunting preserve during the height of the New Order. Many Imperial officers and governors traveled to hunt in the planet's equatorial reserves. (WBC)

this insectile alien and his brethren once tried to book passage to Norclune, as part of a religious pilgrimage, with Han Solo and Chewbacca. Popular rumor held that Solo turned Brother Xando down, claiming he was a fanatic, just before accepting Obi-Wan Kenobi's offer of 17,000 credits for passage to Alderaan. (T14)

Xanlanner System
this star system was located near the Uziel System. (JQ7)

Xant Flashheel
this quick-tmepered, clanless Nosaurian lived in the Drifter's District of Phemiss, on his homeworld of New Plympto, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Xant often made a few credits serving as a swoopshaw driver, but claimed to anyone who would listen that he was a capable guide, claiming he could lead adventurers deep into the hiakk forests on safaris. (CCW)

this Gorothite instrument combined the elements of a 24-string lute and a bassoon into a single instrument. The player simulateously plucked the strings while stopping the holes along the goose-necked body. It required incredible musical skill to play. (GSE)

Xappyh Sector
Jorus C'baoth was the Ambassador-at-Large for this sector during the Old Republic. (DFR)

this man was one of the many Mandalorians who were stranded on the moon Dxun, in the wake of the Great Sith War. Xarga was chosen by the Mandalore to lead a group of agents who worked with The Exile into the tomb of Freedon Nadd, where they sought answers to the growing power of the Dark Side of the Foce, in the wake of the Jedi Civil War. (KOTOR2)

Xarnin Medical Technologies
this corporation produced a variety of medical devices for use in immobilizing broken limbs. (FOP)

Xarran, Gaege
this man was a General in the Imperal armed forces, in command of the garrison on the planet Vryssa during the early years of the New Republic. He began his career as one of Emperor Palpatine's royal guards. He loved his brother, Rivo, with a deep devotion, despite the fact that Rivo was only good for drinking, gambling, and getting into trouble. When Rivo fled from Boba Fett - who had been contracted to recover Rivo for the theft of information from Jabba the Hutt - Gaege tried to protect him behind the defenses of his garrison. Unfortunately, Xarran's troops were no match for the bounty hunter. Fett eliminated AT-AT walkers and the garrison's death fence before reaching the main compound. Xarran, faced without an option, set the self-destruct sequence for the base. He then set out to kill Fett himself. Gaege nearly succeeded, catching Fett while the hunter was too intent on finding Rivo. However, Fett recovered from his carelessness and lured Gaege into a trap. At the last minute, Fett fired off his rocket pack, leaving Gaege alone and in close proximity to a bomb. The detonation killed Gaege instantly. (TFNR)

Xarran, Rivo
the mentally unstable brother of Gaege Xarran, Rivo was wanted by the Hutts for slicing into the computer records of Jabba the Hutt and stealing a great deal of sensitive information. He then sold it to one of Jabba's competitors for a vast sum of credits. Rivo claimed that he accidentally got into Jabba's records, and then greed overcame him. Rivo was best known for his ability to drink, gamble, and get into trouble. Jabba exclusively contracted Boba Fett to recover him from Gaege's garrison, but the bounty hunter was unable to capture him. Rivo extracted the microscopic tracers implanted in his body and led Fett on a chase. He then confronted Fett, after the bounty hunter had killed his brother Gaege, although from a distance using a portable holo-projector. He told Fett that Gaege had set the self-destruct for the garrison, and then calmly bargained for his life. Fett agreed to tell Jabba the Rivo had died in the explosion, in exchange for Fett allowing him to leave. Faced with death if he tried to catch Rivo, Fett agreed. Rivo then fled to Ladarra, hiding out for years until Boba Fett finally caught him years after the death of Jabba. Instead of killing Rivo - now known as the Storyteller to the children of New Hope Settlement - Fett flipped him a credit chip equal in value to the bounty on Rivo's head and left. (TFNR)

Xarrce Huwla
this Tunroth joined Rogue Squadron shortly before the Battle of Brentaal, although she immediately requested a transfer out of the squadron. She was concerned with the high mortality rate of its pilots, but Wedge Antilles was unable to move her immediately. A veteran of over twenty missions before she joined the Rogues, Xarrce put her skills to their best use while awaiting transfer. She flew several missions for the Rogues during the Battle of Brentaal, and made a number of friends within the squadron. After the battle was over and the Rogues had a chance to relax, Xarrce withdrew her request for transfer and remained with the Rogues. (XWES, HXW)

one of the planets visted by the Night Caller shortly before it was captured by Wraith Squadron near Xobome 6. Despite the fact that Xartun was under the control of Imperial warlord Zsinj, Xartun applied for admission into the New Republic. Zsinj had been planning to set up a duplicate of the bio-engineering lab run by Binring Biomedical on Saffalore, but the intervention of Wraith Squadron put an end to that plan. Xartun had two suns. (WS, SOC)

an Alliance shuttle group destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this tall, reptilian humanoid was a Doctor of xenoarchaeology during the height of the New Order. Doctor Xathan and his assistant, Fem Nu-Ar, were hired by the Empire to locate the planet Seoul 5. When their research led the Imperial to the correct planet, both of them were bound and imprisoned beneath the planet's surface. Only the timely appearance of Han Solo allowed them to get free. (MC84)

this being was one of the many Kooroo mystics who were active during the early years of the New Republic. When a group of prisoners escaped from the facilities on Delrian, Xavar was among the many beings who were brought in to help handle the crisis. (GCG)

an accomplished illusionist, Xaverri often performed at the Chance Castle on Nar Shaddaa. It was here that she met Han Solo during his early smuggling days. They developed a romantic relationship, and shared a number of adventures outrunning the early Imperial police forces. Xaverri is a tall human female with curly black hair. Before becoming a magician, Xaverri was married and had a small family. She was quite happy in this life until the Empire killed her husband and children in an unexplained assault. Xaverri struck out on her own, always looking for a way to hurt the Empire. This got her onto several systems' wanted lists, so she kept moving and performing. Her reckless and adventuresome nature gave way to vengeance following the Battle of Endor, when she turned to hunting down the remaining Imperial officers and dispatching them. When she encountered the goings-on at Crseih Station, she sent coded messages to Han in an effort to get the New Republic to establish a presence at the station and eliminate the Imperial forces gathering there. (CS, THG)

Xaza IV
this planet was known for the exquisite, oil-burning chandeliers produced by its artisans. (SESB)

this Ugly is created from the spherical cockpit of a TIE Fighter linked to the S-foils and wings of an X-Wing. This Twi'leki design required that a special collar be fitted to the TIE cockpit, so that the S-foils could be mounted properly. (KT)

X-C 2
this was the designation of an experimental, high-output ion array developed for use as a sublight drive by Sienar Design Systems. It first saw use in Darth Maul's Infiltrator starship. (X1, IG1)

this was the model number of the Star Saber figther, produced by Republic Fleet Systems during the height of the Great Sith War. Testing of the 6.75-meter-long craft showed that it lacked maneuverability, a problem exposed by the swift chaos fighters of the Krath. Each XC-01 was armed with a pair of heavy blaster cannons, and this lack of firepower also hurt the ship's record in combat. After several defeats in which Krath chaos fighters scored decisive victories over the Jedi Knights, the XC-01 was shelved in favor of more maneuverable, better-armed ships. (PJSB)

XC2-series Droid
Cybot Galactica's administrative droids. (GG9)

this mythological beast was found in Ukian legends. Its appearance signified the planet's destruction was at hand. (TTSB)

this form of Ugly starfighter was created from an X-Wing fuselage, to which was attached the wings of a TIE Interceptor. (DTO)

this blaster component is also known as the gas conversion enabler. When the trigger of the blaster is pulled, it opens the Heter valve and releases a small amount of gas into the Xciter. The Xciter excites the molecules of gas and moves them into the Actuating Blaster Module. (CFG)

this former cooking droid was owned by Ramsey Lanclo, who modified the droid extensively for use as a co-pilot aboard the Chicanery. Roughly humanoid in stature, XDL-67 had a knack for remembering obscure details about everyone it met. XDL-67 once saved Lanclo from a prison sentence on Kessel, when the Chicanery was boarded by Imperial Customs officer Hewat. Lanclo had been transporting Rybettian Shac to Moruth Doole, and Agent Hewat hoped to catch Lanclo in the act and gain a clue as to Doole's activities. XDL-67 suggested that Hewat take Lanclo's pet keon as a gift to her daughter, thereby deflecting Hewat's investigation and allowing them to go free. (FTD)

this was the supposed code-name of a highly-modified version of the Z-95 Headhunter, produced by the Empire on Fresia after it nationalized Incom Industries. The X-Drone was a droid-piloted craft, capable of acting without an organic pilot. No evidence of the X-Drone's existence was ever found. (CCW)

this was one of many Imperial-developed chemicals used for the interrogation and subduction of prisoners. (SWJ10)

Xel Tanni
this was the name of a noted Omwati, distinguished in the histories of the planet Omwat. (UANT)

this alien was one of the Outer Rim's best podracer pilots. During the famous Boonta Eve Classic which was won by nine-year-old Anakin Skywalker, Xelbree was killed when his pod exploded in a ball of flame. The explosion was the result of an illegal maneuver by Sebulba, who fired a small flame weapon at Xelbree's engine fuel cells. (TPM)

the wood from this tree, native to the planet Ansion, was distinguished by its wonderful purplish color. (APS)

Xelric Draw
this widemouthed canyon, located between Mochot Steep and the Dune Sea, split the Mospic High Range as it meandered across the desert of Tatooine. It was a shallow canyon, and was easily navigable by landspeeder. (TPM)

this Jedi Knight was a good friend of Xiaan, during their training and throughout the early part of the Clone Wars. Unfortunately, Xeltek was killed during the conflict. (RSOS)

Xemir, Katiz
this man was a settler on a remote colony world which was subjugated by the Empire. His family was summarily executed when he refused to move them offworld. He avoided death, and fled to the Outer Rim. There, he decided that one day he would join the Alliance, but until that time, he served as a pirate on any crew that would hire him. He was approached by Dhas Vedij and offered a chance to serve on the crew of the Far Orbit, after Vedij defected from Imperial service. (FOP)

this xeno-biologist was the only known scientist to witness the danchaf actually using tools or language. In his work, Lesser-known Sentients, Volume 3, Xemlorn documented the abilities of the danchaf, which had only been hinted at by the Jenet. (COG)

a planet. (COG)

this ancient Kashi Mer was exiled from his homeworld when he began using the teras kasi martial arts for evil by combining them with the Dark Side of the Force. As a Jedi and a Kashi Mer, Xendor developed a large following, often referred to as the Minions of Xendor, whose ranks included the warrior Arden Lyn. Xendor was killed by the Jedi Knights, shortly after the First Great Schism split the Jedi apart. (RD, GMR5)

Xendor's Minions
this mythical group was often referred to by Falan Iniro, as an exclamatory remark whenever he was surprised. It referred to those beings who supported the ancient Kashi Mer exile, Xendor, during the First Great Schism. See also Minions of Xendor. (THG, GMR5)

Corran Horn's R2 unit, Whistler, used this nickname to rouse support for the resistance on Garqi. Xeno was known to the students of Garqi Ag University through the computer networks they connected to, and he was able to obtain a lot of information about their activities. Unfortunately, through Xeno, Horn discovered that many of the resistance's leaders were simply rich kids who wanted to fight the system. (TFE, SWJ7)

the study of vanished alien and human cultures, employing scientific analysis of their artifacts. (SCRE)

Xenoboric Acid
a strong acid that, when concentrated, is extremely powerful. It has the strange property of reacting with the bodily fluids of many races, causing a build-up of gas inside the body. If not counteracted, the reaction causes the victim to literally explode. (JTH)

Xenoecoengineering Financial Principles
this was an Old Republic training course, created to give accountants a feel for how economics played a part in the development of emerging planetary societies. The course was held on Muunilinst. (SWI65)

Xenon Nnaksta
this infamous Vodran rejected the traditional roles of his people and left his homeworld to ply the oceans on the planet Delassin VI. He later became an operator for the Greel Wood Logging Coproration, as well as an operative working for the Alliance. It was while working for the Greel Wood Logging Corporation that Xenon became good friends with Meysen Kayson, who gave the Vodran a job after his parents were killed in the Thruncan Insurrections. Nnaksta was a member of the legendary Twilight Class of the Galactic Outdoor Survival School, and joined the Alliance shortly afterward. At the time of the Battle of Hoth, Nnaksta held the rank of Lieutenant and was working as a Pathfinder in Suolriep Sector. (SWJ6, GG12, AIR)

this course, offered at many universities and academies throughout the galaxy, explores the many ways in which the multitude of species in the galaxy think and behave. (XWES)

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