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this boy, with midnight blue eyes and jet black hair, was a native of the planet Telos, was born into wealth and ease. His father, Crion, was the richest man on the planet. However, Crion could not provide what Xanatos wanted most: to become a Jedi Knight. Xanatos was strong with the Force, strong enough to attract the attention of Qui-Gon Jinn. The Jedi Master came to Telos and requested that Xanatos return with him to Coruscant for training. Crion agreed, and Xanatos was transported across the galaxy. He trained under the best masters, and eventually Qui-Gon took the youth as his second Padawan learner. However, Xanatos was quick to flaunt his wealth and position while in the Jedi Temple, and constantly used his "power" to impress those "less fortunate" classmates. Xanatos was also quick to anger, and responded poorly when the jibes were directed at himself. All these traits Qui-Gon strove to overlook, since he felt that Xanatos was a great student and would someday grow into a great Jedi Knight. The Jedi Council wasn't so sure, and continually pressed Qui-Gon to evaluate Xanatos' progress. Shortly before Xanatos ready ready to take the tests which could elevate him to the status of Jedi Knight, Master Yoda sent them both on a mission to Telos. No specifics were given on the mission, and both assumed that the purpose would be revealed when they arrived. However, what they found was a planet engulfed in turmoil. Crion had been secretly making plans to attack a neighboring planet, and when he learned that his son had returned, he drew Xanatos into his plans. Together they plotted their attack whle keeping Qui-Gon in the dark. However, the Jedi Master discovered their schemes and threatened to expose them. His attempt to gain popular support against them backfired, igniting a civil war between the factions of government on Telos. In the battle, Qui-Gon was forced to kill Crion in a duel, slicing off the fingers on one hand before dispatching Crion. Xanatos, seeing his teacher kill his father, vowed to exact revenge on the Jedi. He took the ring from his father's finger and touched to his cheek. The hot metal left a crescent-shaped scar, which Xanatos used as a reminder of Qui-Gon's seeming treachery. Xanatos fled, and Qui-Gon told the Jedi Council he had been killed in the fighting. Years later, Xanatos reappeared on Bandomeer, having taken control of the leadership of Offworld Mining Company through deceit and conspiracy. He claimed to be all for bringing about a peace between Offworld and the Arcona Mineral Harvest Corporation, but he secretly hoped to eliminate Arcona and take Bandomeer's ionite mines for himself. Again he was thwarted by Qui-Gon, this time with the help of Obi-Wan Kenobi. They defeated Xanatos' plans, but were unable to capture the rogue. Xanatos escaped again, and fled into hiding. Xanatos returned to Telos, where he began planning to stripmine the planet in order to obtain a wealth of credits. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan were forced to tack him to Telos, and exposed his parts in the game of Katharsis and his manipulation of the UniFy corporation. Despite overwhelming support for Xanatos, the Jedi were able to expose his plans and defeat Xanatos in combat. Unwilling to be captured alive, Xanatos took his own life by jumping into the acidic pools of toxic waste he had created at the Sacred Pools of Telos.
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