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Xenosurvey & Measurements, Limited
this corporation produced a variety of planetary exploration and scouting probes during the early years of the New Order. (GG2)

this bio-engineering corporation was based near Munto, on the planet Commenor, and was primarily created to manufacture veterinary medicines for exotic species. The corporation catered to the needs of many Imperial leaders, who liked to keep exotic pets as status symbols. As the Empire crumbled in the wake of the Battle of Endor, Xenovet began to work on breeding programs which would restore endangered species to their native worlds. However, as the New Republic struggled to rebuild worlds for sentient species, Xenovet's activites took a back-seat and the corporation eventually went out of business. Later, the clone of Ysanne Isard used the abandoned facilities to house a group of Lusankya captives, in an effort to draw out Rogue Squadron. (IR)

this was the largest city found on the planet Alsakan. (HNN5)

Xenvaer Civic Auditorium
this was one of the largest public meeting facilities found on the planet Alsakan. A fundraising event was held here, just before the onset of the Clone Wars, to drum up support for the Refugee Relief Movement. (HNN5)

Xephi Sep
a renowned kinesculpture artist. (RM)

this Xamster was the last member of his family, many of who were killed during Clone Wars when Army of the Republic laid siege to Wat Tambor's fortress on Xagobah. It was Xeran who assisted young Boba Fett in gaining access to the fortress, which was known as Mazariyan, during the bounty hunter's attempt to capture Tamor and bring him to Jabba the Hutt. (BF5)

this was a common, given name among the Vratix race. (UANT)

Xerithin Chemical Combinations
this specialty manufacturer produced a number of chemical-based weapons, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GFT)

this was a meatloaf savored by many alien races. (SWI65)

one of Rei'kas' hired thugs, Xern was sent to intercept Talon Kaarde at the Ithor Loman on Dayark. The assault failed when H'sishi and Shada D'ukal managed to taken the thugs out. He later commanded Rei'kas' command ship during their assault on Exocron, which was thwarted by the combined fleet of the Exocron Combined Air-Space Fleet and the Aing-Tii monks. The Aing-Tii spared to prisoners, killing off Xern and Rei'kas' entire fleet. (VOF)

Xern, Rodik
this unrefined man controlled the Sabrin Ring's enterprises on the southern continent of Sabrix, during the early years of the New Republic. (GG11)

the Empire unleashed a prototype warbot against Alliance force on this planet, shortly after the Battle of Hoth. One of the warbots was damaged and later captured by the Alliance. (MC47)

manufacturers of the Nightstinger sniper rifle. (SOP)

Xerrol's Place
a lively nightclub located on the Kuari Princess' Lido Deck. It was glamorous and upscale, and was the place to get a drink and get to know other passengers. Live music was always played at Xerrol's Place, and the bar was tended by an 11-armed alien. (RPG, RM)

Xerton 9
this planet is ruled by the Grand Magnus. (SWJ3)

a planet known for its weapons distributors. (RPG)

an Alliance Nebulon-B frigate which agreed to meet with the Nharwaaks in exchange for their new hyperdrive technology. (TIE)

this Imperial Carrack-class cruiser was part of the Imperial force dispatched to hound the Alliance as its ships massed near Sullust, just prior to the Battle of Endor. (XWA)

this is the twenty-fourth symbol in the Aurebesh script, and represents the Basic letter "x". (SWM)

Xeshen Kra
this Vratix was in charge of the bacta production on Thyferra during the years of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the New Republic. He greeted Uldir Lochett and Klin-Fa Gi when they arrived at Thyferra to warn of the Yuuzhan Vong plan to destroy bacta production by infecting alazhi trees with a virus. (SWI64)

a Mugaari Lambda-class shuttle destroyed by the Empire shortly after the Battle of Hoth. (TIE)

Xev Tallus
this name was attributed to a known Shi'ido individual, but it remained unclear whether or not it was the Shi'ido's given name. (UANT)

this was the native language of the Xexto race. (ANT)

this is a race of gangly aliens native to the planet Troiken, which has six limbs sprouting from a thin body. Each limb ends in a hand which has four digits. Their tiny heads sit on a thin neck, and are dominated by large eyes designed to draw in great quanitities of light. They are known as weavers, using their incredible dexterity to create some of the galaxy's most elaborate tapestries. They are also known to be highly competitive, and can speak at length about almost any subject. However, Xextos were known to be passive when it came to taking risks. It was later discovered that the Xexto genetic makeup served as the basis for several experiments by rogue Arkanian scientists, who altered the Xexto genes in order to create the Quermian species. (YJC1, IG1, SWK, ANT)

the designation of a Kuat Drive Yards power generator. (EGV)

another term for the S-foils used on X-wings. (ROTJN)

XG Bomb
this anti-gravity field bomb was manufactured by SoroSuub for the Empire. The XG could be deployed in open fields, and was triggered by the presense of a repulsor field. Troops and non-repulsor weapons can pass over it without mishap, but when a repulsorlift vehicle passes near, the detonator is triggered. (CFG)

Xg-1 Starwing
this was the name of the Cygnus Spaceworks Alpha-class assault gunboat, developed for use by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War. A single-pilot craft, it was the Empire's attempt to combine onboard shields and a hyperdrive on a single-pilot starfighter. The craft has been rated at 90 MGLT. The five-winged craft boasts the following shipboard components: 2 Seinar Fleet Systems' M-s3 Concussion Missile Launchers (8 missiles each), 2 Taim & Bak KX5 Laser Cannons, 2 Borstel NK-3 Ion Cannons, Cygnus 4K7 Dual Line Ion Engines, Iotek 9j Ion Power Cells & Ionization Reactor, Seinar Fleet Systems' N-s8.6 NavCom Unit, Miradyne RCS-6 Flight Avionics System, Cygnus HD7 Hyperdrive Activation Unit, Front/Rear Projecting Novaldex Shield Generators (rated at 100 SBD), Quadanium Steel Armored Titanium Alloy Hull (rated at 50 RU) (XW)

Xhaxin, Urias
this white-haired, white bearded pirate captain owned and operated the Nebulon-B frigate Free Lance. His band spent much of its time attacking Imperial supply ships, both during the Galactic Civil War and into the era of the New Republic. They were quite successful during the early years of the New Republic, as the Republic spent its time tracking down the remnants of the Empire and turning a blind eye to piracy. However, after the negotiated peace between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic, Xhaxin found the pickings growing slimmer and slimmer. He was forced to being arranging for travel of supply ships himself, advising them to fly along spacelanes that his pirates regularly patrolled. While making trying to ambush a convoy near Bastion, the Free Lance encountered a Yuuzhan Vong warship and was nearly destroyed. Xhaxin and his crew made a blind jump into hyperspace to escape, and were forced to obtain aid from the Republic. In turn, Xhaxin relayed the information of the Yuuzhan Vong attack. His left hand was a cyberneic prosthesis, required to repair an old injury. He was known by the nickname of Grayclaw, a reference to the gray bantha-hide glove he used to cover the prosthesis. (DTO, PP)

this group of cargo ships was discovered by the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. The starship Stimsenj'kat assisted in recovering their contents. (XW)

Xi Char
this quasi-religious sect was known for their highly-precise engineering. Based on the planet Charros IV, their fanatical attention to details allowed them to create some of the most sophisticated equipment in the galaxy, including the Variable Geometry Self-Propelled Battle Droid starfighter used by the Neimoidian Trade Federation. The Xi Char jealously guarded their secrets, and when they discovered that Raith Sienar had infiltrated their ranks to learn their secrets, they put out a bounty on his head. Sienar was never captured, however, but the Xi Charrians did managed to kill Narro Sienar in the process. The defection of Raith Sienar forced the Xi Char order to close its doors to offworlders, and thus the name Xi Char became synonymous with Xi Charrians. Years later, they were the perfect pawns for the Trade Federation, as the Xi Char order cared only for the details of their engineering, not its ultimate use. After the Old Republic learned that the Xi Char order had developed the vulture droids used by the Federation during the Battle of Naboo, they were severely punished by the Old Republic. The anger felt by the Xi Char order was only compounded when the Confederacy of Independent Systems reverse-engineered their technologies during the build-up to the Clone Wars, and began manufacturing them on other worlds. In order to atone for their past actions and restore their technological creations, the Xi Charrians agreed to help the Old Republic in any way they could. (X1, OWS, NEGC, LEV)

Xi Char Cathedral
this was the primary manufacturing facility of the Xi Char order, located on the Xi Charrian homeworld of Charros IV. (SWDB, LEV)

Xi Charrian
this was a race of highly-precise aliens which was native to Charros IV, although the name was also synonymous with of the devout followers of the Xi Char order. Individual Xi Charrians were insectile in appearance, with chitin-plated bodies, teardrop-shaped heads, and quartets of pointed legs that ended with scissor-like feet. Those beings who were in contact with the Xi Charrians said that they resembled the walking form of the vulture droid starfighters they produced for the Trade Federation. The Xi Charrians were capable of creating incredibly complex, yet fully functional pieces of engineering. They developed through the Xi Char order until their are ready to move on to the next plane, when they become employed by the Hoar Chall Engineering conglomerate. Individual Xi Charrians were meticulous about the details of their work, a trait that carried over to their own physical appearance. An injured Xi Charrian often went into a self-imposed exile, so that his associates wouldn't have to view is imperfections. A saying among the Xi Charrians read, "The deity is in the details." A naturally peaceful race, the Xi Charrians were surprised and angry when the Old Republic chastised them for their role in the Battle of Naboo, where the vulture droid was first used in combat. When the Trade Federation turned over the manufacture of the vulture droid and other Xi Charrian designs to the corporations of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the Xi Charrians decided to try and atone for their past by assisting the Old Republic during the Clone Wars. (X1, OWS, LEV)

Taim and Bak shipboard turbolasers employed by many capital ships. (SCRE)

Xiaan Amersu
this green-skinned, Twi'lek female was trained in the Jedi arts by the noted Anx Jedi Master J'Mikel. When Master J'Mikel was attacked and killed on Coruscant by Aurra sing, Xiann was badly traumatized by the incident and its violence. After Aurra Sing was captued by Aayla Secura, Master J'Mikel's lightsaber was returned to Coruscant. Aayla Secura asked to personally deliver it to Xiaan, so that she could talk to her fellow Twi'lek about reconciling her feelings. Xiaan went on to become one of the many Jedi Knights who served as Generals during the height of the Clone Wars. Later, she was part of the force that was dispatched to Saleucami, and led the initial starfighter assault on the Separatist positions on the planet. During the battle, her ship took heavy damage during a strafing run by Separatist vulture droids, and Xiaan was unable to fully control her fighter. Rather than plunge needlessly into Saleucami's atmosphere, Xiaan sacrificed herself by plunging her dying ship into the massive planetary laser that was the primary defense of the Separatists. Her death resulted in the complete destruction of the weapon, allowing the naval forces under the command of Sagoro Autem to demolish the Separatist facilities from space. (J3, RSOS)

the most common sex of Xi'Dec, it is also known as the Stictex. The Xi'Alpha sex accounts for about six percent of the Xi'Dec population. They have eight legs, any two of which can act as legs while the other six operate as arms. They have a shiny carapace topped with lacy wings, and they have a dozen optic stalks protruding from their heads. These stalks are almost prehensile in form, and can move the attached eye in any direction. Their nose is formed from six slits above their mouth, which is framed by a fully-articulated pair of pincers. (GG4, JH)

this was a common name given to Twi'lek females, and meant "spider" in the Twi'leki language. (GCG)

Xiba sum cubizik
this Kubazi phrase translated roughly into Basic as, "I need to go (to the restroom) badly." (MIS6)

an insectile species native to the planet Stic, they have evolved in the ever-changing climate of the planet by modifying their sexes for specific purposes. About 180 unique sexes have been noted in Xi'Dec culture by the Empire, although their history has shown that many more have evolved and died out from lack of need. All of the sexes have unique physical characteristics, depending on their function in society. Each Xi'Dec family is composed of single members from various sexes, and these families form the basis for Xi'Dec society. Families take great pride in the scope of their sexual content, and they go through considerable trouble in attracting rare sexes into the family. Their specialized sexes make certain kinds of Xi'Dec valuable off-world, as geologists, geneticists, and other scientific positions, although their overall technology is only moderately advanced. Tourism is often brisk to Stic, not for the planet's climate or beauty but because of the strange and unusual appearances of the various sexes of Xi'Dec. (GG4)

this Dug was a member of Sebulba's clan, and worked for Sebolto's gang during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Mawhonic issued a bounty for his capture, claiming that "all the kin of that dirty Dug Sebulba deserved to fry." Jango Fett managed to claim the bounty during his attempt to meet with Sebolto. (BH)

Xim the Despot
a legendary, pre-Old Republic tyrant, Xim was a native of the planet Argai. As a youth, Xim was the heir to his father's holdings, and by the age of twenty he had conquered a number of systems by leading his father's pirate bands on raids. Xim grew to power by despoiling entire planets, collecting and selling slaves, stranding entire populations in deep space, and collecting enough armaments to support his goals. Xim ruled for about thirty years, until his despicable rule ended with his defeat at the Third Battle of Vontor, about a century before the formation of the Old Republic. Up to that time, Xim had conquered hundreds of thousands of worlds near the Tion Hegemony, and was planning to expand into Hutt Space. At this time, some twenty-five years into his reign, Xim's empire spread from the Maw Cluster to the Radama Void. As he began making incursions in Hutt Space, his forces were ambushed at Vontor and destroyed. Xim vowed to exact revenge on the Hutts, and launched two more attempts to defeat the Hutts. His forces were in the process of transporting a huge shipment to Dellalt, and this shipment became the basis for most of the legends of the Queen of Ranroon, the ship he was using to transport military materials to Dellalt. After the Third Battle of Vontor, Xim was captured and enslaved by Kossak the Hutt. When his death was announced several years later, the crew of the Queen of Ranroon scuttled the mission in the mountains of Dellalt, leaving the vaults Xim and built empty and awaiting the arrival of a new despot to take Xim's place. His empire held together for nearly a century after his death, before it broke apart into smaller pieces: the Kingdom of Cron, the Jaminere Marches, the Indrexu Confederaton, the Keldrath Alignment, the Thanium Worlds, and the Tion Hegemony were all formed from parts of his empire. Xim's insignia consisted of a bone-colored death's head with two sunbursts in its eyesockets. Over the doors to Xim's vaults on Dellalt read the inscription: IN ETERNAL HOMAGE TO XIM, WHOSE FIST SHALL ENCLOSE THE STARS AND WHOSE NAME SHALL OUTLIVE TIME. (HSE, ECH, GORW, HSL)

this was the name given to the study of galactic civiliation at the time of Xim the Despot, well before the formation of the Old Republic. (HNN4)

this Snivvian word represented the number 10. (HNN5)

this predator, native to the planet Kushibah, preferred to feed on the flesh of the Kushiban race. The average xinkra stood three meters talls, and could swallow a Kushiban in a single bite. These creatures hunted in packs, overwhelming their prey with sheer numbers. Xinkras were considered fearless beasts, but could be held off with flames or fire. (AQ, PJSB)

this notorious slavery ring was singlehandedly broken up by Odumin. (CSA)

this self-exiled Falleen was the strongest member of the Nanthri Pirates during the last years of the New Order. He was searching for the lost treasure of Celis Mott, and once employed Marka Durn to locate the treasure. After Durn was able to locate it, Xishel had him executed to protect the secret. Durn, however, hid the location in the databanks of his starship's computer, and turned the ship over to a group of friends. Xishel cornered them, claiming to be working for the Falleen king Haxim, in an effort to recover a trove of treasures stolen from the planet Falleen. The spacers ignored Xishel's threats. (IA)

Xiss, Zule
this young woman was a student of the Force, and was a Jedi Padawan at the same time Anakin Skywalker was being trained by Obi-Wan Kenobi. She wore clothing that was similar that of her Master, Glaive, who was regarded as the only Jedi Master to ever truly teach her anything about the Jedi way. Together, they were dispatched with Obi-Wan and Anakin to the moon of Ohma-D'un to investigate the loss of a Gungan colony some ten weeks after the Battle of Geonosis. It was feared that the miners who worked the Naboo System had been armed by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and had attacked the Gungans in order to secure the moon for the Separatists. Unfortunately, the four Jedi discovered a new form of combat droid had been sent to exterminate the Gungans. The droids were under the command of the bounty hunter Durge, who managed to capture Zule as a hostage. Obi-Wan's sneak attack distracted Durge enough for Zule to break free, but Asajj Ventress arrived and beheaded Master Glaive. Zule repaid Obi-Wan's bravery by distracting Durge when the bounty hunter had Obi-Wan in his sights. Durge managed to pin her to the ground, but Zule grabbed his blasters and fired into his chest at point-blank range. This allowed the two Jedi to escape and chase down Asajj Ventress. In a brief struggle Obi-Wan was able to hold his own, but Zule lost her left arm to Ventress' lightsaber. After Ventress and Durge escaped, Zule was taken back to Coruscant for treatment, and was counseled along with other Padawans who had lost their masters during the Clone Wars. She returned to the battle shortly afterward, after having a cybernetic prosthesis installed to replace her lost arm, and participated in the Battle of Jabiim with many other Padawans. However, the battle went poorly for the Republic's forces, and many Jedi Masters were killed. Zule found herself alone with several other Padawans as the only force capable of stopping Alto Stratus' advance on Republic territory. The Padawans fought bravely for three days, although many of them died in battle. Zule began to slip toward the Dark Side of the Force as the fighting wore on, and nearly fell completely to the Dark Side when an AT-AT walker exploded over her head. She was killed when the walker fell on top of her. (RNFW, RBJ)

this immense Falleen was once a killer for Black Sun, before supporting the Separatists during the height of the Clone Wars. He controlled his operations from a base in New Coronet, on the planet Trigalis. He was known for his skills using a vibrowhip, and many weaponsmasters claimed that his abilities rivaled those of a Jedi Knight with a lightsaber. Shortly before the First Battle of Coruscant, Obi-Wan Kenobi discovered that Xist had been providing weapons and intelligence to the Separatists in the Outer Rim, and set out to stop him. He hoped to gain information on the whereabouts of Asajj Ventress, who seemed to have escaped her apparent death on Coruscant. The Jedi Council feared that Obi-Wan was too tired from the battles of the Clone Wars to fight Xist, and dispatched Master Aayla Secura to assist him. Obi-Wan shrugged off her help, and defeated Xist in one-on-one combat before the Falleen agreed to tell him everything he knew. Despite his alliances, Xist relayed information that Dooku was dispatched his "best assassin" to eliminate Drama Korr, one of Xist's business associates. When Obi-Wan reached Korr's ship and discovered that it was not Ventress, but Durge, who had been sent to kill Korr, he realized that Xist had set him up to die as part of Dooku's elaborate plans. (O)

this planet is located in the Quence Sector. It was the base of operations for the Bloodsniffers swoop gang. (GG9)

Xiytiar-class Transport
this 164.8-meter cargo ship was capable of moving 5,000 metric tons of cargo. They were manned by a crew of two, and could carry 12 additional passengers. This class of transport had a thin, cylindrical shape highlighted by the bulbous front cargo section and the smaller, rearward engine pod. Note that X-Wing: Iron Fist claims the forward section was blocky in shape. Many pilots considered them the least elegant of any starship every designed for use. (DESB, IF)

the Falleen crimelord who taught Durga the Hutt, at one time he employed Ket Maliss as a bounty hunter. Xizor was the son of a local Falleen king, and grew up to power and riches. Some years before the Battle of Hoth, Darth Vader killed much of Xizor's family on Falleen, when a military bacterium got loose and started killing the Falleen. Rather than risk an outbreak, Vader had his starships raze an entire city and its environs, including nearly two hundred thousand Falleen. Xizor lost his parents, a brother and two sisters, and three uncles in the destruction. He held a grudge against Vader ever since, and used his Black Sun contacts to wipe out the Imperial records of the deaths. This assured Xizor that no one but he knew of Vader's hand in the deaths. This deletion was incomplete, for one of Vader's information specialists discovered it just before the Battle of Endor. Xizor built an opulent palace on Coruscant as a base from which he could command Black Sun. Xizor was not an exercise fanatic, but he kept his body in perfect condition through the use of implanted stim units. His natural Falleen ability to exude attractive pheromones allowed him to attract whichever females he wished, and he had many mistresses. When he tired of one, he paid her off and moved onto the next. He rarely left his Coruscant palace, and used its proximity to the Imperial Palace to eventually became a favored associated of Emperor Palpatine. When he did leave the planet, it was in the presence of a muted but deadly security detail. During much of his plotting with the Emperor, Xizor worked through the middleman Kud'ar Mub'at, using the assembler's services to help mask his own. It was Xizor, with the permission of Palpatine, who worked with Mub'at to bring about the destruction of the Bounty Hunters Guild. Xizor hoped to create a supply of freelance assassins who could work for the Empire. This plan failed when the Guild simply split into two warring factions. However, Xizor continued to scheme. Xizor's legal and criminal operations made him the third most-powerful being in the galaxy, behind Palpatine and Vader, but Xizor was not ready to remain there. At one time, he tried to wrest control of Kuat Drive Yards from Kuat of Kuat, but was unable to do so. He knew he could never hold Palpatine's seat, so he strove to usurp Vader's position. He was obliging to every Imperial demand, and made his legitimate shipping operations available to Palpatine. Xizor gained favor quickly, and was present on Coruscant when Palpatine first contacted Darth Vader about apprehending Luke Skywalker. Xizor realized that Vader and the Emperor wanted Luke alive, and so he set in motion a plan to kill Luke before Vader could bring him before the Emperor. This would discredit Vader in the Emperor's eyes, and move Xizor into position as the second most powerful being in the galaxy. His plan nearly succeeded, until he tried to use Leia Organa as bait to lure Luke to Coruscant. Luke and Lando Calrissian succeeded in rescuing Leia, but were intercepted by Xizor's fleet as they tried to jump into hyperspace. A firefight ensued, and caught the attention of Vader's fleet. Vader had realized Xizor's plans, and took the opportunity to eliminate Xizor. Vader's ships began firing on Xizor's ship, providing an escape route for Luke and Leia. When Xizor failed to recall his ships, Vader fired on Xizor'z skyhook, Falleen's Fist, destroying it and killing Xizor. (DS, CCG, SE, MA, SLS, HM)

Xizor Transport Systems
this cargo hauling operation was one of Prince Xizor's many legal operations, and was prosperous enough to make him incredibly wealthy on its own. The fact that much of the capital raised to keep XTS operative came from Xizor's illegal operations was not on the public record. (SE)

developed by Narglatch AirTech, this form of open-cockpit airspeeder was one of the predecessors of the XJ-6. The primary difference between the two models was the engine position. The Narglatch XJ-6 was best-known for its radical front-mounted engines. The Narglatch XJ-2, however, had rear-mounted engines that were enclosed by a sleak cowling. Also located at the rear were two long steering vanes, mounted on each side of the speeder, for directional control. The XJ-2 measured just under six meters in length, and had room for the pilot and a single passenger. Senator Bail Organa had a Narglatch XJ-2 for many years, which he restored and maintained himself. He used the speeder as a personal vehicle during his tenure on Coruscant, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. After he joined the fledgling Alliance, Senator Organa gave the speeder to his adopted daughter, Leia, as a birthday present. The speeder was later lost when Alderaan was destroyed by the Empire. (OWS, SWDB)

this was the designation of Jaina Solo's XJ3 starfighter, during the years that the Galactic Alliance maintained its base of operations on Calamari. (FH1)

this two-seated, yellow speeder was built by Narglatch AirTech, and was distinguished by its open cockpit and its front-mounted engines. At 6.23 meters in length, the Narglatch XJ-6 could attain speeds near 720 kilometers per hour, and the forward-mounted engines gave it incredible maneuverability. Senator Simon Greyshade owned a highly-customized, bright yellow Narglatch XJ-6 as his personal airspeeder, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Greyshade's speeder was stolen by Anakin Skywalker on Coruscant during the young Jedi's pursuit of Zam Wesell, shortly before the Battle of Geonosis. The speeder was reported stolen, but Anakin returned it to its parking space as soon as the chase was over. Unfortunately for Senator Greyshade, the speeder was stolen again shortly afterward. (NEGV, OWS, SWDB)

this was another name for the T-65XJ version of Incom's venerable X-Wing starfighter. (DJ)

XL 5115
this was a series of Exelbrok podracer produced during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. They are notoriously slow, compared to other makes and models, with top speeds around 750 kilometers per hour. The cockpit of the XL 5115 was 3.76 meters long, and its engines were 8.69 meters in length. (IG1)

one model of the Guardian-class patrol ship. (DE1)

one model of the Guardian-class patrol ship. (DE1)

Xloff Horn
this was a small, flat horn used as a musical instrument. (VD)

this was the model number of Arakyd Industries' Vindicator missile. Referred to as a "brilliant" missile, the XM-15 had a sophisticated central processor that bordered on having artificial intelligence. The Coalition of Automaton Rights Activists even protested the development and production of the XM-15, saying that it was "far beyond a mindless battle droid…(they were) thinking, feeling sapient entities doomed to an explosive demise, which is nothing short of an abomination." Arakyd denied these accusations, even after the Mechanical Liberation Front tried to "free" a shipment of XM-15's. They bungled the attempt, setting off the missiles' explosives and killing fourteen members of their party. They also destroyed nearly 2,000 square kilometers of Havridam City on New Bakstre. (HNN5)

Incom's hydro-skiff, it was the design base for the SedriMotors Amphibion. (DESB)

this planet is the homeworld of the savage Zanibar race. The planet is bathed in red light, and its surface is studded with rocky outcroppings and groves of spike-leaved, carnivorous plants. Much of its native wildlife is reptilian in form, and each species is just as predatory as the other. It is a forbidding world few othe species have ever visited. Kir Kanos traveled to Xo to rescue Mirith Sinn. Kanos and Sinn discovered a mountainous ruin deep in the jungle, which seemed to predate the Old Republic. Statues of human forms surrounded the ruins, indicating that the Zanibar were not the planet's original inhabitants. (CE2)

Olag Greck's Gamorrean henchman on Hosk. (DRO)

this was a common male name among the Gamorrean people. Like most Gamorrean names, it was essentially gibberish that indicated what a Gamorrean would do if you made him angry. (GCG)

Xobome 6
this uninhabited planet was the outermost world in a system located between Commenor and Doldrums. It had a warm atmosphere, and was surrounded by an asteroid ring. Wraith Squadron was forced to land here during a navigational training session, after several X-Wings in the squadron suffered complete electronic memory loss. (WS)

this planet was the site of the New Republic Scout Service's initial Ops Post. (GG8)

Xol Kenyak
this was the name of a distinguished Kel Dor individual. (UANT)

manufacturers of starfighter shield generators. (TIE)

Xoman Free
a planet. (SHW)

Xomu Plox
this noted mozz box player was a member of the Sozzenels, and trained under the famous Rem Yonka. (WOTC)

this being once claimed to have tried to purchase Juhani when she was a youth, more than 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. When he encountered her later on Tatooine, Xor tried once again to purchase her. Juhani refused, and Xor's men attacked her. Juhani and her friends managed to defeat Xor and his men. (KOTOR)

this female Falleen was part of a small group which worked for Jib Kopatha, during the height of the New Order. Led by Xora and Zuur, the Falleen saw Kopatha's regular meetings with Darth Vader as a way to kill the Dark Lord, in revenge for his decimation of the Falleen. An unexpected visit shortly after the Battle of Yavin was just the opporunity Xora had been looking for, although Zuur wanted to be careful and act only when the time was right. Xora had her own plans, though, and managed to convince him that they would work. She lured Vader into an auxiliary hangar on Jib Kopatha's asteroid, then tried to shoot Vader dead. The Dark Lord was more than ready for her attack, and deflected her blasts with ease. Zuur and his companions then appeared out of hiding, and tried to launch their attack. Although they had surprise and numbers on their side, the Falleen were not match for Vader. He quickly eliminated them all, putting an end to their chance for revenge. (SWEV)

Xorao System
Anson Blazer and a team of Alliance agents was nearly killed in this system by Kiran Tatch. (AIR)

Xorth System
a planetary system subjugated by the Empire, its people were forced to produce agricultural goods for the Empire. The farmers there grew some of the galaxy's best farrberries. (TIE)

Xosha Grass
this short-lived but quick-growing plant thrives on the plains of the planet Naboo. It is harvested by the Gungans and placed in specialized decomposition vats to create unique gases used in their technologies. (GF)

this being owned and operated Xot's Megabar, on the planet Belgaroth, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Xot himself seemed to be any one of a dozen different beings, giving rise to the rumor that he was a shape-changer. (CCW)

Xot's Megabar
located just outside the Belgar Spaceport on the planet Belgaroth, this three-story bar provided the only decent food and drink anywhere in the city of Belgar. The owner, known simply as Xot, seemed to be any one of a dozen different beings, giving rise to the rumor that he was a shape-changer. (CCW)

this was the Vratix name for the capital city of the planet Thyferra. (PH)

this was to be Ikas-Adno's premier racing vehicle, designed to operate in swoop races as well as speederbike races. However, production plans were scrapped when tests revealed that the bike placed its rider under too many G-forces. This was due mainly to its incredible speed. The prototype was eventually sold to an anonymous bidder, who turned out ot be Blizz Pinnix. The XP-2000 was categorized as a speederbike, and measured four meters in length. It had a flight ceiling of about 50 meters, and was capable of attaining speeds in excess of 1,300 kilometers an hours. (WSV)

this SoroSuub skimmer is a flat, bullet-shaped repulsorcraft. It is not very visually appealing. It measures 6.5 meters in length. (GG7)

a older model of landspeeder. Luke Skywalker owned one as a youth on Tatooine. (ISU, SOL)

this SoroSuub landspeeder was designed to serve as a taxi, capable of carrying up to five passengers and 500 kilograms of cargo. (SPG)

this was one of many SoroSuub landspeeders produced during the New Order. It required a driver to operate, and could carry up to thrity kilograms of cargo and a single passenger. (SWRPG)

a model of landcruiser built by SoroSuub. (SW, SWSB)

an old-model landspeeder built by SoroSuub. (SW)

this SoroSuub landspeeder was developed as a replacement for the XP-37 during the height of the New Order. It was a 2-person craft with a 10 kilogram cargo capacity. It could fly up to 2 meters off the ground on its repulsorlifts, and travel at speeds near 320 kilometers an hour. It could also be equipped with an autopilot droid that appeared to be an R2 unit, but this was only a decorative covering. SoroSuub promoted the XP-38 as giving the owner "the feel of flying a starfighter." (SW, SWSB, EGV, AEG)

this fully-armed and shielded freighter was presented to the Cularin government as a gift, from the Metatheran Cartel, many years before the Battle of Naboo. It was custom outfitted for the defense of the planet Cularin, and was presented to the government with the outward aim of helping the natives of Cularin protect themselves. However, several of the teams which toured the ship and were able to evaluate its capabilities discovered a transmitter hidden in one of the weapons turrets. The transmitter's function was unknown, although it was discovered that it was transmitting data to an unspecified source. In the hold of the XP-38, a transportation crate was found with four empty slots that fit the transmitter perfectly. The other three transmitters were never found, but the Cularin government resented the Cartel's attempt to spy on them. After publicly presenting the evidence of the transmitter to the Cartel, the government of Cularin expelled the Cartel from the planet, forbidding them to do any further business there. The representative of the Metatheran Cartel, Thurm Loogg, claimed that the transmitters had been placed aboard the ship by unknown agents based on Tolea Biqua, possibly connected to his predecessor Velin Wir, but no formal investigation was ever launched. His efforts to quell the Cularin government eventually succeeded, after the XP-38 was scoured for other transmitters and deemed "clean" by the Cularin military, which later began using the ship as part of their defense fleet. (WOTC)

XP-38 All-Terrain Roughrider
this variant on the basic SoroSuub XP-38 was produced with a stronger subframe and enhanced engine protection, for use on rural and backwater worlds. (NEGV)

XP-38 Sport
see XP-38 (AEG)

this SoroSuub landspeeder took the basic XP-38 design and modified it for use as a utility vehicle. It retained the XP-38's comfortable appointments, and has an astromech-shaped autopilot. The XP-38A measured 7.8 meters in length. Note that Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina indicates that Luke Skywalker may have owned an XP-38A on Tatooine. (GG7, TME)

at the height of the New Order, this was the primary code sequence used by the Elrood Starport Command organization to obtain control of incoming ships for docking. Once downloaded into a ship's navigation computer, the code linked with ground-based navigation and landing systems to automatically bring a ship in safely. (PG3)

this Imperial Survey Corps datafile documented all known information on the Kuras System. (PG3)

originally developed by Viper Sensor Intelligence Systems, this droid was designed to map new hyperspace travel routes and locate planets which could be colonized. However, Arakyd Industries claimed that the XPLR-R was created from their own probe droid designs, which had been stolen by VSIS and used without permission. VSIS placed so much emphasis on maintaining the secrecy of the development of the XPLR-R that they forgot about corporate security. In an effort to put a halt to the XPLR-R's production, Arakyd sent a force of sixty AAD-4 combat droids to shut the facility down. VSIS was absorbed into Arakyd, and the further develoment of the XPLR-R was terminated. (HNN5)

this was a model of space station built for the Empire. (XWA)

known as the Regulator, this Loronar systems patrol cruiser measured 150 meters in length, and was armed with five laser cannons. It required a crew of nine to operate, with 5 gunners to operate the five laser cannons which armed the ship. Like the IPV-1, the X-Q2 was not capable of hyperspace travel. It could transport up to 15 troops and 500 metric tons of cargo. (FOP)

this Imperial Missile Boat production platform was destroyed by Imperial forces, in an attempt to protect the starfighter's secrets from the Alliance. (TIE)

a group of TIE Defender manufacturing platforms controlled by Admiral Zaarin but recovered by the Empire prior to the Battle of Endor. (TIE)

this was one of Ikas-Adno's speederbikes, and was known as the Shadowhawk. It had a maximum speed of 750 kilometers an hour, and a flight ceiling of 50 meters. (WSV)

this dome-shaped, personal use spacecraft was produced by Bendine during the Old Republic. (IWE1)

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