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this Imperial patrol ship was stationed at Danuta, protecting the Imperial laboratory in Trid, during the months leading up to the Battle of Yavin. (SFE)

this series of tank droids was produced by Arakyd Industries, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Each was a mobile weapons platforms, and could be outfitted with a variety of blasters and laser cannons. (HNN5)

this was the name of Jae Juun's smuggling vessel, named simply for the Galactic Alliance ship's registry designation it received when it was put into service. Juun and his first mate, Tarfang, used the ship for several runs for the Colony, before they hooked up with Han Solo. The XR808g was a modified YT-1000 freigher, armed with four short-range blaster cannons spaced evenly around its hull. During the Qoribu Crisis, Jae Juun tried to infiltrate Colony space with the vessel, claiming to be a simple transport vessel bringing supplies to the Jedi who were on Qoribu. The presence of the XR808g was detected by the Colony, which sent a swarm of dartships to intercept it. The ship was badly damaged in the attack, and Jae Juun and Tarfang had to be rescued by Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon. The XR808g did not survive the mission, and had to be abandoned to Qoribu's intense gravity. Han agreed to help Jae Juun recover from the loss by arranging for the purchase of a newer vessel from his old friend, Lando Calrissian. (DN1, DN2)

the Arakyd tank droid, it is an sentient attack vehicle. Designed by the remnants of the Empire from pirated pathway matrices stolen from the R7 astromech droid, the first droid was finalized during Thrawn's reign of terror against the New Republic. However, the droid was not fully realized until Umak Leth brought the idea before the reborn Emperor Palpatine. He worked with Arakyd to design the tank droid, which measured 32 meters in length, nearly 30 meters in height, and moved about on a pair of treads. Each tank was armed with a heavy particle cannon, two light turbolasers, four twin heavy repeating blasters, and a Golan Arms DF.9 weapons turret mounted on its back. It had a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour, and could travel equally well on land or in water up to fifteen meters deep. Although the XR-85 was highly successful, mass-production of the sentient droid brain was cost-prohibitive. (DE1, DESB, EGV)

designation of one of the Alliance's freighters, used during the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

this Imperial assassin droid was dispatched to execute Hanos Darr and the miners who learned of the location of the Royal Palace of Alderaan in the asteroid rubble of the planet, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. He and Zaz Hamiroz discovered that the palace's existence was a ruse to lure Leia Organa to Alderaan, where Darth Vader and a contingent of stormtroopers awaited her. They managed to board the Ithorian herdship Bazaar and get a message to Poliss, warning the Alliance of the deception. XS3 was snt to eliminate the miners before they could transmit their message. (GA)

a Corellian Engineering Corporation starship design, the XS-800 was a small-scale version of the CR90 corvette which was designed for civilian use. It retained the hammerhead configuration, but measured just 30.2 meters in length. The XS-800 required a pilot and co-pilot to coordinate its operation, and could transport up to eight passengers and 115 metric tons of cargo. In its basic configuration, the XS-800 was armed with a front-mounted double laser cannon. (SS)

this Old Republic statute prohibited illegal forms of racing through the industrial and public-works sections of the planet Coruscant. Code XT490.6 specifically forbade garbage pit racing, since it often interferred with the ability to expel deadly waste from Coruscant's surface. (RHD)

an old-model droid which was produced some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, it had many functions, including servant and warrior. The mechanisms of the XT-6 were fairly advanced for their day, and were often salvaged for use as prosthetic replacements on humanoids. (TOJ)

XTC Module
this device, developed by the Kadrillians, handled the routing of all their transmissions. (LAT3)

this was Sagoro Autem's personal authorization code, issued to him as required by the Senate Guard. (RHD)

this common form of Ugly consists of an X-Wing hull mounted with the hexagonal solar panels of a TIE Fighter. (KT)

this insectile race was once the dominant, sentient race found on the planet Ord Cestus, which they referred to simply as Cestus. Standing nearly two meters in height, the average X'Ting was dsitinguished by its two pairs of arms. One pair was considered the primary arms, and were used to perform actions that required strength and control. The secondary arms were used for finer manipulation and menial activities. The body of an X'Ting was oval in shape, and was made up of carapace-covered segments. Where the shiny carapace didn't cover the body, tufts of bristles provided a minimum of protection. A stinger was located at the base of their abdomen, which could inject a deadly poison into their prey. Within the abdomen of an X'Ting were three stomachs, each with a specific purpose in the digestion of food. X'Ting larvae were raised in pentagonal chambers, with one small chamber for each individual. The X'Ting were descended from a species of flying insects, as evidenced by their vestigial wings. The X'Ting society was based on a fairly rigid caste system that separated warriors from diggers, chewers from workers, and this system seemed to be in place to counteract the most unusual aspect of the race. The sex of the adult X'Ting cycled between male and female every three years, requiring that each caste ignore genders when considering its membership. During the peak periods of each cycle, X'Ting experienced intense hormonal surges that signalled the need to reproduce. Interestingly, in addition to sexual changes, male and female forms of X'Ting were distinctly different. Males tended to be smaller although more lethal in combat, while the females were larger and more intimidating. The history of the X'Ting people was hidden in secrets, since they wanted desparately to maintain their own existence. Many years before the Clone Wars, the X'Ting took control of Cestus after defeating the Spider People in a great war. With their new-found independence, the X'Ting decided to allow the Old Republic to establish a prison complex on Cestus, hoping to gain a place in the galactic community. The hive queen negotiated a deal with the politicians on Coruscant, and the prison facilities were constructed. The unexpected outcome of all this was the formation of Cestus Cybernetics, which virtually enslaved the X'Ting people. Shortly after the prison was completed, plagues began to destroy parts of the X'Ting society. Many felt that the plagues had been set loose by the offworlders who came to the planet as prisoners. It was during this period of strife, some 150 years before the Clone Wars, that a Jedi Knight was believed to have arrived on Ord Cestus and rallied the X'Ting, giving them strength and encouragement to save themselves against all odds. A so-called Great Plague then decimated the X'Ting about 100 years before the Clone Wars, reducing the millions of X'Ting to mere hundreds and destroying the royal family. Only a handful of eggs from the queen remained, which were hidden beneath the planet's surface behind an extensive security system, thereby ensuring the survival of the royal line. (HIV, TCD)

this language, characterized by its collection of buzzes and clicks, was the spoke language of the X'Ting race. Additionally, scents and smells were used to store and convey information, as a "written" form of the language. (HIV)

XT-model Speederbike
this was an ancient version of the speederbike, developed by the Mandalorians during the era of the Great Sith War. (KOTOR)

this Xizor Transport Systems bulk cruiser was destroyed by the Azzameen family, during a raid in which the Azzameen's acquired a supply of warheads from Black Sun. (XWA)

this was the communications frequency used by the traffic control system of the planet Elrood to transmit landing instructions to inbound starships. (PG3)

Xuaquarres IV
this planet, located in the Xuaquarres System, was the site of an Imperial weapons storehouse similar to that found on Mount Tantiss. It was also the site of the sacred burial ground used by the Duinuogwuin dragons. When the burial grounds were discovered by Zagsm'ith, a nearby Star Dragon sensed his presence and went to investigate. The dragon sensed the Imperial presence as bad, and Zagsm'ith's presence as benign, and wiped out the Imperials. The dragon then sent Zagsm'ith and his crew away, wiping out their memory of Xuaquarres and the burial ground. (GMS)

this Dug puppeteer was noted for his skill with puppets and his ability to tell entrancing stories, during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. He fell upon hard times when his homeworld of Malastare experienced political upheaval between the Gran and Dug populations, and he was forced to take a high-interest loan from Senator Ask Aak just to make ends meet. When he defaulted on his payments, the Senator placed a bounty on Xucaabo's head in order to bring him in for questioning. This bounty was claimed by Jango Fett shortly after the Battle of Naboo, when he traveled to Malastare to demand an audience with Sebolto. (BH)

one of the two major pro-human competitors in the bacta production market on the planet Thyferra, the Xucphra faction was pro-Imperial in all its dealings. Xucphra benefitted greatly from Emperor Palpatine's reign. Along with the Zaltin faction, Palpatine decreed that all bacta would be produced by them, and it would be produced for military use only. This eliminated smaller competitors while creating higher profits. Among the schemes they implemented was the use of satellite facilities to produce bacta, which was then shipped back to Thyferra via a transport company owned by Xucphra. It didn't remove the Ashern faction, but viewed them as terrorists. Their corporate cultures of Xucphra and Zaltin mirrored the culture of the people who make up its employees, but only from a human standpoint. Nearly three million Vratix were employed to create the bacta, while some 10,000 humans formed the management ranks. Erisi Dlarit was a member of the Xucphra family, and was working with Ysanne Isard during the Krytos crisis on Coruscant. Dlarit was a spy, supplying Isard information on the mission profiles of Rogue Squadron. When Isard left Coruscant, she took Dlarit with her. They fled to Thyferra, where Isard took control of the planet and its bacta production, throwing her support to the Xucphra faction and ousting the Zaltin workforce. However, the New Republic had no intentions of allowing bacta production to fall into Imperial hands. A daring mission by Rogue Squadron helped the Zaltin faction overcome Xucphra's treachery, and Xucphra was defeated and forced to relinquish control to the Zaltin faction. (XWN, KT, BW)

Xucphra Alazhi
this ship was among the first bacta transport ships intercetped by Rogue Squadron, in the time leading up to the Battle of Thyferra. Its captain refused to surrender, even after its two companions, the Xucphra Rose and Xucphra Meander, allowed Wedge Antilles to take control. The Alazhi tried to fire on the Meander as it surrendered, but the Rogues neutralized her weapons. After being guaranteed that the crews' families would be safe from Ysanne Isard, the Alazhi surrendered. However, the Corrupter suddenly emerged from hyperspace and destroyed the Alazhi, as well as killing Riv Shiel and almost taking Gavin Darklighter. (BW)

Xucphra City
this is the site of Thyferra's primary stellar-class starport. Known as Zalxuc City during the New Order, it was renamed when Xucphra aligned with Ysanne Isard and took control of the production of bacta. (BW)

Xucphra Meander
this was the second bacta transport ship captured by Rogue Squadron, in the time leading up to the Battle of Thyferra. Its Captain followed the lead of Bors Kenlin aboard the Xucphra Rose and surrendered her ship as soon as Wedge Antilles explained that her ship would be taken to Coruscant, where the crew could hide or obtain passage. (BW)

Xucphra Rose
this was the first bacta transport ship captured by Rogue Squadron, in the time leading up to the Battle of Thyferra. It was captained by Bors Kenlin, who surrendered his ship as soon as Wedge Antilles guaranteed the safety of the crews' families. (BW)

Xuczal City
this was the human name for the capital city of the planet Thyferra. Known in the Vratix language as Xozhixi, Xuczal City was named for the Xucphra and Zaltin factions of the Bacta Cartel. (PH)

Xufal D'uat
this Tiss'shar bounty hunter worked in the vicinity of Elrood from his ship, the Venom Sting. D'uat made extensive modifications to the Barloz-clas freighter, adding anti-intruder sensors and safeguards as well as a pair of turret-mounted quad-laser cannons. During one mission, D'uat captured an Allaince gunrunner who turned out to be an Imperial officer named Hamaz. D'uat agreed to let Hamaz go free, provided that he record a full confession as collateral against Hamaz coming after D'uat. However, three years after acquiring the ship, D'uat was caught and killed by a fellow hunter who had been hired by Hamaz himself. Hamaz was unable to recover the recording, and the Venom Sting was set adrift in space. (SS)

this was a common male name among the Gamorrean people. Like most Gamorrean names, it was essentially gibberish that indicated what a Gamorrean would do if you made him angry. (GCG)

a synthetic, diamond-like crystal produced by the Kubaz. (IJ)

this was the nickname used by the ARC trooper designated CT-X270, during the height of the Clone Wars. Xutoo was trained as a pilot, and was chosen to assume the piloting duties for the mission to Ord Cestus by the ARC trooper Captain known as Nate. Unfortunately, when the mission was ordered to return to Coruscant, Xutoo and Doolb Snoil found that their ship had been sabotaged. Xutoo kept the ship flying long enough for Snoil to reach and escape pod, allowing the Vippit to survive the inevitable. Xutoo died shortly afterward, when the ship exploded in flames. (TCD)

meaning "intellectual", this was one of the most common names among Rodian males. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

light-duty Taim and Bak shipboard turbolasers employed by Imperial system patrol craft. (TIE)

heavy-duty Taim and Bak shipboard turbolasers employed by many capital ships. (SCRE)

this was the designation of Bryn & Gweith's multipurpose missile launching system, which could fire a variety of missile types. (HAS)

this was the name given to the planet Bakura after the Keeramak consecrated the planet in the name of the Ssi-ruuk, during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. The Keeramak had led the Bakurans to believe that it was working on behalf of the newly-liberated P'w'eck, but was actually working for disguised Yuuzhan Vong superiors. The consecration of Bakura meant that the Ssi-ruuk could attack the planet at will, without fear of dying on a pagan world and losing their souls forever. (FH2)

common name for the Incom T-65c A2 Starfighter, this is a 12.5 meter snub fighter with two wings that split in two by activating S-foils. This allows for greater maneuverability and firing accuracy; each of the split wings has its own laser cannon (total of four). It is a single-pilot ship, with an R2 astromech droid socket. The R2 unit is used in place of a navigationa computer. It is extremely maneuverable, even at its top sublight speed of 110 MGLT. It has also been clocked at 1,050 kilometers per hour in an atmosphere. The X-Wing was designed by Incom just before the Empire stopped contracting out naval construction. The Empire believed that Incom was infiltrated by Alliance sympathizers, and relieved the X-Wing team of duty. The X-Wing team then defected to the Alliance, flying out with all the X-Wing prototypes and the starfighter's plans. Their parting gesture to the Empire was to destroy all records of the X-Wing in Incom and Imperial databases. The Alliance then began to produce the X-Wing themselves, recognizing its potential. It continued to gain acceptance after the Galactic Civil War due to its maneuverability and durability. Several upgrades and modifications from the liberated Incom design team didn't yield major improvements until the advent of the T-65d A1, which eliminated the astromech droid in favor of more computer power to provide the pilot with more in-flight options in terms of maneuverability and management of shipboard resources. The T-65c A2 boasts the following shipboard components:

  • Incom GBk-585 Hyperdrive Motivation Unit
  • Incom MKI Drive Module
  • 4 wing-mounted Incom 4j.4 Fusial Thrust Engines (some models use Incom 4L4 Fusial thrusters)
  • IN-344-B Sightline Holographic Crosshairs
  • 4 Taim and Bak IX4 Laser Cannons (some models use Taim and Bak KX9 laser cannons)
  • Fabritech ANq 3.6 Target Tracker
  • Fabritech ANs-5d Sensor Unit
  • Fabritech k-blakan Mini Sensor
  • S-foil Activator
  • Gax Revival Life Support System
  • Guidenhauser Ejection Seat
  • Novaldex O-4Z Ionization Reactor
  • Chempat Defender Shield Projector (rated at 50 SBD)
  • Cryogenic Power Cells
  • Torplex Rq8.Y Avionics Control Package
  • Carbanti Universal Transceiver Package
  • Melihat Multi-Imager Dedicated Energy Receptor
  • Tana Ire Electro-photo Receptor
  • Long Range Phased Tachyon Detection Array Model Number PA-9r
  • Short Range Primary Threat Analysis Grid Number PG-7u
  • Bertriak Screamer Active Jammer
  • Krupx MG7 Proton Torpedo Launchers (2 racks of 3)
  • Titanium Alloy Hull (rated at 20 RU)
  • Transparisteel Canopy
  • R2 Astromech Navigation Droid
  • 4 Exhaust Nacelles
  • Sarylcorp Reactant Agitator Injector
  • Surge Vent
  • Fire Extinguisher

this small company specialized in the quarrying, cutting, and export of Ralltiiri marble. Although XwiziMarble was secretly supportive of the Alliance, the Imperial-subsidized Ralltiir Consolidated Marble continued to try and damage XwiziMarble's operations. (CCW)

this Imperial Engineering S-thread tracking device was used to track starships which were moving through hyperspace. The small cylinder broadcasts a continuous signal that can be picked up by the HoloNet's s-threads. A dedicated computer can then instantaneously recognize when the ship crosses an s-thread, and can plot its course based on the s-threads it traverses. (CFG)

this Imperial scouting expedition discovered the Tatrang System. (PG2)

a series of service droids used on Cloud City to assist in carbon-freezing tibanna gas for shipment. (CCC)

this prototype, droid-controlled starship was developed by Shipyard 6671-X42, otherwise known as the Nerfworks, to serve as an automated escort frigate for military operations. It was codenamed the Crusader, and was designed to overcome the long lead-time required to "season" a droid brain to learn how to become a pilot. Engineers at the Nerfworks used the droid brain from a centuries-old, military protocol droid as the basis for the ship's computer systems, hoping that the only thing they would have to program into the system was the operational characteristics of the XX-777. Basic survival and safety protocols were hard-wired into the brain, in an effort to eliminate the need for periodic memory wipes. Records from both Loronar Corporation the the Corellian Engineering Corporation reported the XX-777 was destroyed after its first test. However, it was later discovered that the XX-777 had been brought back to drydock for refitting after its early tests, but the droid brain overrode its programming and fled into hyperspace. The Nerfworks engineers surmised that the droid had simply been trying to obey the hardwired directive of protecting the innocent, and that it couldn't do that if it was taken apart. The XX-777 was seen many times over the following years, sticking to little-used hyperspace lanes, far out from the Core Worlds. At the time it was lost, the XX-777 was armed with a pair of heavy ion cannons, and could accommodate up to 300 metric tons of cargo and thirty passengers. (GMR10)

this Taim & Bak turbolaser emplacement was the predecessor of the XX-9. (EGW)

this Taim & Bak shipboard heavy-duty turbolaser system was used on larger capital ships, such as the Imperial-class Star Destroyer. (SCRE)

this Neuro-Saav S-thread tracker was similar in most respects to the Imperial XX-23. (EGW)

Xy-2 Aircoupe
this racing airspeeder was designed and manufactured by XySpeeder Corporation. (HR)

this chemical was used in the production of medicinal and recreational drugs on the planet Ord Cestus, during the last decades of the Old Republic. It was a stable compound primarily used to reduce the concentration of the pure drug, allowing manufacturers to reduce the potency of each dosage. Xyathone was also used to cut illegal drugs, allowing pushers to charge more credits for a slightly inferior product. To the discerning individual, Xyathone had a distinct odor that was nearly masked by more powerful drugs. (TCD)

this Trandoshan and his brothers, Rydge and Stydge, served as chiefs of security for the band Distraction, during the early years of the New Order. They all wore full-body armor, as well as a blaster at each hip. It was later discovered that Xydge was in league with Niklas Cories, who was posing as Aphus Polix in an attempt to murder Aquella Firth. (WOA28)

a material that was used to store information, as well as to create android processors. Its uses have dwindled during the New Republic, having been replaced by more advanced materials. (COJ)

Xylines-class Spacetug
this 42-meter starship was produced by Cuirilla-Raye, and was often referred to as a CRX Tug by spacers. It has a ray-shaped hull, with the forward section being rounded and the aft section tapering down to the engines. There are two main decks: the upper deck houses the cockpit, crew quarters, and communications stations; the lower deck contains engineering, cargo areas, and escape pods. It required a crew of two to operate, and could transport up to eight passengers. Designed for orbital and short-range duties, the Xylines-class tug lacked a hyperdrive. (TA, PP)

Xyn, Torvin
this was the alias assumed by a Yuuzhan Vong warrior, who managed to infiltrate the Imperial military and spy on the activities of the Imperial Remnant. He was discovered shortly after the Battle of Bastion, as the remaining Imperial fleet massed to defend Borosk. Jacen Solo and his specially-programmed MSE-6 mouse droids identified Xyn and several other "Imperial officers" as Yuuzhan Vong in disguise, and called them to a "staff meeting" aboard the Right to Rule. Without a way to escape, Torvin Xyn removed his ooglith masquer and attacked. When a squadron of stormtroopers were called in as support, Jacen managed to take advantage of the Yuuzhan Vong's surprise to slice through the alien's chest with his lightsaber. (FH1)

this planet was the site of a botched New Republic mission in which Pash Cracken invented the Cracken Twist. It is located in the Corellian Sector. The New Republic fleet, under the command of the Mon Calamari Gingal, was ambushed by Imperial forces while on patrol there. (TLC, TTSB, REB)

a style of jewelry created on Xyquine. (DFR)

XySpeeder Corporation
this company designed and manufactured racing speeders and upgrade replacement parts. (HR)

Xythan Force Shield
this unusual, personal comabt shield was developed by Cestus Cybernetics during the height of the Clone Wars, and turned over to Asajj Ventress and the Separatists for their use. The Xythan shield absorbed and returned any energy it came into contact with, making it especially useful in repelling lightsaber attacks. (TCD)

this Falleen was a noted scout who patrolled the region just outside the Unknown Regions during the Galactic Civil War. (SESB)

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