Here are some preliminary sketches and final artwork to look at.

Scroll down for the most recent additions added January, 2003.

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Some more pages from my sketch book.
These are some new pictures featuring Nyabn Station and some of the ships that were hanging around at the time.
These pictures feature different views of a Biscuit Baron™ franchise that may be used in an upcoming project.

And...instead of using a photo of Bungo added in with photoshop... I've finally been able to create him using Ray Dream Studio. Here's the first picture!


January, 2003

Here's a closer look at some of the ships featured in the Chubby Gundark brochure.


Here's a few odds and ends including some pics of the very first model of the Chubby Gundark.


This is an idea I had for a story about everyone's favorite Lepus Carnivorous!


While doing some sketches for the next installment of Bungo and Rusti, I started experimenting with the character of Kheloora Foon. Check her out!


Lastly, every year I send out my own cards for the holidays. Here's my latest...



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