Ever since Jaxxon and Amaiza appeared in the original Marvel Star Wars comics I've always wanted to see more of them. Alas, it was not to be. They were like the unwanted stepchildren of the Star Wars universe. So I had thought it would be up to me to bring them back.

Then lo and behold, I had been contacted by Rich Handley about this very thing, and the possibility of working on a story together. Unfortunately our schedules didn't allow it and it never happened. I still had the idea swimming around in my head.

The idea for a story evolved from another Bungo and Rusti story I had in mind where the duo are delivering the first shipment of Biscuit Baron's new chicken biscuits to a planet inhabited by chicken people. Of course it would end in tragedy, but a throwaway line sparked my imagination. While leaving the station to make their run, Bungo and Rusti relay their flight plan to the station master who instructs them that the planet they are headed for is one of those Imperial genetic experiment planets.

Well, if chickens, why not bunnies.

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