The genetic experiments had been contracted by the Empire so that they would have a secret army of slaves to work on the Death Star. Still, years later, well after the Empire has been destroyed, the experiments continue. Jaxxon wants to free the animals, including the family that he'd left there so long ago, but he meets with resistance in the form of the General, a total rip-off of General Woundwort from the Richard Adams book Watership Down (one of my faves as a child. Scary, even if it IS about rabbits). There's other nods to the book with the inclusion of characters named Fiver and Big Wig.

Some of the other citizens of the Hutch include duck people; M'antha - half man, half bantha; a taun-taun; and a little pot bellied pig named Babe. I decided that with all of the aliens in the Star Wars universe that looked like animals in our own, perhaps the Kaminoans were responsible for their existance over many millenia. I mean, c'mon. Gamorreans are just big, dumb pig-men. And they're green too.

Of course the whole thing would end with a big fight with the General, who doesn't want to leave because he'll lose any power he holds. Inevitably, Jaxxon and friends escape and the station explodes or something, forever hiding the terrible secret.

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