Kheloora Foon's backstory involves her being a body guard for the ruling monarchy on her home planet of Plintep. One idea I had was to have her travel back to her home to find that the son of the High Parduu of Plintep had been kidnapped by revolutionaries intent on overthrowing the government. The leader of this group is a bit full of himself, and more concerned with how others perceive him than with actually accomplishing anything.

He also utilizes an army of droids that bear a resemblance to Rusti, and not without reason as the race, called the Mephout, are her constructors. This also explains Rusti's and Kheloora Foon's similarity in appearance and size. When I created Kheloora Foon, I wanted to show the race that had served as the model for the outspoken droid.

The animals are some ideas for mounts on Plintep. The bottom one actually shows up as the crest that appears on Kheloora Foon's ship, the Banshee.

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