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TFN's CV Party Updates!

Posted By Dajuan on August 2, 2010

We have more CV TFN Party updates! It seems like every day this past week we added another Celeb guest or activity to our party. This is really shaping up to be a major event. We couldn't be happier!

There is only one week left to pre-order tickets. Pre-ordering will end on Saturday, August 7th. After Saturday tickets will only be available at the door and the prices will go up by $5 each. Plus, you won't be able to pick up your party bracelet at the FanForce/Jedi Council Forums table on Thursday. Snail-Mail ticketing will end Tuesday, August 3rd to ensure that I (Dajuan Kinney) will have everything in hand before leaving for Florida. Also, our food order is due to the Wyndham on Monday, August 2nd. So if you are planning on attending but still want to buy tickets at the door, it would be a huge help if you could email me your intention. That way we can order the right amount of food and quite possibly request a larger room.

Again, to order tickets send a PayPal payment of $30 per ticket to party organizer Dajuan Kinney (jedidajuan@gmail.com). Dual tickets for the TFN party and the Fans of the ForceCast party are still available.

Celebrity Guests
In addition to our previously announced celeb guests:

Artist Tim Proctor will be attending the party.

Some of the artists, authors, and executives with Del Rey will be attending. We are still waiting on final confirmation before we announce individual names.

We also have three really big names who indicated they are very likely to come, but they asked us not to announce anything specific yet. So check back here often!

Party activities
The following actives are in addition to others we have announced previously:

We are working on bringing some of the Jedi Council Forums' in forum games to life. We have not ironed out all of the details yet, but should shortly. Watch the forums for sign-up opportunities.

We will also have some demos of Dejarik at the party using miniatures from Wizards of the Coast's final Star Wars Miniatures set. Demonstrators will be teaching people how to play the game and should have several boards set up for 2-person matches.

Raffle Items and Door Prizes
We are still in the process of compiling a list and pictures of raffle items. But until that is ready here is a small sampling of what we have available:

4 pairs of tickets to Disney's Last Tour of Endor
Hand made Wampa and TaunTaun pillows
Hand made costuming prop replicas
Swag from Official Pix
Copies of Fatal Alliance
Star Wars baby items
Hand made Star Wars hats and more
Star Wars Hula Hoops
Beautiful TFN Exclusive paintings of Yoda and R2-D2

Make-Up Artist
We have secured the services of special effects and make-up artist CJ Evans. (Warning her site has some beautifully gory special effects make-up pictured). She will be on hand to do temporary tattoos and face painting. All children at the event will received a free temporary tattoo or face painting from CJ. More details will be available at the event.

We hope to see you there!

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Official Pix Gold Pins for Auction!
Posted By Dajuan on October 12, 2010:
TFN's CV after-party charity auction!

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Posted By Dajuan on August 18, 2010:
We're calling this one a success!

TFN's Party Is Tonight!
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Just hours to go!

CV: TFN Party Update 8/10/10
Posted By Dajuan on August 10, 2010:
Transportation news!

Final Day to Pre-Order TFN Party Tickets!
Posted By Dajuan on August 7, 2010:
Tickets are $30 today and $35 at the door.

CV: TFN Party, Pre-Ordering Ends Tomorrow!
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