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You ask, we answer

Posted By Britany on September 15, 2003

After two months of silence, we're here with a new update. The Core Team has been busy during the summer months, mostly with their personal lives. But now we're back and rolling, and with this comes a new update to the VS site.

Several weeks back, the fans on the Virtual Sequels discussion thread were given an opportunity to ask the Core Team questions about the Virtual Sequels. A little late, but still, here come the answers. Enjoy!

1. What's the story about?

The story, like the other chapters in the Star Wars saga, is about many things. Family, power, good versus evil, etc. Specifically, but not too specfically, a big part of the story deals with the idea of parents coming to terms with their children growing up. Oh yeah, and there's lightsabers too!

2. Will all main characters from episode 7 return in episode 8?

We have yet to see a trilogy in which all main characters survive the first episode.

3. Will there be any new lightsaber variations?

With the Prequel Trilogy, seeing a new lightsaber type has become almost a tradition. Will the VS keep it? You'll have to wait and see. ;-)

4. Will the Empire play any role?

The Empire proper is certainly gone by this point, but there are always those who seek to make the galaxy in their own image.

5. Do we know how many trailers we are gunna get and when they come out?

At least two more, with release dates in keeping with the pattern of the prequel films, if we manage to.

6. Will there be appearances from other characters who survived the OT (e.g Wedge Antilles, Mon Mothma, Admiral Ackbar...)?

It wouldn't be Star Wars without a few minor cameos. ;-)

7. I was wondering if you're going to make a novel adaptation of the script?

This possibility has been discussed, but given that a novel itself is a tremendous undertaking, there won't be a novelization at this time. However, we would still like to do one at some point down the line.

8. Will there be any other VS stuff aside from the actual "film" and its trailers? Art of the Virtual Sequels, perhaps?

Definitely. While we're saving a few things for after the release date, you will be seeing somewhat of a virtual product line as well. We'd like to save what's coming for surprises down the line, so look for announcments later on.

9. Are there any bounty hunters or assassins, and who is their prey?

While it wouldn't be Star Wars without bounty hunters, their role usually comes into play in the second episode.

10. Will we see spirit forms of Obi-Wan, Yoda or Anakin?

The "Jedi disappearing and reappearing" issue is yet to be explained in Episode III, as Lucas has promised us. We wouldn't want to contradict him, so if we're going to have a spirit of a dead Jedi in the VS, it will be in later episodes, after the matter has been cleared by Lucas.

And now for the bonus questions:

11. With the possibilty of Han being out of the VS, what about the Falcon?

The Falcon is Han's ship, so if (and I mean IF) it shows up, he'll be flying it.

12.Speaking of Han, if he does die, should that be something we see "on screen"?

The most loaded question for last. This is perhaps the most burning question about the Virtual Sequels, and the source of most of the speculation. Unfortunately for you guys, the Core Team is keeping this issue a complete secret, so you will have to wait for all three "movies" to see if Han's in there or not. It is true that Han's fate has been (and still is) discussed among the writers of the VS.

The VS Core Team has also decided to update this site regularly, twice a month (each 1st and 15th day of the month). So look for the next update on October 1st!

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