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The Coalition Attacks

Posted By Britany on May 3, 2004

Two and two can easily be put together for the theme of this week's update. The Coalition makes it's presence known in this week's update, and that can only mean one thing. You guessed it - a poster! No, no - I mean TWO posters!

It's About Independence

It's About Power

And check out concept art of the Coalition's sleek new fighter craft:

Coaltion Fighter

As well as it's intended target, the majestic Jedi Temple

And as an added bonus, download our new wallpaper

Finally, we leave you with a sneak peak of the serial novelization of Escape from Peril written by DarthIshtar, author of "All the Wrong Places," "The Other Half," and "Lest Ye Be Judged.":

"Hurry up!" he shouted, more to his ride than his brother.

"Thanks for the advice," Ben returned.

There were more track markers, a bend in the route.

"Slow down!"

It was amazing how audible and how repetitive his brother's use of a sigh could be. "Hurry up," he sneered as he complied, "slow down - make up your mind!"

Kane ignored the jibe, only pulled sharply to the side, veering between the oncoming pods.

"I ever tell you you?re crazy?"

"All the time," Kane assured. "Follow me."

Whether he was going to argue or not was not apparent, since he was moving to fast to discuss the matter in committee and Ben grudgingly followed his lead, going through the two markers.

"You have deviated from the course," the electronic voice pronounced.

Turning, he grinned wide enough to let a Hutt in. "That wasn't so bad!"

Ben's narrowed eyes widened in something like mute horror by way of response and he turned to find himself in the path of another force of nature.


In a blind panic, he banked sharply, narrowly missing the head bantha and coming close enough just to scare him. Cursing his accelerators, he throttled forward, throwing a glance over his shoulder in time to see his brother narrowly escaping a very flat death.

All right, not one of my more brilliant ideas.

His swoop sputtered an agreement.

"Oh no."

Ben shot past him at full throttle, but his bike was refusing to cooperate and the herd was much too close for comfort.

"What?s wrong?" Ben shouted.

"Out of fuel!"

There were no impatient sighs or clever remarks, only a worried blast of determination, the instinctive response of every older brother. "Hold on."

He cut back his throttle, allowing Kane to catch up and placing them within an angry bantha's kick of the entire herd.


Standing, he leapt onto the other swoop, landing ungracefully, but at least managing to stay on the bike. A look behind confirmed that he had made it just in time to avoid being trampled by the herd.

"We'd better head for Mos Eisley," Ben reasoned, steering with one hand as he called up a navigational guide on the swoop.

"No argument there," Kane panted. "Just get us out of the safari tour."

Too short a time later, more Sand Skates made him reconsider his dislike of the local wildlife.

"Looks like more trouble."

Ben didn't answer, only swung down a side street, veering sharply to avoid a droid-drawn carriage. The turn knocked over the craft anyway, but there was no time to worry about that.

"We've got to get to the ship."

He thrust an arm over Ben's shoulder and pointed. "Go that way!

For once, Ben didn't bother to argue, only keyed the commlink. "Artoo," he gritted. "Artoo pick up!"

A familiar, blessed warble replied after a moment.

"Artoo get the ship fired up. We've got to get out of here."

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The Coalition Attacks
Posted By Britany on May 3, 2004:
plus two new posters ...

Master and Apprentice
Posted By Britany on April 27, 2004:
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Posted By Britany on April 15, 2004:
Two of the remaining eleven "It's About posters" ...

New Character Poster Revealed
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A familiar face in the Star Wars universe ...

First Teaser Poster Revealed
Posted By Britany on February 16, 2004:
First two character posters ...

Episode VII title revealed
Posted By Britany on February 1, 2004:
Star Wars Episode VII: Escape From Peril ...

The Virtual Sequels Needs You
Posted By Britany on November 15, 2003:
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Attack of the Action Figures
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forthcoming for Episode VII ...

Enemy at the Gates
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Posted By Britany on June 10, 2003:
There is the possibility of a new "semi-important" character being introduced in Episode VII ...

An Interview with Jeremy Lazar!
Posted By Britany on June 5, 2003:
Check what Lead Screenwriter, Jeremy Lazar has to say on the script, filming, alien sidekicks and more!

The Teaser Trailer is Here
Posted By Britany on May 21, 2003:
The Episode VII Teaser Trailer is completed and available for viewing ...

A Teaser Trailer is Coming
Posted By Britany on May 11, 2003:
In the final stages of production ...

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