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Description & Product Info | Light Order | Light Chaos | Dark Order | Dark Chaos | Artwork | Screenshots | Concept Art


The Light Order Realm represents purity of purpose. These creatures are masters of high magic. One of their defining talents is the ability to freeze opponents in their tracks. This gives them a significant edge in battle, making them more fearsome than one would expect from the calm nature of Aenna's realm.


Light Order God
Empowered by the will of Gaia, the Light Order goddess stands steadfast against destructive powers. She retains many of the characteristics she had as a demigod, but can also hurl great squalls at her foes. To anger her is to stir the tides of the world.

Light Order Demigod
The Light Order demigod possesses a will as deep as the oceans. She reigns over her realm benevolently and calmly, but will take firm action if she feels justice is needed.

Water Elemental
The Water Elemental is a pliable and mesmerizing creation to behold. Its magic blasts and dive attacks, combined with effective strikes make it a useful creature to summon to the Arena.

Light Order Juggernaught
The ability to cast most World Map spells and daunting tenacity in Arena Battles make the Juggernaut Adept extraordinary. This Light Order Champion has very useful freeze attacks and hard hits in the Arena. A Juggernaut charging an enemy with its massive bulk and impregnable armored body is an awesome sight to behold.

Light Order Dragon
The Frost Dragon is a Champion for the Light Order realm. It can glide quickly across the world map, unhindered by friendly or enemy creatures. In Arena combat, its icy breath weapon and evasive dive attack make it a menacing opponent.

Light Order Ogre
The Ogre Mage's valorous dedication to his creator makes him a capable Champion. When using his saber Cythen, he is fierce and precise in combat; but is also able to focus magical energies to shield himself from long-range spells.

Light Order Genie
The Genie is quick and proficient in both hand-to-hand combat and Arena magic. This Light Order Warrior has the ability to freeze an enemy. Its agility and speed make it difficult to strike.

Light Order Giantess
A proud Warrior for the Light Order realm, the Giantess can be intimidating. She may lack speed but still packs a serious punch. Her stun magic attack is very useful for setting up an enemy for a solid hit, and in mid-combat she can draw from her healing powers.

Light Order Centaur
The Light Order Centaur is a proud, true, and unyielding Sentinel. Like all Sentinels, it imposes a protective Zone of Control on the World Map, and can wear down even the most powerful foes.

Light Order Unicorn
Unicorns are faithful and noble creatures. These Sentinels possess the ability to teleport across normally impassable land gaps in the World Map. The Light Order Unicorns ardently fight for their Mistress.

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